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Adventure: Did you go on an adventure in 2013?  What sort?

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The usual old relic exploring adventures. I still haven’t posted all the photos to Flickr, or even uploaded them from the camera.

Eventually they will show up on Flickr: Ontario Rural Ruins, my group for rural explorers in Ontario.

My Old Fetlife Profile

I’m looking for an over 40 guy in the Barrie, Ontario area. I don’t want to spend time on someone who isn’t really available. I know what I want and I’m not interested in sharing or playing online or casually.

Don’t write to me about what I can do for you, like you’re doing me a favour. I’m not a sex professional. Find a woman who is, get out your credit card and pay for it like a man. Does that annoy you? Too damn bad. Cause it’s really annoying to listen to all of you horny do-me types from this side of the screen. I’m really low on sympathy when it comes to men complaining about not finding any “real” Dominant women.

My feelings about D/s: Have fun, together. Don’t become a McDomme. If you are doing everything his way, to please him, at least get a pay cheque at the end of it.

I’m a nice person (I still get called sweet on occasion). I’m a little old fashioned and I like romance. I’m Pagan, but quiet about it. It’s more personal than flashy to me. I’m not thin or fit, more like BBW. I like creative arts, especially ASCII text art and digital photography. I photograph abandoned farm houses in rural Ontario and abandoned places and things in general. I like history and science fiction.

I work as a freelance writer. I produce weblogs for myself, local businesses and others.

I got tired of it today and took it down. But, I didn’t feel like writing anything new yet. So now it is sort of randomly blank.

Are you Afraid of the City?

I read an email list for Pagans in small towns. This is something I wrote for a discussion about agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces and large crowds, etc. The talk turned to the dangers of crowds and cities. I always get annoyed about misplaced attitudes about cities. I guess you can’t really take the city out of the girl, even when she moves far out into the small town/ rural city kind of area.

Large cities and large crowds are not that big a deal. Maybe some of you are giving yourself a phobia or hang ups. I live in a small city, Barrie, in Ontario. It is funny to me to hear people talk about Toronto (the city I grew up in) as if it were some big, bad place of sin and evil. Where everyone is in danger of being attacked at any moment. I’ve had people tell me all kinds of stuff they think about Toronto, how they will never go there… Then, I will be in a small town and people will tell me how dangerous it is to live here, in Barrie. There are too many people, it’s too big, there are street people and drunks coming out of the bar on main street…. Well, ironically, I’ve seen drunks coming out of bars in any town that has a bar. We had a car stolen once, in a small town – never in the city.

People build themselves up to be afraid. They sound weird to me. I still go downtown to Toronto and have a good walk around. It is not a big deal, I’ve never had a problem. I live in Barrie, I take the bus even! I walk right by the homeless street people. I’m not stupid and all Miss Sunshine about it, but I’m not living in terror either.

I’m not meaning to offend anyone. But, it sounds like you are painting yourself into a corner. People are about the same in a city or a small town. It’s more about how you see things versus where you are. We tend to find what we are looking for.

Naked People in Abandoned Places

Flickr: Nude in Ruins, Factories, Decay Buildings and Empty Places
Flickr: Urbex Models
Flickr: Urbex and Rural Decay

I don’t understand the allure, other than the idea of putting your damsel in distress. That I can understand, only my damsel would not be a woman. Most of these are women, nude in urban and rural ruins.

Vintage, Found and Hand Drawn Typography

I wrote a post for Word Grrls today about typography. At least that was how it started. Soon I discovered more about old lettering, found lettering and hand drawn lettering. Also, ghost signs, which have been a long time interest along with urban and rural exploration. So here are the links, reposted from the Word Grrls post. If I get looking for more (most of these are Flickr groups) I will add them in new posts. Eventually, all of these links will be in the web directory I want to get done. (It is started!)

Vintage Typography

Flickr: Font of all Wisdom – Unique vintage lettering.
Flickr: Historical Type and Lettering
Flickr: Vintage Product Signs/ Murals

Hand Lettering

Flickr: Hand Drawn Type
Flickr: Hand Lettering
Flickr: Typostruction
Flickr: Custom Lettering
Flickr: Signpaintr
Flickr: Handpainted Signs of the World
Flickr: Handmade Signs
Flickr: Handmade Typography/ Lettering
Flickr: Bad Type
Flickr: Folk Typography
Flickr: Blackboard Lettering

