Romantic Tie for the Weekend Date

This is your tie today, boy. It’s romantic without being girly. (According to me). This weekend we would be attending my Grandfather’s memorial party. I think a nice charcoal suit, a shirt some shade of grey (very pale) and this silvery rose tie. Top it off with a hat, in the style of the 1930’s. Dress shoes.

This tie comes from McDade.

Charm with Hearts and Flowers

Give some hearts and flowers for Christmas. Add this to a charm bracelet or on a chain of it’s own.

People’s Jewelers. This delightful 10K tri-tone gold charm displays a brilliant yellow gold heart adorned with diamond-cut rose gold blossoms and white gold leaves in a sweeping and swirling pattern.

Looking for a Vanilla Orchid to Wear

I know we should be gearing up for Christmas decorating, fashions and shopping. But, I’ve been inspired to find a vanilla orchid brooch. They are such fancy little flowers and I see them so often, each time I buy my favourite coffee, ice cream, and so on. I am a vanilla whore. I also adore caramel and if chocolate becomes involved… well, let’s just say I’m happy.

So I got the idea to look for something like a vanilla orchid that I could wear.

These (from Love is a Rose) are pretty but not what I had in mind exactly. I think I just want something in the right colour, that creamy off-white, with maybe the slightest touch of pale rose. I really like the look of these. I’d be happy to wear a row of three or five of them. You could line them up like your own personal orchid garden right on your shirt.

This one sold at auction with Christies and was created by Tiffany and Co. It’s wonderful but, more orchid than I had in mind. I was thinking of something simpler. This is an orchid I would wear like a corsage.

This one was also sold through Christies. Created by Rene Boivin with diamonds and citrine. This one may just be the winner, not because it was the orchid I had in mind but because it is far too glamorous and sparkly to be denied.

If you just want an orchid of a certain botanical type, you will find it at Elegant Orchid. They don’t have gemstones but they are detailed and beautiful by design.

Saving my Insanity for Keanu

I feel like I’m not quite living on the planet along with everyone else these days. I’m daydreaming more cause they are such simple things. Instant pleasure, no complications and completely under my own control. (I can do all kinds of things with Keanu and he is quite happy about it all).

In reality… I have bills stacking up (I don’t owe anything as of this month but next month they will all slide together and start attacking me). I don’t have any income. Which is really bothering me as far as that whole bill paying thing.

Can you believe a Keanu Reeves movie just came on?.. Sure I’m watching the Space Station, have been most of the night. But what an odd coincidence. He always has good timing in my daydreams too.

Anyway, back to reality. I have the option (if I can figure it out) to retrain and have the course paid for. I have to figure out where the course I want to take is and how long I can manage to go back to school. Not just time and money but the fact of being back at school when I’m about to turn 44.

There’s another little dose of reality, 44. Not just a double digit but repeating itself. Would be ok if it were 33, that doesn’t seem so bad. I can’t hide from my birthday now that it is nearly December.

I really don’t like job hunting. But, there isn’t another way to get another job. I really don’t know how I can do another customer service job. I’m so burnt out on all of that. Just makes me cringe to think about doing all that again for another company, another location and through the Barrie winter too. Bus rides are just not that popular when the snow is up past your knees and the bus routes tend to get shut down each time it snows really hard.

In general I’m dreading having to make all these decisions. Still have the excuse of gathering the facts. But that can’t go on for much longer.

Whatever happens will happen though and I will be here to see it. Sometimes you can pretend you are just on the sidelines to your own life and look at it with the nice shiny rose coloured glasses. Makes it a lot easier and saves you extra stress. I do that a lot. Keanu doesn’t mind.