Miss Bonnie’s Favourite Quotes

The number one job of the dominant is to continually seduce consent from the bottom.
– Joseph Bean

Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already.
– Waiter Rant

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I especially like the first quote. Crafty, yet consensual, seduction is very sexy.

Both quotes are about consent and the thin line before crossing it. I think this is what makes so much difficulty for people. There is an element of seduction, teasing and pushing at what was a firm no versus a soft no.

Another element of consent which is sometimes thrown to the dogs is the consent of others – not involved but on the sidelines. Anything in public, even kissing and cuddling assumes the consent of the public. But, consent isn’t something which should be assumed. So… public play is not to be taken lightly or without consideration.

Anyway, seduction, teasing and contrariness are great fun for the Domme.

Sexy Monster: Mandragora

The Witches of East End series didn’t make it for a third season. I liked the show. But the mandragora will be far more memorable.

The mandragora love scene in the forest was more than I expected from TV sex. The Mandragora has a tail and he knows how to use it! The hottest thing for me was that tail touching her and then slipping under her skirt to continue touching her, intimately. Tentacles are a turn on… tails too in this case.

Witches of East End: Mandragora


It turns out mandragora is not something entirely made up for the Witches of East End. Mandragoras have a history. But, to make things simple and focus on the sexy mandragora from the show I’ve made a list of what made the monster for this show.

So what is a Mandragora?

  • lives in woods and forests
  • has the ability to cloak itself in order to avoid detection
  • can appear and disappear in a swirl of vines
  • can alter the memories of its victims
  • feeds on sexual energy of their chosen mate
  • mate is put into a trance and called to them
  • possessive and protective of mate
  • green/ blue body of a man, composed of scales but appears to be plant based
  • long, flexible tail seems to be used for seduction mainly
  • blue tentacles come from it’s back in order to feed or attack
  • tentacles inject Dracos Sanguinum (Dragons Blood) into victim’s brain

For those who want more…


“The spirit of mandrake is known as Mandragora and has a twin known as Mandragoro. The mandrake is the only traditional plant of Witchcraft that possesses two distinct spirits and appears in the form [of] a female or male human with plant features. The mandrake spirit serves to link humankind with plant-kind and is therefore a magical bridge to the Greenwood Realm and the space of Shadow from which all mysteries flow. In legend, the mandrake is known as the Sorcerer’s Root and connects its possessor with the Old Magic.”

– Raven Grimassi

Beginners Guide for Becoming a Male Submissive

The BDSM experience is different for men and women, in several ways. Women are more careful about meeting men. Women may be looking for romance and affection, a relationship while men really just want sex. Women tend to get pushed into things they really don’t want to do, in order to keep the peace.

I often read people (men) claiming women into Domming are rare. In my experience this is not true. I encounter many women who would enjoy Domming men, if they could find one who meets their needs.


Being a male submissive may not be what you think it is at all

There are very few men who understand what a Dom woman is looking for, what she actually wants. She does not want to be the Dom you see in pornography. If you are looking for a woman to fulfill all your porno fantasies of what male submission should be… pay for it. Professional sex workers will dress the part and read from whatever script you want, do it your way (as long as safety is considered) and give you what you want as you expect to have it.

Real women who Dom, just because they want to, will want to do things their own way. Real women Doms have their own fantasies, their own desires and plans for play, teasing, romance, seduction, torment and all their own fetishes and kinks. They will want you to please them and that may not include any of the fetishes and kinks you have been fantasizing about.

A real woman may not want a man slobbering on her shoes or expecting to wear her underwear, for instance.  Some women may like the idea of training men to submit while others think they should already be house broken.

Worship and begging may not appeal to her. For myself, both of these are a turn off. The real appeal of having a male submissive is that he be a man, strong, clever, manly and yet my submissive. Retain your dignity and be a male submissive worth having and keeping.

Before you Begin…

Decide if you actually want the reality.

Do you want a woman telling you what to do? Are you willing to be disappointed when she isn’t interested in doing what you want, the way you want it? Will you let her lead or will you try to pressure her into giving you what you want instead?

