Emily Carr Set of Mugs

Emily Carr (1871-1945)

Prior to 1927, Emily Carr boldly pursued her unique artistic path in isolation from the major art movements taking shape in the Eastern part of Canada. Carr passionately explored the remote native communities of coastal British Columbia, delving into the merger of landscape and cultural objects. From 1927 through the end of her career, Carr enjoyed association with the Group of 7 and subsequent art movements, creating some of her most famous works in the final decade of her life.

Source: Set of 4 Mugs Carr Set of 4 Mugs from McIntosh in South Lancaster, ON from Rob McIntosh

You Thought it was Just Baby Shaking…

I read this whole thing in email. I don’t know how or why it was sent to me. I don’t have children. But, as I was reading it I had the thought… why don’t car manufacturers just have a setting which keeps the car from overheating inside? They have many other safety features for children/ parents. It would also save all those pets left in cars.

There are all sorts of stories that are almost identical to Brenda’s, all over the world. They are all incidents in which tired, busy or overwhelmed parents simply forgot to take their kid to a babysitter, or into the house after being out, and they were left to die in hot cars.

Each year in the US, about 37 babies and toddlers die when they are accidentally left strapped in car safety seats or become trapped in vehicles that rapidly heat up.
Since 1998, there have been at least 570 documented cases of heatstroke deaths of children in vehicles.

It has become my mission to speak the message of being a “conscious” parent. I now appear in articles, blogs and the like discussing top tips for mums to slow down and stop being “rushing women”.

Here are some of my top tips to prevent accidents like this:

Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle.
If you see a child unattended in a hot vehicle, call 000.
Be sure all occupants leave the vehicle when unloading. Don’t overlook sleeping babies.
Always lock your car and ensure children do not have access to keys or remote entry devices. If a child is missing, always check a pool first, then the car, including the trunk.
Keep a stuffed animal in the car seat and when the child is in the seat, place the stuffed animal in the front seat with the driver. Or, place your purse or briefcase in the back seat so that you will have to look in the back to retrieve it, thereby seeing your child.
Make “look before you leave” a routine whenever you get out of the car. I see some stores has a sign on its entrance that reminds shoppers to be sure that they have all their children out of the car before they go in the store.
Have a plan that your childcare provider will call you if your child does not show up to daycare

Tempting Tuesday #7

Many writers look for drama to write about when they work with an adult story. What about something ordinary? People who live BDSM lifestyles all the time have to brush their teeth, take the kids to school, feed the dog, make coffee in the morning, do the laundry… all those ordinary things. Take something ordinary and turn it around, make it seem like an adult thing, as if brushing your teeth (for instance) were a fetish, not just good dental habits.

The interesting thing about changing your point of view on something ordinary is how you change the way you write. In order to make it seem less ordinary we add in detail and description. Things we usually do by remote, routine, become important and blown up to be seen as sensual, instead of dull.

Vocal Restraints

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Tuesday June 22, 2004

Cruising around, looking at useless stuff today and I came across the words “vocal restraints” in a personal fetish profile. Awesome! One of those things that makes me step back and sigh with pleasure, just imagining the possibilities of vocal restraints.

Of course I had to search for more of it, find out if the reality holds up to my concept of it. I found some really weird stuff. Beyond anything I’d imagined. Check out the link for China Doll. Pretty… interesting.

I prefer my version. Vocal restraints not being a gag but the use of the voice to control. But, that takes a commanding presence among other things. Maybe the gag version of the vocal restraint is more to the liking of the fast food sort of BDSM. It’s easier, for sure.

But, why go for the easy way out?

Why not give your sub a command and expect it to be obeyed? It’s what he says he wants, right?

Or does he… does he long for the time you will slip up and he can regain his freedom. Silly man.

The whole attraction of D/s to me is the control, the mind games. I like being in charge, knowing he is liking it too. Of course, he can’t make it seem too easy, let me think he is liking it too much. Then I’d have to make it just a bit harder (literally) and a bit more challenging for both of us. Soft and nice has it’s place, it can be part of Domming. Just think of soft and nice right before the axe falls. From tender to extreme is pretty effective.

That doesn’t mean non-physical restraints need to give way to hard core bondage restraints. It just means I need to crack down and make sure he remembers which of us has the remote control and which is the innocent bystander. Speaking of remote controls… oh never mind, I’ll save that for another column.

Soon I will find the little man I’ve wanted to torment for so long. It will be a lot of fun for both of us, but mostly for me. I have so many ideas along the lines of objectification, domestic discipline, humiliation and vocal restraints now too.

Technical Support on Superbowl Sunday

Trying not to talk myself out of going in to work today. It is the big Superbowl Sunday. A lot of drunks will be calling in about some trouble with their cable. Usually they start the call by saying “My TV won’t work.” Logically this is not my problem then, as I only handle the digital cable. Your TV is your own problem. But, what they really mean is the game isn’t coming in on their whatever inches TV. They always tell you the inches, I think it’s a penis thing. Sometimes they go into detail saying it’s a plasma and they have hd (a very popular boy toy), and surround sound. No doubt they are having a mid-life crises, watch way too much porn or have some other lack they make up for with their TV system.

Anyway, I get tired of listening to them rant at me. Most of them will at least listen and try to work with me at getting it fixed. There are the odd bunch who call me for help and then don’t listen to anything I tell them to do. I laugh at those and try not to get frustrated. I can easily book a technician to come out to their place, tomorrow. So, if they won’t work with me I just do that. After all, it’s not me that called looking for help. Work with me or don’t, their choice.

The most aggravating calls are from men who are sitting there watching their big penis TV systems and drinking and then something happens, like they push the wrong button on the remote. They phone up having a fit, cursing the cable company and myself. They seldom listen, too busy cursing and spewing. Then, when I book them a tech, they yell and scream about not being able to watch the game. Like I care. At that point I’d be quite happy to cut off their cable for the rest of the year.

I hope I can make it through the day at work. I’ve already been trying to talk myself out of going. It would be so easy. But, I’ve been burnt out and called in the past two days already. I’m sure a few others won’t show up today so I am going to try to be there. Not likely we will get a go home early either. Terry Lynn says the game is likely to run till after 11:00. It starts at 6:00. What a waste of a day.

Quick! Beam Me Away!

Trying out the blog signature thing. I thought it was not working cause it didn’t appear on my past posts. But now I see that it puts the code in each new post. I just have to shuffle it down before I begin posting. A neat thing to learn. Will see what it looks like when I post this.

My brother said he would be here today. Already closing in on noon and no sign of him so far. I am planning to get out of here and go to Zellers then take the bus into work. My last day of the working week. I’ve been trying to do all the steps of the phone call thing so I won’t be in more trouble about dead air and not saying all the required lines on my calls. I think I’m getting better at doing it all on remote. Which is a very good thing.

Tired today. Would be nice to just go back to bed and watch tv on and off. But, that is for tomorrow when I can sleep in and be lazy for a few hours. Need to dig around in the piles of stuff I have collected in my bedroom and get everything put away. All the laundry is on my bed cause I haven’t wanted to do it after work and before work I keep thinking I will do it after work. Funny how that never quite works out.

Blog Talkers: Talking to Yourself

At BlogTalkers:

If you had to spend one year living alone in a remote cabin, what would you spend your time doing?

(And let’s assume there is no access to Internet)

Question submitted by: Write From Karen

I would do crafts like sewing, crochet and embroidery and I would read. I’d teach myself some programming and more web design. I wouldn’t need the Internet for that, just a computer to test things on.