Found Typography

Flickr: Found Typography
Flickr: Urban Typography
Villa Type – Type and lettering found in the public domain.
Letterpeg – Fonts found around Winnipeg, Manitoba
NYC Type – Typography and lettering found in New York.
Flickr: Street Typography
Flickr: Found Type
Flickr: Signs, Signs
Flickr: Fontspotting
Flickr: I Love Typography
Flickr: Signage and Typography
Flickr: Font Whores
Flickr: Barn and Building Painted Advertisements

Ghost Signs

Flickr: Faded Signage
Flickr: Ghost Signs
Flickr: Old Painted Wall Advertising
Flickr: Old Signs
Flickr: Ghost Signage
Flickr: Ghost Ads
Flickr: Half Lost Signs
Flickr: Old British Signs
Flickr: Fragmented Urban Language

Also, I read a couple of posts in typography related blogs about sign painting becoming a lost art. So that is something else I will add to my to-do list. I am always interested in lost arts, like bookbinding. Industries and technologies falling into disuse as new technology evolves. The main downside (other than the employment issue) being repairs to old equipment and such still in use and requiring someone who knows the old ways to keep it going.

About Green Living History

Everything becomes history, everything has a history.

I thought about starting a new blog and began writing down ideas:

  • Holidays/ events, traditions with recipes, crafts, etc.
  • Pagan/ Wiccan/ spiritual topics.
  • Green living compared to old pioneer and etc. ideas.
  • Armageddon, science fiction ideas.
  • Urban and rural exploration.
  • Women in history.
  • Canadian history.
  • Folk tales, fairy tales and the paranormal.
  • Old things, vintage, antiques.
  • Arts and crafts from the past.
  • Local history and societies/ groups.
  • Survivalist theories.
  • Living off the grid.
  • Old words and phrases.

Then I narrowed down my ideas to three topics from the list. As I was looking at the list I realized all the topics connect in the theme of history. That was interesting. I enjoy history. But, so many people think it is dull when you present it as a topic of conversation. I think they are assuming history is all about long winded tomes in the library under attack by dust bunnies and cobwebs. History is so much more! See the list above.

So, here I am, starting history.

Blog Award

Francis at Caught in the Stream has given me this award.

That Grrl – Laura is a woman of many talents. She is a fantastic writer. She maintains multiple web sites. She doodles and organize others to do the same. She takes photos of rural ruins. She is a mistress of the meme. She just generally kicks arse as a blogger.

Now I feel lazy for not keeping things going a bit more this past week.

Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

Thursday 13 #24: Fired and Rising Up

Thirteen things I can do now that I’m unemployed (fired yesterday).

Set the alarm clock and ignore it. Just let it go on beep-beep-beeping, getting all upset and flustered. You know how those little yappy alarm clocks sound.

Miss the bus. At the time I would have left for work today I stood at the window and watched the bus leave, without me on it!

Catch up on important things like the book I’ve been reading, my web domain that has been sadly neglected for ages (, fix up the new domain for this blog and figure out why it doesn’t always load up the first time.

Get out for more abandoned farm house photos. Find the locations I have saved in notes, on Flickr and in my email from others.

Check into the idea of making Word Grrls a blog with ads, a money making blog. I know it’s not what I had planned or thought I would do. But, maybe I can run a bit of this and that and not have it feel like a spam pit or ad farm.

Call some other poor fool working as tech support for a company and just shoot the breeze awhile. Funny how often people did that. I don’t think they knew we were rated on how quickly we handled calls. My rating was pretty good, not the best but it wasn’t something they complained about.

Colour my hair again. It’s about time for it to get done. I can see the difference in colour in the new hair. Also need to do laundry, including the bedsheets. All those things I’ve usually left for the weekends when I had more time.

Start that Best of the Web work or get going with it at least. They say it pays after the first thousand sites. I’m not near to that but could be, now that I’m not getting sucked dry at work and coming home wtih massive headaches.

More drawing and doodling and cartooning. Doodle Week Summer is coming up for July.

Have lunch and dinner during rather than skipping them and coming home after 10:00 to eat dinner late. I can even do some cooking. I miss making lasagna and such things. Not as much fun to just crack open a can of soup.

Eventually I will look for some other work. Not yet. I’m giving myself this weekend off. Seems my sister is even going to be dropping by on Saturday. If I were still working I would have missed seeing her at all.

Watching the soaps, catching up on them. Have them on today and don’t know what they are talking about. Seems someone died but so far I haven’t noticed anyone missing.

Writing. Really, actually getting something finished. I made plans to write a guest post this month but have not even started anything. I have an article as a draft about rural exploration but it’s in need of work. Lots of other writing which is half done to not started beyond the idea stage.