Do not manipulate your Dom. Yes, it is fun to have the erotic play of teasing, denial, struggling and so on… but it should be sincerely part of the fun and not “topping from the bottom”. Two people sincerely invested in D/s can have a lot of fun, pleasure and explorations. If you top from the bottom (manipulate your Dom) you cheat yourself from ever having the real experience of submitting, serving and discovering the pleasure of being a male submissive in reality.

Also, no Dom woman likes to be manipulated. We get this from almost every so-called male sub on dating sites and etc. It is very discouraging. If you wonder why there are so few women into Domming – this would be the number one reason.

If you can’t let go of your expectations then consider paying for what you want and getting it from a McDomme (paid to do it your way).

What are you really willing to do?

Too many men have a list of fetish and kink ideas but no thoughts about the reality. This is especially a bad idea when it comes to health and safety. There are several things which will sound good on paper or turn you on when you watch a video… but reality is not like that. Reality is messier, reality is less planned and professional, less perfect and reality has accidents and misunderstandings.

Never say you are willing to do anything/ everything. Because you aren’t. No one is – unless it’s make believe and pretend.

Read about the reality of your fetishes and kinks. Instead of watching the porn find someone who really has done it and read about their experience. What went wrong, what didn’t work and how did they learn to do it better or another way. Research the reality. Even if you have no experience you can read the experience of others (just not the porn version).

Consider safety and be practical about it

If you have issues such as allergies, a phobia, dislikes put together a list of these issues. Personally, I don’t like having something close around my neck or mouth because I grew up with asthma. I’m also allergic to animals which limits the places and people I can spend time with to some extent. These are things to be aware of, for yourself and the woman Dom you would like to meet.

Although safety and health are more up to the Dom in a D/s relationship you can’t expect her to know your needs, read your mind or use telepathy to know there is a problem.

Safe words are not that reliable. If there is a real problem, something sudden, you need communication which won’t be forgotten in the moment or confused with something else.  A direct safe word, like stop, is better than trying for some secret code you may not remember when you need it. If you use the safe word for effect rather than actually needing it the play stops anyway. Respect the safe word – it’s not a game.

Communicate and talk about anything you plan to do. Start simple and leave yourself room to back out or change the plan. you may think you want to start with the hard stuff but discover your feelings were far more involved when it was actually happening. It is possible to discover you  have a phobia or intense dislike you didn’t know you had until you tried something. This can be especially true with bondage. Actually being confined is not just as you imagine it to be. Explore and experiment with baby steps and savour the experiences as you go.

Submission is not a gift

Years ago the idea that submission is a gift started in the online BDSM groups. This is not the right attitude. Domination is just as much a gift, if you want to consider either of them a gift at all.

You have chosen to submit and your Dom has chosen to lead you, to control you and to own you (up to a point). She is not likely to want to micro-manage you. Being the Dom is a responsibility. It’s not easy and it is not something to take lightly. People can get hurt physically, mentally and emotionally. Both of you need to communicate to prevent problems. The gift is the relationship itself, when you can find it.

Explore and discover

  • Try blindfolding yourself in your own bed. How does it feel? Does the blindfold itch? Do you feel peaceful?
  • Sit on your hands next time you’re alone watching TV. How long can you keep yourself in this self-bondage? How uncomfortable is it?
  • Sit under a table, let it become your cage. Does the confinement bother you? Do you feel snugly caged or just trapped?
  • Try being naked when you are home alone. With the blinds or curtains closed stand naked in front of the window. Even knowing no one can see you do you get a thrill or can you not even do it at all?
  • Buy a dog collar for yourself. No one has to know you don’t have a dog (or your dog won’t be wearing this one). Wear the collar but wrap it around your wrist the first day (not your neck).
  • Even before you have a Dom you can practice serving her tea. Dress up (she doesn’t want pubic hair in her tea cup), make a plate up with pretty treats and serve tea in a teapot with a fancy teacup and saucer for her.

The reality is much different from the fantasy. Reality isn’t the porn version because it’s not scripted and the people are not actors. However, you can actually be one of the people involved rather than watching and wishing from the sidelines. Just make sure you want the reality, imperfect but not impersonal.

