Red Flannel Sheet Set

Some women like shoes, not me. I’ve got two pairs of shoes and a pair of boots. I pretty much wear the same footwear all season long. I don’t love shoes. I do love new sheets, bedding and reading a great book in bed.

Today I found red flannel sheets at The Bay (a Canadian department store). I have another flannel set from The Bay and they are excellent. Not the pilly set which I bought (in a great masculine colour at another store). I bet this red set is just as wonderful, soft and thick. I’m really tempted to pull out my magic credit card, I even have a Bay store card which I haven’t used in awhile.

Would you love to fall asleep and wake up in these sheets?

redflannelsheetsSource: Home | Sheets & Pillowcases | Four-Piece Flannel Sheet Set | Hudson’s Bay

Then I found pink or green polka dotted sheets in a cotton blend. Great colours. Very Spring! I know Winter is on the way but… how could you wake up feeling blue if you’re surrounded by pink, lime green an polka dots?!

sheetsgreendots sheetspinkdots

Source: Hudson’s Bay store online.

Dressing Up Your Little Man

There are all kinds of control. One is choosing what your sub wears, or doesn’t wear. Men may assume you will pick out something sexy or something fetishy. Why not pick out something colourful, stylish, something like a really nice suit and tie?

Men don’t tend to wear pretty colours. How about this Spring green tie? The dark shirt sets it off. It’s pretty and yet not girly looking. I really like this look. Why not dress your little man up, pick his look for the day in order to please yourself. It’s not an abuse of power… he says he wants to please you after all. This just isn’t something he was expecting.

Keep him on his toes… pick out new shoes too. What about those old fashioned lace up leather shoes with wing tips? Maybe a shirt with bright polka dots? Wouldn’t he look nice if he were dressed in a few bright, happy, Spring colours?

Polka Dots Cheer Me Up

I think I have had a thing for polka dots since I was a kid and read about some creature with polka dots in a Dr. Seuss book. I don’t remember which book. But, since then, polka dots can always cheer me up.

Emma Bridgewater is known for her polka dot designs. I picked out the teacup and saucer even though I seldom drink tea. I guess it is just a tea party thing. If you’re having a down day find things that cheer you up and keep them around. Buy a polka dot teacup and saucer and use them on days you need a lift. There’s no rule you have to use it for tea only. Hot chocolate is very nice in a teacup too.

Get your fill of polka dots with these groups of photos at Flickr: