Jailed for Tricky Sex

Judge Roger Dutton described Newland as “scheming,” “deceitful” and “highly manipulative.”

“You were so convincing in your cruel deception of [the victim] she thought she had finally found a man she could love and be with,” he said, reported Mirror Online.

Newland acted for her own “sexual gratification” and ignored the “devastating” impact on the victim, he added.

Source: Woman who tricked friend into sex with fake penis jailed – NY Daily News

Women have been saying the same things (read the judge’s pronouncement above) about men for as long as I can remember. Yet, none of them are arrested and jailed for their actions. Why is this woman? Is it because she used a fake penis instead of having a real one?

I don’t think tricking someone into having sex is ok. I don’t think either gender should, with or without sex toys.

Pussy Tickler

 How would that feel inside and would the little peggy things come off? It’s interesting. I like texture. Maybe it would feel like little bugs swishing around inside your vagina. Some people would be turned off by that idea. I’d  be turned off if it were something other than fantasy.

Source: CalExotics Dr. Joel Kaplan Adjustable Masturbator in Clear.

A Threatening Paperweight

Domme's paperweightCan you picture this… your boy notices you’ve got a new paperweight on your desk. It comes with three different sets of screws: dull(ish), sharp as well as long and sharp.

I don’t really need a paperweight, of course. I just like the threat of impending CBT (cock and ball torture, or teasing if he was only sort of a bad boy).

via – JT’s Stockroom – Mike‘s Spikes (R).