What is Your Seduction Style?

Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don’t really try to seduce people… it just seems to happen.

Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.

You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious – a hard combo to find!

People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

Flirtation, Seduction and Foreplay

Originally posted to Sex Kitten (2003 – 2004)

Sometimes BDSM is boring.

When you listen to yet another guy listing his fetishes, his turn ons, his kinky requirements, like a grocery list you will be expected to perform. When you read yet another erotica story starring the poor helpless man or the man who fucks everything and has a miracle magic cock that every female wants. When you read another discussion about the finer points of BDSM and the points become so refined they have lost any sharpness they may have had.

Sometimes people just think an idea to death. That’s what BDSM is, an idea. It’s not a religion, it’s just foreplay which requires a little education. It is not about pain. If you bring that idea to it then that’s what you have brought to it. It’s up to you to wonder why and decide how you want to explore that fetish.

If you explore BDSM you will discover many ideas, attitudes and philosophies. Tell them all to bite you, most of them will like that. Go with what you want and make it how you want it. BDSM is not a religion, it should actually be something more enjoyable than religion. BDSM is for pleasure, that’s all. The only rules are geared to keeping it a pleasure for both (all) involved. Religion is far more complicated than BDSM should ever be.

Some people have the attitude that anyone not involved in a 24/ 7 (round the clock, permanent) BDSM relationship is not really in the scene. Smile kindly at these people and go about enjoying your life, as you were. Would you really and truly want this to be your lifestyle, every day, year after year? Would you not at some point like a day off? Lifestyle BDSM is unrealistic.

One big myth about BDSM is that it has to involve pain. Anyone who believes that has not really examined the concept. Even the initials prove how false this idea is. Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism: do you see pain written all over that? Bondage is about being restrained, tied up, etc. Discipline is often something along the lines of spanking. Domination is about being the dominant partner or being the dominated partner, the submissive. Then there are the Switches who dominate or are dominated, as it suits them. S and M are only the tail end.

No one should hop into BDSM without some idea of what they are getting into. Take it as any other hobby, learn how to make it work, what tools (if any) you require. Make sure your partner is at least interested, if not eager. Think of the whole thing as foreplay, flirtation and seduction. If you want to add pain, bondage, or domination explore those elements.

I’ve been into BDSM since I was a kid. A lot of people will say that. I think it sounds odd. But, for me I know what I was doing and I can only wonder and image what someone else was thinking or doing. I was reading my Dad’s science fiction books and I was daring myself to look at pictures of naked men in the magazine racks at stores. I didn’t buy them, not till much later when I was 16. Naked men made me blush and yet, I really didn’t see the attraction of the male body, or parts of it. The penis looked dorky, it still does. Reading the term penis envy still makes me think men are must be pretty insecure if not unbalanced. Who would envy that? Breast envy would be more likely.

The Posts I Wrote for Sex Kitten (2003 – 2004)

I’ve been writing for the Sex-Kitten network since 2003, took some time away from it and then started up again. The old content has been pushed into an archive (which you can find it you look for it but no one would know to look). So, I am reposting it to my own blog, with this post to connect them all. (I wanted a good excuse to try out some of the series plugins for WordPress too).

The following posts are both fiction and non-fiction. They were written at a different time in my life and some of my opinions and ideas may have evolved since these were originally posted. Not much though. I’ve always been pretty true to what I really believe – only my understanding changes as I see the facts differently. The fiction, of course, is just fun. Fun to write and I had fun reading it again and remembering when I wrote it.

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Pride Before the Tumble

This Wicked Wednesday, which of course, I’m doing on Friday because I just thought about it this morning… the word is proud.

His pride suffocated everyone else in the room. On and on, his voice became a steady drone about himself. So proud, so intent on making sure everyone knows about it. The award he had won clenched in his hand as he waved it about while he spoke.

I noticed when he began to realize people were no longer hearing him, trying to avoid him. His face changed then. He got quiet and somehow even quieter once he sat down at his table to find everyone else had moved their name tags elsewhere. It was sad to see him then. Pride is like acid when your bubble is burst.

