A Male Phone Sex Operator?

I’m not a guy so it’s not for me in that way. But, it was interesting to read. Not so keen on the idea of dating a male phone sex operator – if it came up. For one thing, how could you really trust that he wasn’t gay or would later decide he really wasn’t straight but thanks for your time and the childbirth. Anyway, the article was an interesting read. I would never have thought women would phone a sex service. I can’t imagine doing that and not feeling more alone and used afterwards.

What do you think about men performing/ selling phone sex?

The Good Men Project: Seven Things I Learned as a Male Phone Sex Operator

Hot Pink is Coming by Courier

There is something kind of special about expecting something hot pink to come to your door. 
I’m the good girl type. Never gave my Mother any real trouble. Helped look after the younger kids, then I became the favourite babysitter to the parents along my street and a few others around that area. I babysat the friends of my little sister. Then I was a good, sweet and kind young woman. I didn’t screw around before marriage, at least not with anything more than battery animated. I married the first man I seduced into touching my breasts. (That was kind of fun).

So, I was all (unless you’re a Nun) that was prim and proper for years and years. Even after the divorce I dated and didn’t bed hop from man to man. I’ve always had standards. I like a man to not just know my name but actually know who the hell I am, before I let him get intimate with more than just my boobies. (Even then the boobie play was mainly digital photos or scans which I sent to him in email).

I don’t think I’m uptight or frigid. Though some have cursed me for being so. Spoiled little boys who just weren’t getting what they wanted. Boo hoo!

Tonight I went to the EdenFantasys site and I used my gift cards to purchase not one… but two new vibrators. One being the hot pink you see in the image above. The other sold out in pink but the purple will be fun, like having an alien from another planet as a lover.

I’m looking forward to their arrival. Not in the way you may assume. I’m waiting to see who of the four people living here gets that package at the door. If it isn’t me, the others will be curious and wanting to know. I don’t get many packages. The odd time I’m sent a book to review but that comes in a fairly flat box. It looks like there’s a book in there. So those packages, even as infrequent as they are, don’t cause so much curiousity any more.

This package will be different. Of course, the package will be discreet, non-de-script and fairly blameless looking. No one will know what’s under those cardboard wrappings unless I tell them. I won’t be telling them. But, I may blush. I will know what’s in there after all. You can’t step away from being a good girl when you’ve always been a good girl.

But, I’m enjoying it tonight. Knowing a secret, a hot pink secret with a friend (because I had enough gift cards to buy 2 vibrators, on sale even). I’ve never had good luck with vibrators in the past. I gave up on them. It didn’t help that I moved frequently and those I had in the past all disappeared. (I never heard from anyone about what happened to them – but I’m pretty sure they were thrown out by someone. That’s what my family does.)

These new vibrators are different from the old hard ones that made aggravating noise when you turned them on. These two are softer in texture and they can bend. A nice feature for myself, they will bend and squish around to suit me. I don’t think they will feel so much like I’ve just stuck a tree branch inside myself. A little flexibility should be a nice thing. Also, they both claim to be quiet. This isn’t so essential as I’ve found I don’t really care how they vibrate at all. I can use them without turning them on at all. Most of the time all I really want is something other than my own fingers touching me and something a little thick to slip inside of me. The various kitchen implements I’ve tried just don’t work for one reason or another. Plus, I feel really odd about putting them back in the drawer (of course I have washed them, put them through the dishwasher as an extra wash too, before I put them back into use).  But, they really just don’t do what I want when I’m in the mood for doing what I want.

So, now I have this hot pink secret in the mail. It may take a week to get here. I’m not sure. I didn’t pay too much attention to that part of the ordering. I wanted it to be something of a hot pink surprise. Every one should have something kind of daring and risky to look forward to now and then.

I can always just tell them it’s a different kind of book, maybe one of those new fangled pop-up books.

Using his Tool

Using his Tool
Originally posted to Adult BackWash, my weekly column was Bait and Switch: Saturday June 29, 2002

I have limited experience with condoms. Partly because I don’t have a penis, partly because we were never successful at using them and partly because safe sex has never been a problem for me.

I did order a condom from a website, I forget which condom maker it was now. They sent a large sized condom and I had a look at it, in the package. My husband decided I shouldn’t actually open the package since he wouldn’t be able to use it then. I wish I had secretly opened it and had a look. He always seemed a bit too old fashioned about that stuff. Why shouldn’t I have a look at something he expects me to insert into my vagina.

We never did get much use of the condoms we tried. I really do think he was using the wrong size. Why else would they always slip off so easily? But, that isn’t something easy to tell a guy who is already self conscious and not all that interested in real sex anyways. I’m at the point where being masturbated by my lover is a turn off now.

But, I am single again and I expect safe sex will become something I need to know more about. Not that I’m clueless. You would have to be living as a hermit not to have absorbed some information about safe sex these days. But, I don’t know how to use a condom, what kind of condom works best, is spermicide non-allergenic, etc.

Women have been the ones expected to provide or take responsibility for birth control for way too long. At least all the safe sex is making men take their cock in hand and do something about it too. But, that doesn’t mean women are ok to just lie back and leave it to them. Whatever your pleasure, use his tool the right way.

Is Cyber Sex Cheating?

Yes, Virginia it is.

People who argue that cyber sex is not cheating are the people who are doing it and they don’t want to accept that they are cheating. It’s much nicer (for them) if they can just go on believing virtual reality has nothing to do with reality.

Why do I think cybering is cheating? Kind of obvious isn’t it? Instead of being in bed with your wife, husband, partner, lover… you’re at the computer typing about the sex act. Then you clean up the evidence, assuming there is any as I never had evidence in my days of playing around at the computer.

Anyway, it is very frustrating typing this at the moment. Some blasted script is trying to take over my computer from one of the websites I have open in a mountain of windows. If I can find the little creature it will byte me and die. Urrrrrgghhh!

I started posting this cyber sex thing cause I just went into a chat channel (something I have not done in years, many of them) right away I had private windows opening up with men (lets make it simple and just call them dicks) who wanted cyber sex. When I said I’m not into that they commented (snarkily I thought) “what are you online for then?” As if women are only online to find dicks. So, I was feeling kind of annoyed, aggravated and frustrated.

Also, it does make me wonder… what percentage of men are just dicks, no man attached?

I am so tired of men, I wish there was a third option. I can’t see myself becoming attracted to women, I’ve considered the idea and just keep picturing different hands touching me, a deeper voice and so on. You may say there are always sex toys. But, no there aren’t. I tried those and they failed to amuse me. Nothing is like a real man’s hands on your skin. A real man’s voice in your bed, telling you what he likes and finding out what you like. Nothing is like a man’s skin and odd hairy parts. Not that I’m especially enthusiastic about all of them, don’t get the idea I’m Miss Porn-O-Matic. After all, I’ve only had sex with the guy I was married to. (Some day I may write about all the kinds of safe sex, I’ve done a few of those).

Anyway, a thrid option would be nice. Maybe a robot man who can say all the right things, shovel the snow and then attend the theatre and shut up. That’s kind of mean. I don’t actually want a man who fears to speak. Just one who doesn’t tell babyish jokes or whine about babyish things. I want a man after all, not a dick or a boy.

OK, I’m going to make myself useful now. I’m reading about web design, I think I’m starting to have some lightbulb interaction. I may even post the redesign of my pages before the end of the current year.