Sew You Can

It’s occurred to me that I haven’t had a really good blab in here for awhile. I don’t have anything in particular in mind to blab about but, I seldom let that stop me.

I’ve got most of my old content back up again after the template change to three columns. Somethings I have just left off, they didn’t seem to be going anywhere soon or had sunk into their laurels of past glory, sunk too deep to rise again. Things like BlogExplosion which was building up and yet has fallen and can’t get up now. Things like MyBlogLog which is so clogged with splogs and fake friends that it didn’t earn it’s real estate on my sidebar. No doubt I will find new gadgets and interesting junk to fill in any gaps.

I’ve started to talk to a guy online and am getting to the point of meeting for coffee. He sounds like a person who has some depth, a thinking brain. Always a plus. I like having someone I can really talk to. There are always so many things in my mind but I have learned to keep quiet versus babble everything. Except here, where I pretty much talk to myself. I know people are reading it, I go out of my way to join things like Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen to get traffic and thus readers. I’ve concluded that I just like to feel someone is listening to me. Whatever trouble I get in, I’ll pay for it later. If I can’t work my way out of it I’ll just add it to the pile of trouble already hanging around.

Having a pretty good day today actually. I have three out of four pairs of new pants hemmed. I ordered myself Swiss Chalet for lunch. This morning I made a cup of the new coffee I bought from Second Cup yesterday at the mall. I’ve had a pretty good ‘weekend’ off work. It was sunny out almost all day today but I didn’t check to see how cold it was out there, I didn’t have to. People seem to like my flower drawings for the Thursday Thirteen post, that is nice of them. I think my drawing actually is getting better too.

I think I need to do more real writing again. I miss it. Blog posts aren’t, generally, real writing. Not for me anyway. I don’t have a topic which I have researched and put some thought into. That is what writing should be, it should include some planning. True I have been keeping WordGrrls going with the daily writing prompts but that isn’t the same as a short topical article. I did have an article started about rural exploration, so I could get that back in the works. If I could post a short article about something here, not each day, maybe once a week, that would be constructive and good discipline for getting back into some real writing versus blog babbling.

I found my sewing box today. Still can’t find those web design books and that is making me crazy. But it is nice to have found the sewing box. I had forgotten I had so much stuff in there. One whole box full of assorted buttons, full to the brim. I am looking up some craft ideas for buttons. No doubt I could make something truly great with so many of them. I had thought I would use them for crazy quilting and maybe I will. The problem with quilting is having to iron the patches in order to have smooth, straight seams.

I finally wrote that letter to the guy I met through work. Maybe I never mentioned him here. He was one of the callers from Florida about cable TV, I’m tech support, remember? Anyway, he started out having a fit about the cable service. I was softly groaning about having to listen to another one of “those” callers. But somehow he toned down, said I was one of the nicest, most polite people he had talked to in trying to deal with the cable company. He was working up to asking me out but I told him I’m in Canada and then he asked if he could be my pen pal. That must have been two weeks ago now.

I wasn’t sure about writing. I’ve got myself stuck in this way before. People in need tend to cling hard to someone nice and then you can’t get them peeled off again so easily. I like having my freedom, I’d never deal well with someone clingy. Not that I’m a hard bitch, but I don’t want to always have company or someone who needs me, versus someone who wants me. Also, I am giving out my home address to send a note. It is too bad he didn’t have Internet and email, that would have been safer correspondence. Anyway, I found a really great card at the mall yesterday and have it ready to mail down there. Another nice grrl thing to do. I scanned the card, it really is a nice one. I talked to him awhile and the only things I really remember are that his wife and kids were killed, he works all the hours he can put in now because of that and he is in the newspaper business – I forget just what he does. I will mail it when I am waiting for the bus to go into work tomorrow.

I’ve seen two commercials on TV now for male enhancement, that means they must actually be buying such stuff. In a way it seems a pay back for all the body image problems they cause to women. Yet, how can men be so gullible? I guess the same as women have, those who get boob enhancements. Terry Lynn, who has too much focus on her boobs I sometimes think, is going to get a breast reduction. Her back has been sore, she even left work early one day.

I’ve found a site where I can upload my blog drawings. I still don’t feel I can qualify them as cartoons or comics. Among people who actually can draw mine look pretty out of place, to me at least. I’m going to see if I can get them uploaded today. Also, I was invited to add my photos of abandoned houses to a site with abandoned places in Ontario. Quite nice to be asked. I have not got much done there either. So, plenty of projects to keep me busy for the rest of my last day off today. Isn’t it a good thing I get another 2 days off next week?