The award had meant a lot to him. Being a good sport, a good winner, isn’t so easy when you aren’t used to winning.

I didn’t like to see him deflated this way. I prefer a man to be human, versus the blow hard he had been when he was still so full of his own pride. However, this wasn’t just pity I was feeling. He was hurt, like a wounded little boy – except he wasn’t a boy. There was no pout to his expression, no sour grapes or signs of being a spoiled brat. He was just sad. Sitting alone, taking it like a man.

Being the sort of woman attracted to men… I joined his table.

He looked up but didn’t speak. Good, a little humble was a good thing. I smiled, a slow smile as if I had all the time in the world to move my lips upwards. A friend claimed my slow smile made me look like a shark in red lipstick. I was feeling a bit like a shark now.

He smiled back, just a touch of self-depreciation. I liked it.

Rising from my seat at the table, letting my curves speak for themselves as I walked away, I left my room key for him to pick up. These little games of seduction are fun for the not knowing – not having a plan with all the finer points worked out.

Of course, I’m not into taking too many chances. We’ve been married long enough for me to know he can’t resist my slinky red dress and my shark smile.

Tormenting and Seduction with a Little Man

I call it little or tiny men. But I also see it as giantess. They may seem like the same fantasy but , they are not. A giantess is a woman of more than standard size. I prefer to be who I am and the man to be shrunk down to a small, mini, little or tiny size. I have a fetish for tormenting a tiny man and then letting him seduce me.

What Kind of Sex?

ChaCha: What kind of sex will you like best?

Slow Burn

You’d like slow burn sex. You like a slow seduction that starts out soft and passionate and becomes increasingly intense. Hot!

I have my doubts about the source for this quiz but it gives me something to post when I’ve neglected this blog so far this month.

You can also try – Are you Promiscuous?


Conversations About Switching (Part 2)

The closest I came before that was reading some of my Dad’s Gor books and finding trashy magazines my younger brother had hidden. These were geared to men’s fantasies of course. 

I’m still learning what my inner most desires are. Bondage certainly, Im not sure about spankings or a lot of the other “traditional” pain/ pleasure ideas. I am willing to experience most of these things. Except something like being whipped, that would be very painful. 

I read a lot of historical romance novels growing up, sometimes I still do *grin*. Many of my ideas of being submissive come from what I have read there. Things like being selected and then captured by some desert sheik. Carried aboard a pirate/ Viking ship and having to accept “him” as my master. The same situation in different scenes really. Part of these scenes was always testing how far you could go before you were pulled back by the sheik, Viking, etc. That was something I always enjoyed too. I do it now with my IRC Dom. It is not disrespect to him when I tease him. I like being told I have gone too far and being pulled back. 

> itself does nothing to foster a relationship. When however it is a natural part
> of a loving relationship it can be a very powerful part of that relationship.
> Usually it signifies one has sufficient trust in ones partner to allow oneself
> to surrender, (submission), to whatever that person may wish to do. In some
> ladies with a prudish outlook, or like the Victorians of past, it was a way for
> them overcoming their prudishness or natural reserve that was a strict part of
> their upbringing.  In their mind s eye, it was a way of secretly enjoying
> uninhibited sex which they really immensely enjoyed, but at the same time
> allowed them to maintain the pretence that there was nothing they could do to
> prevent their husband s lustful advances.

Master Michael, This idea could be true for me. I have always been a “good girl”. Nothing I have done would have turned one hair on my Grandmother’s head grey (Except for my not choosing to be Christian). I like being a good girl, I can respect myself. But I dont want to be a good girl 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. For one thing Im far too curious. Maybe bondage and giving up control is a way for me to allow myself to be something I want and yet am not completely comfortable with. I hadnt thought about it this way before. Your mention of the Victorian women struck a chord in me though. 

I was glad the Master pleased himself as well as the sub. It seems to me that both Master and sub should be pleasured. Other wise the scene does not seem balanced. Almost as if the Master is a bystander, this makes him seem a little aloof or dettached from the action. 

I like the idea of wearing the collar and of having a collar worn for me. This is why I am a switch and not a sub or a Domme alone. 

