When Little Robots Attack

The first time I just hurt my foot when I stepped on one of the toy soldiers. I didn’t know how it had gotten into my room. Of course, I blamed my little brother. He had all the toys, especially miniature toy soldiers, robots and little green aliens. Some of them were cute. But, when I actually looked at the faces… they were threatening.

One morning I found one of the mini robots on my dresser and another on the floor below. My brother said he hadn’t been in my room and I kind of believed him. He’s a pretty good kid, for a little brother. I’m 9 years older so he doesn’t get away with much.

Anyway, I didn’t really think a lot about the little toys. I returned them to my brother and went on with life. I had a lot to do now, high school, friends and boys now that my parents were not treating me so much like a kid.

The night I found one in my bed… that was freaky. The sheets were still all pulled up, the bed wasn’t even rumpled. My brother couldn’t have done that. But, what could I tell anyone? I’d sound crazy. That was the week I was going to have the house to myself. I didn’t even have to babysit my brother because they were driving him out for some school weekend thing and staying over night to bring him home on Sunday.

I had friends over on Friday night. We made popcorn, watched movies my parents wouldn’t approve of. I don’t know why, they were pretty awful movies. After a few minutes we just kept laughing at how stupid they were.

Everyone went home. I went to bed, after cleaning up, of course.

I woke up, nude in my bed, my sheets and blankets pulled down past my feet. Little toy robots, aliens and soldier seemed to fill my room. Lined up along the top of my dressed, my night table and every other surface. I could see them on my book shelves, my computer desk. They were behind me on my headboard when I sat up.

I could see them, moving.

I dashed into the hall and locked myself in the bathroom. I would have called for my parents but I remembered I was alone. I don’t know what happened to my night gown. I didn’t want to call for help and have someone find me naked.

Then the first of the mini men started coming in, under the door.

Are Women Really Sex Objects?

Found on the web:

Are Women Really Sex Objects?

Don’t mean to start a big fight on this fine Sunday morning – but here I go anyway.

When you really think about it, I mean really think about it, aren’t women really sex objects. We try to say they aren’t soooooooo much but, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, women are nevertheless seen as sex objects. We try to hide it as much as we can but don’t we still really believe it anyway?

Of course women are not just sex objects. I feel that we have fooled ourselves into seeing men and women as equals. Women see themselves as objects of sex appeal and guys see every girl as a potential ‘fun night’ – or more – no matter what they say.

Why do women get breast implants? To have better posture? Why do women apply makeup? For sun protection? Why do women spend time and money improving their looks – at the expense of time devoted to enhancing skills and building experience? Because it is fun obsessing over looks?

Maybe you’d say “yeah, you’re right, but the point is that it is wrong and we have to strive to correct the situation.” To that I would reply with this – why spend so much time and energy fighting against our instinct? Against our nature? Look at what amazing things can happen when we go with our instincts – we get to the moon. Look what happens when we fight our instincts – we get a war on drugs that costs money and doesn’t fight drugs.

Why not admit that women are seen primarily in terms of their sex appeal and embrace the truth. It will set you free – and hopefully set them free of their clothes!

What do you think?

First of all, this is assuming all women fit this stereotype. All women wear cosmetics, get bigger boobs, and apparently we don’t get old (or too old) either.

Secondly, there is the idea that cosmetics and etc. are all about changing or creating an appearance on the outside. Yes, of course, that is part of it. But, most women I know like to feel they are looking good. (I don’t think that’s just a woman thing, or a sex thing, or a gender thing).

Do women (or people in general) want to look good in order to be sex objects? Some likely do. I’m sure it’s not 100% however.

This brings up the question… Are men really sex objects? Which makes me think about what makes a person a sex object in the eyes of the beholder? We all have our own view of what is sexy.

Also, last of all, a sex object seems like an inanimate object, something you can pick up, use and discard. I don’t think we should be looking at anyone that way. In the end, it’s the reason I don’t think men or women are sex objects. But, some day there will be sex robots and those will be objects, animated in a mechanical way but still not human. (At least not for at least a generation or three).

