Curiousity and Self Discipline

This was from an old profile I wrote for the BackWash site. It may have been the first one I wrote there. I thought it was pretty clever. The site is gone, I found it via the Internet Wayback Machine,  so I’m saving it here.


Life endlessly intrigues me. I have so much curiousity that I had to remove all my self discipline just to give myself room to think.

I’m Not a Phone Person Either

Sources have caught up with Depp at the premier of his latest film, “The Tourist” where he shared about his apprehensions on owning a mobile phone and explained how he maintains keeping a low profile.

“We have Internet and stuff like that because I think that’s the safest form, well, most interesting form of communication”, He added when asked about reports that he kept his house tech-free. “I just don’t like phones.”

“I just don’t like them… being reachable all the time,” the actor continued.

via Johnny Depp And His Hatred For Phones.

It was nice to read this about Johnny Depp tonight. I feel the same way. I did have a mobile phone, a BlackBerry, for about a week. But I took it back and closed the account. I just don’t want it. Even though I may be falling behind the technologically mobile rat race… I don’t want to be available 24 hours a day and have people expecting I will answer the phone, drop everything, just because I have a phone attached to my body.

Stick to your guns Johnny, you’re not alone!

Facebook Horoscope for Today

You are thinking about the deep mysteries of life, the world, and everything. You may be turning to the older members of your family or community for advice and insight, because you are feeling confused about your personal, social or cultural values.

Even the Facebook application knows I am wandering through the deep, thick woods of my own brain these days. I have become entangled in Facebook games, far too many of them and far too many hours spent there. Although, half of the time spent is just waiting for the games to load or move from one screen to the next (which is also loading in the technical sense).

This is what I wrote in my Facebook status just now:

It’s a bit gross how much of these Facebook games I am playing lately. I used to see real stuff on my profile here. Now it is all game spam. I need a change. I need a break. I need a lot of things and the only one who can do anything about it is me.

Yet, I will be there tomorrow, feeding the llamas, picking the cherries, scaring the bear, etc. I need a new obsession.

Pinkytoast Big Eyed Girls with Ink

I came across these drawings of big eyed tattooed girls on Tanya’s Facebook profile. I thought there was just one until I went for a look this afternoon. I found a few sites where Pinkytoast has posted her drawings and an Etsy shop where you can shop for more of them.

Pinkytoast’s blog. As well as an older blog on LiveJournal.

Pinkytoast on Flickr.

The Art Personality Test from the BBC.

Your favourite type of art is Northern Renaissance. In the personality profile you had a high intellectualism score, which suggests you like to think about abstract ideas and have a creative imagination.

I found this through the Subtle Oasis blog. Try the test on the BBC website.

DragonGrrl in the Kingdom of Loathing

I can’t find a link to get to my profile without being logged in. Kingdom of Loathing is an online RPG. The same one I linked to before with the stick figure drawings. They have KOL Radio which was a lot of fun last night. Never had the experience of live radio and live chat together. I’m going to try again tonight. Not sure if the electricity will be ok here tonight. Barrie and Newmarket have had power failure due to the snowstorms howling through us today and more tomorrow.

My Horoscope for VDay

For 2/14/2007 Your fabulously original approach to this day makes it fun for you and for everyone your heart touches. Conduct a little sweet flirtation. Tell ’em how you feel. Your way with words is fabulous, too.

From the EKiss site

and the Sagittarius profile-

The sign of the Archer rules the House of Philosophy, something which speaks volumes about these inquisitive, knowledge-seeking souls. Sagittarians are truth seekers, focused intensely on learning about their lover and exploring them more deeply. Truth be told, the Archer wants to explore everything deeply, so conversations in bed can run the gamut from religion to politics and which position is most comfortable. These versatile and charming folks enjoy taking a long drink from the cup of life, something which also makes them exceedingly flirtatious and great social animals. Sagittarian candor is only matched by the need for independence, a guileless raison d’etre which can be an aphrodisiac to many. The Archer loves a challenge, just the kind of thing which spices up their already hot love life.

Your kisses are surprising, spontaneous affairs that leave the kissed wanting more.

Super Hero!!!

Superhero personality profile I think this was the quiz I had the most fun with on their site. It’s the last one I’m posting too.

Which would you choose?
The ability to fly.
2. Time-travel ability.
3. Invisibility.
4. X-ray vision.
5. The power to change forms.
6. The ability to read minds.
7. The ability to see into the future.
8. Super hearing.


1. Flying – You like to see the “big picture” of life and how things fit together. Little details annoy you. You enjoy being free and taking risks.

Career clue: You’d make a good pilot or astronaut. Or consider a job that will let you affect policies, maybe in government or a public research group.

2. Time travel – You are interested in the causes of things and how past mistakes can be used to shape the future. You’re very curious about how different people live.

Career clue: A career in scientific research, history, or human behavior might be the place for you. You might enjoy a job where you can affect the future.

3. Invisibility – You tend to be shy, or a very keen observer. Or both. You like to know everything that is going on around you.

Career clue: Some good careers for observers, a writer, artist, or private investigator.

4. X-ray vision – You like to “see through” problems and go to the heart of an issue. you enjoy finding problems that other people can’t even see. You also enjoy solving problems.

Career clue: Physics, politics, math, and medicine are fields that need skilled problem-solvers.

5. The power to change forms – You are sociable person who likes to “fit it.” Perhaps you want to be admired by the group. Either way, you’re a real crowd pleaser!

Career clue: Entertainment might be the field for you. Actors can “change forms” and be other people.

6. Mind reading – You’re good at guessing what other people think. You can “see behind” what they’re saying to what they’re really thinking.

Career clue: You might be a good counselor or psychologist. It’s important for professionals in those careers to understand how other people think and feel.

7. Seeing into the future – You’re very creative and love adventure. You’d move right into the future if you could! You’re always looking at what might be possible, and wondering how to make it happen sooner.

Career clue: A career on the cutting edge of things might be right for you. Think about becoming an explorer, research scientist, inventor, or science fiction writer.

8. Super hearing – You pay close attention to sounds and patterns. You like to be fully informed about the latest news. Some might even say you’re nosy!

Career clue: You might make an excellent reporter or gossip columnist. Or you might decide to become a musician.

The only ones I would skip are super hearing and xray vision. The rest I’d pick so what does that say about me except I’m exceptionally greedy. 🙂