I think that is what I like about bondage. It does let you give away your freedom of choice. I had been wondering how I could like bondage and subbing when I love being independant and doing things my own way. I really dont like being told what to do at all! LOL

at do you think of Doms that switch?  I have heard some subbies say they dont care for Doms with whip marks on their asses. Im not sure how I feel. It has been thrown at me and I feel kind of weird about it.  What is your opinion? He told me once that is was for balance. But last night was the third time I have balanced him and I am not sure I like it. I can be the Domme, its not easy, but I can do it. I dont think I can look at him the same way though. I liked it better when he had the control now that I have had it I guess I dont see him as being two steps ahead of me any more. Its confusing and disappointing. Yet he is still the same Dom that made me feel a lot of things I havent felt before. When I began subbing for him I could feel his power even through IRC. I liked the way it felt. 

——– REPLY, Original message follows ——–
> If/when the Dom/Master switches with His sub, is He truely submitting to her?
> Is she really Dominating Him? Or are they just Topping/bottoming?  .. And, does
> it make a difference?

> If He get some pleasure from being whipped/flogged occasionally, why would His
> sub/slave think this type of service any different from caressing Him, using
> her lips and hands for His pleasure?

> I like you as a sub!  Don’t go against nature by attempting to be a femdomme.
>  It’s just not you, laura!

I don’t know what I am any more. I’m falling for him and it is scaring the heck out of me. We have talked about Domming and subbing and we seem to click in that way. He is very strong and independent. He just likes someone to bring him down a peg or two after work. I would like someone to look after and boss around a little and someone who will give me some discipline and strength the rest of the time. We like so many of the same things. Our lifestyles fit together like pieces of a puzzle. 

Have you ever loved any of your subs or Dommes or vanillas? I only felt this way once before and it was a disaster at the end. Have you ever been at that point where you have to decide whether or not to let go and put everything you are on the line? I’m trying to hold back. But I keep wanting to tell him so many things. He may be coming out this way sometime this Summer. 

I love the feeling of having my Dom take control. But it also scares me. There is a part of me he has not touched, I dont think any one has. Its my centre, its where all my deepest worries, self doubts, things I would prefer to keep hidden are. Its also where my deepest loves and passions are. Its more than that, its me. Its all that makes me the person I am, my essence. To give him pieces of my centre is very hard, each time he gets closer to having total power over me. Total power to hurt me, if he chose to do that.

I also have wondered how much I can give him before there is nothting left that is just me. Right now I am a separate entity. I am my own person. To give him control gives some part of me and my freedom to be myself I suppose, away. I also wondered about what I was becoming. If I would still respect myself once I had gone as far as my curiousity and passions want to take me. I nearly stopped finding out more about D/s at that point. But then I realized that I still have that much control over who I am and what I think about myself. I do have some things I will not do, though the list seems to be shrinking. 

Right now I am free again. And, yes, it does feel that way. I miss my IRC Dom but we reached a point where things couldnt go forward any more. I am taking time to think and regroup, reassess everything I have thought and learned. Of course, my life being the collection of oddities that it is, this is also the time I have met a male sub on line who really seems to have the knack for shaking me out of my self possession. Just to make it tougher and more interesting, when he gets back from Japan in 8 days (and counting) we are going to switch! At least I’m not bored! Not that I ever was. 

I don’t think I could sub at all if I was so restricted I couldnt be a “brat” once in awhile. Well, maybe more than once in awhile….. Besides its  *his* job to have/ keep the control. Life is  *so*  full of challenges! I enjoy making him think on his feet. Of course I do stop once I realize he isn’t still laughing. You don’t want to go  *too*  far with a good thing. 

I do have all my own opinions and ideas, which I expect to be taken into account. A Dom who can’t let me breathe will not interest me for long.  I also don’t think my submission would mean anything if I was not my own person. Where is the fun in Domming if its all too easy.

Once in a while however, I feel a need to be able to give up all these pressures and responsibilities for a few hours and to let someone else take all the decisons. As a dominant yourself, you will know that it is hard work being in charge all the time – it is a big responsibility. That is kind of how I feel and perhaps helps to explain the need to be regressed to being “just a naughty little boy” every now and then.

