The Astrology of Kink

The Astrology of Kink: The Sagittarius Adventure

Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur, half-human, half-horse. Ever visit a stud farm during breeding season? Equines who are otherwise decent-enough working animals are insane with the urge to breed; the only thing standing between the animals’ urges and utter rutting chaos is the intervention of human handlers.

It’s lucky for the rest of us, then, that Sagittarius has its human handler built in — if they’ll stoop to obeying him or her, that is. The sex drive is strong, impulsive, and somewhat conquest-oriented, and some Centaurs end up with more notches on their bedposts than Virgo has little pills.

Sagittarius has the ability to easily separate sex from emotion. Security and intimacy are important to Sagittarius, but are not necessarily linked to their fiery physical drives. Spontaneous sexual adventures and one-night stands are usually guilt-free; Sagittarians hate restrictions of all kinds, and the occasional bout of unrestrained sexual freedom can be deeply satisfying in a way that other signs might not readily understand.

Sagittarians also make fantastic sex workers, especially if the job calls for live action on demand. They’re not necessarily the show-offs of the sex industry, but practicality and physical vigor more than make up for any lack of showmanship.

This is a mutable sign, and its ruler Jupiter lends a cavalier streak — Sagittarius will try anything once. They’re not fond of labels (labels equal limits) but will sometimes compromise outwardly in order to maintain security at home. Hence, you find a large number of naturally pansexual Sagittarians maintaining the appearance of a monosexual relationship, while dallying elsewhere with members of both sexes. They’re also attracted to the idea of open relationships, but, like their opposing sign Gemini, sometimes find even open agreements tough to keep; restrictions are restrictions, after all, no matter how generous!

Oddly enough, Sagittarius tends to pick up specific fetishes more readily than any other sign except for Virgo. Stocking fetishes, latex fetishes, more esoteric fetishes like pony play or other role-specific “musts” … you name it, a Sagittarius will adopt it, at least for a little while. The difference between Virgo and Sagittarius is persistence; a Centaur’s fetishistic interests tend to fade abruptly. This sign explores things thoroughly, yes, but then moves on to the next unexplored sexual arena with little warning and even less regret.

Both Mars and Venus in Sagittarius are equally prone to this adventurous outlook on sex. The Sagittarian Sun shares it, too, but most Centaur Suns tend to settle down eventually, and turn their expansive urges toward less physical conquests. No Sagittarian can tolerate excessive restrictions, though, no matter how settled they seem. Confinement is always uncomfortable, and when the horizon of possibilities begins shrinking around them, it’s only a matter of time before they react, with all the desperation of a claustrophobic mustang in a broom closet.

If you’re the kind of person who values spontaneity, adventure and fiery independence over certain security, you’ll love Sagittarius. Give them plenty of room to explore all the fascinating experiences life has to offer, and you’ll have a lover who is affectionate, playful and vital. Try to fence them in, and all you’ll have is an empty paddock. Think you can handle this free spirit? If you can, it’ll be the ride of a lifetime.

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The Sagittarius Mistress

The Sagittarian Mistress: This is a classy, sophisticated and powerful woman with a stunning, often athletic and tall build. She has an infectious energy and a magnetic personality. Her motto is “I SEEK your devotion!” As a natural exhibitionist she loves parties or group sessions expecting her slaves to demonstrate their devotion and admiration in public. As an archer she also loves to shoot down her slaves which gives her an obsessive love of needles and piercing. Someone who always stands out in a crowd, she loves shiny materials and elaborate costumes. You can never escape this woman as she will hunt you down, she is not possessive though, so don’t expect long-term commitment. Once you have served your purpose you’ll be left in the dust of her galloping exit.

This comes from Mistrress Sidonia: FemDom Horoscopes

I’d say it is only half right for me. I do like shiny things and vibrant colours. I consider myself sophisticated, whether I actually am or not. But, I’m not athletic. I really don’t like anything piercing the skin – gives me a real “ick!” feeling.

I like reading the characteristics more than predictions with astrology. You never know what will happen day to day and I like that. Too much predicting takes something away from the randomness of life.

Applying to Lifehacker

I’m Laura. ASCII artist, stick figure cartoonist, urban and rural explorer of abandoned places – these are a few of the things I am doing when I’m not writing. I began as a web writer in 1998 but I started online in 1996, an IRC diva. I think I am a great fit for Lifehacker because I have experience, stamina (I was an editor at Dmoz over ten years), creativity, originality and inspiration. I’ve also been a copy editor and forum moderator so I can write and self edit my work quite well. I love finding new things online: new gadgets, new sites, new ways to use what we already have. I’m not the most organized person so I look for anything to help me with that.Some things work and some don’t but I try them. Once a year I reformat my hard drive to make sure I’m not left with any nasty critters from my experimentation. I’m teaching my Mother to use the computer. It takes patience, a lot of simple words, straight forward answers and I’m usually repeating the same things over a few times before she actually listens but we are making progress. I’m Sagittarius, I just feel the need to teach the world.

