Dom Women and submissive Daddys

I began looking into the idea of Domme women and submissive Daddys after finding a group for this on Fetlife: Dominant little girls/ submissive daddies. I looked online for more about this idea but came up with very little. The best I found so far is a post on Miss Violette Thorngate.

… the dynamic of a manipulative young girl in control and an older man under her pretty little thumb can be SO exciting! 

I also just received a sweet belated Valentine from someone, reminding me that my daddy/Girl role model is the delicious Claudia from Interview with the Vampire. She plays the innocent to manipulate the older men in her life to her advantage, by turns seducing and drawing their pity, threatening and indulging them. One of the best moments for me is the scene in the film when her piano teacher scolds her with a rap on the knuckles for a misplayed piece. She turns to look at him in a sort of incredulity. The next cut has her happily playing the piece perfectly, for her own pleasure, and the teacher slumping over, drained of his life force.

This isn’t how I see the submissive Daddy relationship going. The manipulating isn’t my thing at all. My games are more along the lines of Scrabble.

Still working on this idea. Trying to understand what makes it appeal to me and how it fits into my Domme philosophy of life. I do know it has a lot more to do with romance and courtship than manipulation.

Poor Useless Brother

I wasn’t actually asked for my opinion but I do have a brother so I feel qualified to offer an opinion on the whole Firing of the Useless Brother advice thing.

This is what I posted in a comment on Angel’s blog:

Useless Brother is going to find out about this. Especially now that you have posted it to the Useless site. If you really want to fire him use a cannon and make sure you get a lot of distance. Good luck with that.

Makes me think of that whole piano catapult thing. Did you ever see that? I remember they had a whole show about it on Northern Exposure once.



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