There is also the need for some kind of emotional release – a desire just to let go and follow ones urges or to let out all the tensions and pressures of everyday life. As men, for example, we a taught to be emotionally stable, not to show weakness and to keep control of ourselves at all times. We are never expected to cry or exhibit gentler “feminine” traits. That is why I imagine, for example, that there would be a certain kind of catharsis from being put over a womans knee and soundly spanked until one was able to sob and plead. I don’t actually have any personal experience to go on, and I am quite certain that the spanking itself would be painful and humiliating, but it would certainly be an emotional experience outside of the norm – something which all of us need from time to time.

> .. oh well. I think I’m stuck with the opinion that just too
> > many subs lack creativity – to submit is a special act, but not one that
> takes
> > great imagination. It is the dom who is the artist. Guess that’s why one of
> us
> > is called “artful.”
> > 
> > A complete submissive is indeed a joy to play with and even to spend a lot of
> > time with, but how can they complement a man in the long run? How can they
> > inspire and challenge? 
> ——– REPLY, End of original message ——–

> Dom and sub should compliment, inspire and challenge each other. 

> If the Dom is the artist he has only himself to blame for not exploring the
> full potential of his canvas, his sub. For myself I am not someone who waits
> patiently. I begin my own explorations.  I have met “Doms” who try to restrict
> me. They want to pound their rules, their needs and their demands into me
> before they even know who I am.  Being a sub should feel free. Feeling free a
> sub can then let her imagination go along with her inhibitions. 

Btw, I have decided I am a Switch as far as D/s goes. I might even be leaning to the Domina side. I get a real charge out of Domming my little sub so far away in Hong Kong. He wants to try Domming. I gave him a chance the other night and he was a litte too controlling for me. But its hard to start Domming without some use of force I suppose. Besides I did spring it on him. I was feeling very bratty, hardly Domme like and I told him to do it! LOL Well, more like I dared him to do it. Poor guy never knew what hit him. I didn’t make it at all easy on him for his first time. But he said later that he had fun but he would rather stay as my sub and keep learning from me. 

Alice, When I started I thought I could never find the power in myself to not only do this but enjoy doing it. Now I get a real charge out of it all. Giver yourself some time to find what it is you want. My first submissive was a weird time for me. I also had to ask him what to do and how to do it. I never could feel like I was Domming him. But I broke up with him. I was lucky in that we were only an IRC (Internet) couple. I also see now that I was babying him. He was not a strong male and I not only felt intimidated by the whole Domme thing but I also did not  want to “hurt” him. I felt I was bad everytime I had him do anything. I dont know if you ever feel this way but I thought I would share what I felt.

My current submissive is a strong man who likes to be treated like a mischivious boy. This includes some humiliation. I am lucky that we share the same tastes and limits. I also use a flyswatter on him. I think it is not the spanking but what the swatter means that makes it effective. A real man would  not think being swatted was a problem but I am not treating him like a real man when I use the swatter on him. For me its the mental aspects that matter more than the actualy physical spanking itself. The only other thing I have used is my hand. Though I would like to step up to a paddle, just for the thickness of its look and the sound it will make on his behind.  Start easy Alice, find what gives you that feeling of power over him. You dont need to use all of his ideas and you dont need to feel intimidated by the power you are reaching for either. 

This is not a well thought out or organized letter. I am working on only a few hours of sleep. I suggest you find other Dominas with more experience than I have. but I will be glad to email with you and give you what ever knowledge I have managaed to pick up here and there. Oh! One great idea I did have that I can pass on… if you want to learn about a new aspect of D/s make him do the leg work. Give him the idea (such as CBT) and have him complete a detailed assignment on it with his opinions included. Then you can read it over when you are ready and choose for your self what interests you and what you don’t feel ready to try. This has worked well for me. We are just beginnning in CBT and I have not only a whole list with descriptions but his fears, concerns and fantasies are all right there too. 

Take care Alice, I think I am too tired to read this over. 