Sex with Robot Animals

Years ago I read a very sexy story (I liked it) about a dolphin having sex with a female human. The dolphin pushed her into it. But it wasn’t aggressive, just persistant and then her own curiousity took her the rest of the way. (She didn’t leave or stop coming back). I don’t remember details but it was something about dolphins who had been kept for research.robotdolphin

I know we are all supposed to think human/ animal sex is bad. But, it was such a short time ago that other types of sex and sexuality were bad and I start to wonder… how far will it go? How long will it be before the media convinces people that sex with animals (and children) is acceptable. I’m not even typing a question mark there because I think it is likely.

Quite likely it will start with robot animals and children. After all, they aren’t real. So to use an inanimate object for your pleasure should be just fine, right? Not really different from using any common sex toy you could buy online.

Bypassing all the rules and regulations and ethics and all that political correctness we pretend to hold so highly…

Would sex with a robot animal turn you on? Would you watch or read about robot animals having sex or even forcing/ being forced into sexual situations?

No need to leave a comment. Just keep it to yourself. Be honest when no one’s looking.

To be clear for those who find this shocking – I’m not in favour of sex with real animals or children. No matter what the pedophiles say, it is not consensual when it involves a minor or other creature who can not clearly and completely communicate.

But, where does that leave robots… Something for your consideration.

Image source: Petsfoto.com

Get your own Robotic Chick

They’re in the news lately, sex robots… so here’s your chance to be the first on your block (or farm) with your own robotic chick. Beat the rush!

Baby barnyard animals are cute, but they can be quite messy and just a little stinky. Japanese innovation has begun the process to create adorable robotic critters starting with this baby chick. Watch as it peeps and tweets as it responds to your touch!

Source: Robotic Chick | ThinkGeek

Will Sex Robots Leave Human Sex Workers Unemployed?

I began to wonder how sex robots would change things for sex workers as I was reading yet another post about female sex robots and their orifices. For men, it seems sex robots are not very different from sex workers, neither are quite human. Beyond the sex worker issue, however, will the availability of sex robots have a big impact on sex work for human sex workers?

I know, people claim men want human interaction. Sex workers say a lot of their job isn’t actually sex. I think it’s all in your perspective of what is sex and what is not. If you’re talking about sex, catering to a client, that’s still along the lines of sex. It’s not a regular conversation with ups and downs about life, the universe and everything. In spite of what men say, in my experience, they want sex. The human element is annoyingly in the way. A woman can say no. A sex worker might say no, or ask for more money.

Sex robots seem ideal for men in this way.  It’s like having your porn and eating it too. Store your sex robot in a closet when you’re done, likely they can even be self-cleaning.

  • Instead of a paying for phone sex – talk dirty to the sex bot.
  • Instead of going out and picking up a sex worker, just pull the sex bot out from under the bed.
  • Instead of looking at online porn and paying for it, dress up your sex bot and do whatever you want to it.

What do you think?

Little Men Sex Robots for Women

If you look for male sex robot on Google you get a LOT of females. But, if you take the time to weed through you do find the odd male robot. Most are not what you are looking for (not if you are me).  Most male robots are military/ gamer types. Not the sort designed to play with the female body. It’s disappointing, but it does show how much sex is still slanted to men.

I thought he was headless when I first saw this image.

It bugs me how hard it is to find anything for the Dom woman. It is all set up to appeal to men. Whether it’s gay male porn, women’s porn for men (because real women don’t read that trashy jerk off stuff), lesbian women fiction and photography usually shows two women professionals and they don’t seem to have much in the way of a real connection – unless their piercings get tangled. I don’t know many women who like hard core stuff the way men do. Even the FemDom photos and fiction online are geared to the male perspective. She wears her FemDom uniform, she oversees his “service” to her yet she never actually gets anything out of it, beyond the payment due at the end of her performance.

Back to the sex robots. I think, the best I can hope for (in any kind of reality) are little robots. While the sex robots for men are full sized with breasts large enough to tip them over. The sex robots for women will be compact, something you can easily keep in your purse, your luggage if you go away for awhile. You could even stash these little guys in an empty coffee cup and walk around with it all day, no one suspecting anything.

The moral of this post is that women like sex too. We may not be as vocal about it. But, that’s because nice girls don’t talk about sex. Actually, nice girls are taught to show no sign of needing anything at all for themselves. But, that’s a lie. We have needs and wants, desires and passions and all out crazy kinks and fetishes too. I suspect we are going to have to come up with our own sex robots though.