WordGrrls ( is my site for web writers. Originally I used it to stash content I had written for BackWash,, HerPlanet, LockerGnome, BellaOnline and Suite101. On WordGrrls I post (daily) creative writing prompts, writing inspiration, web publishing ideas and generally my point of view about anything to do with keeping a space for yourself on the web. There is a flood of information for SEO and marketing your blog but the writing itself is being put on the backburner. I bring the writing back into the lime light. I love writing and even making lists of topics to write about. A bit crazy. Currently I am working through a mild addiction to WordPress plugins. I have found several I like for odds and ends but I’ve yet to find just what I want for displaying a featured past post.

I’m located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Not the US but I was once married to an American and spent a few years living in Illinois, does that count?

Right now I am not employed, trying the work from home plan but still mostly just unemployed. I have a lot of availability. Usually I am online in the evening when it is quiet and dark and I can pretend I’m far more mysterious than I really am.

A to Zed

Using one word for each letter of the alphabet, make a list of the words you most associate with yourself or that you feel best describe you. From Bev on Facebook.

A – Artistic
B – Bonfire
C – Canadian
D – Dragon
E – Elemental
F – Frozen
G – Graphics
H – Hello
I – Independent
J – Jigsaw
K – Kilter
L – Lemon
M – Mystery
N – Nephew
O – Obsessive
P – Pagan
Q – Quiet
R – Romance
S – Sagittarius
T – Tease
U – Unscheduled
V – Vanilla
W – Writing
X – Xylophone
Y – Yellow
Z – Zed

Super Slack

I’ve been super slack with the Blog Explosion tenant thing. This time I have a tenant and I am a tenant in another blog. It’s not so hard having a tenant, my rent is cheap. But, it’s seldom that you get to be a tenant. Likely a lot of people give up on it. It’s enough to keep your blog posts going a lot of days. Most of the time I can come up with something to babble about. If not I just ignore the blog and pretend it went away.

Anyway, my tenant this time is a small business woman and a New Age/ Pagan type. Have a look at her blog and her shop.

Meanwhile I am a tenant in a Housewife Blog. Have a look at the adventures on the other side of the grass. At least for me it’s the other side. Not that my Mother has quite given up on the whole thing. I’m not so sure, it depends on the kind of day I’m having. 🙂

Have a look at Poppy she is fond of red flowers and is another Sagittarius. You should give us bonus points for having a birthday coming up. They aren’t quite as special once you get past the 20-something and you realize you’re never going to look 20 again. Poppy has several blogs you can find them all by checking her profile. She’s likely typing her fingers to the bone even now.

Zodiac Grrl

This was a cute looking site: Zodiac Girlz


You have the gift of seeing the best in people and are kind and caring to those who need your help. You have a lot of empathy – you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes to imagine how they are feeling. Your optimistic attitude is contagious and helps friends to be more open-minded. You also love coming up with different ideas on how to solve a problem.

You are a Fire sign and with that comes impatience. You like to get moving and sometimes you fail to plan things out in detail. You also can be very sensitive and get your feelings hurt when friends don’t view the world as you do.

Signs of Seduction


The Sharing of Stimuli: Sagittarius is best tempted by the spice of life — variety. What made the sparks fly on your first encounter probably won’t get the same heated reaction the next time around. Most likely the exact opposite will be the key to red-hot romance. If you want to keep your Archer from wandering, you’ll need to keep him or her guessing.

Seduction Mantra: Routine is for robots.

You Know It’s Working When: A Sagittarius shows his or her interest by actually sticking around till the end of the night — or the next morning. Archers are not the most soft-hearted creatures of the zodiac, but once under your spell look out for these clues: flustered behavior, stuttering speech, severe blushing and serious eye contact.

What’s in a Name?

You can be very romantic and attached to the glamour of love. Having a partner is of paramount importance to you. You are free in your expression of love and are willing to take chances, as well as try new sexual experiences and partners, provided it’s all in good taste. Brains turn you on. You must feel that your partner is intellectually stimulating, otherwise you will find it difficult to sustain the relationship. You require loving, cuddling, wining and dining to know that you’re being appreciated.

Get your SexScope

Sagittarius Self Portrait: You’re a bit of a tomboy, but that doesn’t mean you’re only interested in being one of the guys. Not a delicate flower or shrinking violet, you’re solidly statuesque, athletic, voluptuous and outspoken. An adventurer at heart, you love your freedom and won’t give it up quickly for a stable partnership. You will commit to a fellow traveler — a foreigner, ideally — who’s comfortable living out of a backpack; if he’s looking for a happy homemaker, though, this man’s not for you. You begin each relationship the same way you start all of your projects — with high hopes, honorable intentions and good humor. Unfortunately, you’re often disappointed by your partners’ lack of faith. But you bounce back quickly thanks to your innate optimism, and then you’re on to the next adventure.

Turn Ons: A challenge. You don’t want a man to play hard to get, but you want him to encourage you to conquer new goals as an individual and as his mate. If a guy’s willing to be domestic, he can take care of all the tasks you simply don’t like to do.

Turn Offs: Any kind of negativity. You’re always up for whatever’s new and whatever’s next. While you may need a reality check occasionally, you don’t want a man who will bring you down. If he does, he’s out.