All Domination has to have the mental aspect. Why else does the submissive bother to obey the Dom at all. When I use the term mental and sensual I am attempting to screen out those sub males who want to be abused or feminized or any of the other areas of D/s I have not found an interest in. Though I do like the idea of a lot of touching and I have to feel close to a sub in order to want to do more than just give him orders and all the “standard” Domme things. Does this make sense? My style of Domming leaves me free to pamper my sub if I choose to do so. This is for me as much of a turn on as having him pamper me. This does not mean I do not give my subs a little torment if I choose to do so. I very much enjoy the idea of tying up a submissive and leaving him to wonder what I have in mind for him. Perhaps I would tease him until he begged to be given release. Perhaps I would be in the mood to give him harsher treatment such as a swat or twist of sensitive body parts. Perhaps he would be blindfolded and I would crack a whip leaving him to wonder if I will let it touch him or not. I do not think I would whip a sub unless he was very “into” his submission and longed to feel that snap of pain. But the sound of a whip is something I have long liked and associated with my Domme mode.

> It turns out that a switch would be an ideal partner. I adore women (one at a
> time, of course) and have enormous respect for their talents and abilities. It
> would be (COULD be) fun to have the tables turned occasionally! If you write
> back I would like to hear more about this.

I am a recent convert to switching. I have been a Domme and a submissive but neither was enough all the time. I find I prefer to Domme now that I understand what I want in a man who submits. I believe any man can submit but it takes a strong man’s submission to make me feel the real charge and thrill of Domming him. I tend to look for men who also switch now. Too many who are only submissives are wimpy and want to be “forced” to act and dress like a woman. I am surprised more Domina’s don’t find this a touch insulting as I have begun to. I am proud to be a woman and to act like a woman. I have no desire to see a man attempt to be womanly, I find it a turn off for me. When I domme a sub male I like to create the feeling in him that he is under my full control. To have a strong man “helpless” and left to my mercy is what I most enjoy about Domming men. 

When I submit, on the other hand, I find I lose interest in any man who can not make me feel submissive without trying to totally control me. To be too controlled makes me feel too tightly bound and I just can not handle feeling that way for very long. If I can not escape, which is easy on IRC, I get extremely frustrated and angry. My sister likes to be very controlling and I have sometimes lost it when she just would not quit and leave me alone. Thinking about it makes me feel some of that anger again. I still have a mark on my wall where I hit it with a book once when she was really making me crazy. She had decided to make sure I could not have access to my internet account. This caused me to loose out on having an article published as the deadline was that night. Rather than doing bodily harm to her I went down to my basement “office” and smashed inanimate objects. LOL I am probably telling you more about myself than you need to know. But I have always enjoyed the written and spoken word and with the Net I have both in a way.

> How nice to see you posting on the new newsgroup.  I particulary liked your
> story.  I had no idea you had Governess fantasies.  Would you ever think of
> taking them into real life?  I also detected a bit of a feminization theme.  

The Governess idea came from a submissive I met through his post to the newsgroup. I started getting into it because it is a way of play with less force involved. I also find I enjoy the humiliation of a male submissive. That came as a surprise to me. I would do most things I try on the Net in real life, why not really? If you can trust your partner why not give yourself the freedom to try whatever you like. The only thing that would need more trust than usual on my part would be my own submission. That amount of trust would be hard for me to give someone. I think some of the trust involved in submitting comes from inside myself, I have to trust myself and my ideas and feelings as well as the Dom I give my submission to. Maybe that is why I am good at writing from the submissives perspective. I have not written from the Domme’s perspective and I was wondering how I would go about that. So that is going to be my next writing project. I have a couple of other Governess style stories I think I will rework a little and also post to the Newsgroup. I have had a few responses and all favourable so far. Its great to have someone else tell me the stories are good, even well written from Mule who is a frequent story poster to the Group. That was a nice confidence boost for me. 🙂

The feminization I used was just a tease to the submissive I wrote the stories for. It is his sort of heavy limit. It is also a limit for me. I have no desire to pretend to force a man to be a female. I am proud to be a female and to “force” someone to be something I take pride in is somehow insulting to me. I understand it is a kink for a lot of men but its not my kink. Tough to make him wear frilly undies is something I can do as they are very girlish and would be humiliating whether the submissive was male or female.

I have also tried things I had no interest in to please a submissive. In the end I, like you, find I really enjoy the submission the acting out of their fantasies brings. That does not mean I would try every fantasy but I am more open minded about fantasies now.

I am a switch and I did find that using the safeword was hard. Not because I didnt have some sense that things had gone too far but because I wanted to know what would happen next in some sense. Have any subs felt this way?  I hope I would not be too deep into subspace or too curious to see what happens next to protect myself if I ever give my submission offline. I am glad I learned on line first. I spared myself a lot of pain from unrealistic and dishonest Doms. There is no better way to learn than from experience, at least for me.

I agree with your point about it not being fair to the Dom to add that responsibility. It is a huge responsibility to Domme. I look for all the information I can find about a new idea before I write about it or suggest it to my submissives. I also ask other experienced submissives if they have done whatever it is and get their feedback. I would not like to Domme a submissive who believes any feedback he gives me is topping from the bottom. Communication is vital. I need to know that we are both getting what we want. After all I get my pleasure from sending him to subspace, if I could do it a better way I want to know.

Yes, submission but not so easily and readily given. I’m not sure I understand it myself. I guess too much submission seems a weakness and that isnt what I want. Not that I want someone who will fight me all the way. I guess I want someone with a little spirit, someone who will challenge me instead of worshipping me. Does that make any sense? LOL


I was pleased to read your thoughts. I also have my inner questions about what I am doing. I grew up as a very typical nice girl. We lived in the suburbs in a very middle class traditional white area. I can remember the full body flush I got the first time I dared to peek at a naked man in a magazine from the store rack. My first orgasm was a total mystery to me and I was very afraid of whatever it was. It took me a long time before I allowed myself to see it through and find out what mysterious thing this was my body wanted to do. I dont know if men go through anything similar with their first orgasm. 

You may wonder why I am writing this to someone I know casually. I find I am very open to discuss sexual things (most at least). But as you say, in person face to face and skin to skin is a lot different than an email letter or an IRC chat. 

Anyway, I have wandered off from my original point. I grew up the model of the nice girl, no drugs (ever) I tried smoking but didnt find it interesting enough to bother with, and I never went through a boy crazy period. But I did like to read about women being captured and taken away for a long and lusty seduction. I read a lot of historical romances. The woman I was becoming thought the age of 30 was old but the girl who read the romances thought 30 was a man who knew a woman inside and out and could give her everything she desired. Of course, the girl was reading too many romances. Luckily I had the emerging woman to keep my head on straight. 

Buth the biggest question I am left with now as I explore D/s and all that goes along with it is: Am I losing the nice girl I am and respect in myself? Sure part of it is that I dont want others like family and people I meet to think Im not a nice girl. But my inner self is changing. I am not the naive young woman I started out as a year ago when I was new to the Net. I worry that I am going to far and I will find myself changed more than I want to be. I wonder if I will be able to like myself. For awhile I thought I had answered this question to myself. I realized that I am still the same nice girl inside. I thought I would know when and where to stop myself, to set my limits as you would say in bdsm lingo. But now I am wondering again. 

Just this week I met another man on line who very much interests me. I had to just last night admit/ tell him that I am into bondage, at least the idea as I have no real experience yet. Doing this made me feel vulnerable to the acceptance of others again. It brought back all the questions. Am I still a nice girl if I like to be tied up or tie up a man and make him beg for sexual release for no reason other than it turns me on? I dont know the answer to my question. It may never be answered for sure and for ever. 

I identified with some of what you wrote about the fem subs you have encountered. That again brings up all my questions about whether I am a submissive too scared of her feelings to allow myself to submit. Or am I really a Domme who is not bold enough to go all the way and so falls back on the excuse of being a switch. Those are questions that I am working on answering. Just like yourself, I am the only one who can give myself answers to those questions.  I wish you good luck in finding your own answers. When your Ironwill site is back up I hope you will send me the URL. I would like to see it.