Nudity in Ruined City Landscapes

Sasha Kurmaz is a Kiev-born photographer. In his 2013 book, Concrete & Sex, the artist reveals that his personal interest in architecture stems from his graffiti background, where he trekked the city in search of good locations for his art. “While walking, I kept looking over the city. This is the magic of these brutal shapes; functionality, and a frank expression of materiality,” he says. “During these trips I have always done pictures to remember the place and go back at night to paint – sometimes I just shoot the landscapes of the city.”


Thomas Muther, Jr. Explores in the Nude

Thomas Muther, Jr. is a frequent poster to the Flickr urban exploration group I moderate. He is pretty much the only nude male posing and – he is setting up the camera, posing and taking the photo on his own. His own model.

As a woman moderating the group I’m glad to see Thomas posting his photos. Without him the group would feel very sexually biased to me. But, I do wonder what other group members think. Likely most of them are male. Most urban explorers are still male and most of the people coming to look at nude people are coming to look at nude females. I’ve never asked him what kind of feedback, if any, he gets.

I could make this story quite lengthy, but to cut to the chase, after hitting me with a volley of questions–during which seven (7!!!!!!) other police cars pulled up–I was informed that a woman out walking her dog had seen me and reported the “incident” to the police. I was then belatedly informed of my rights, handcuffed, and taken to jail for “indecent exposure.” As they were putting the handcuffs on me, I was utterly dumbfounded. The only thing I managed to verbalize was, “why are you putting me in handcuffs?” which seems a reasonable question. Their reply? “Because that’s what we do to people who break the law!” If I’d had my wits about me, I might have rejoindered, “So, you put people in handcuffs who jaywalk?–or go 5 miles over the speed limit?”–but I was completely flummoxed. Thus, I ended up spending the night, and all the next day in jail. I finally managed to contact my sister who wired bail, and I got out late the next evening. With such a horrific charge hanging over my head, I hired an attorney (at $3500), as being a sexual predator registry for the rest of my life didn’t appeal. The charges were dropped after his intervention, so there were no long term consequences, but it was not a fun experience. The ridiculous over zealousness of these police cost me more than just the $3,500, obviously. Being in jail against your will when you’ve done nothing to deserve it really sucks (as opposed to being in jail for civil disobedience–which I’ve done three times . . . an entirely different feeling). Oh well. 🙁 Compared to the injustices committed by various trigger-happy police over the last months, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Embroidered Custom Sex Toy Pouch

sex toy bag

Where do you put your sex toy when not in use?

I use a red bag which came with a sheet set I bought. It’s cotton, a gorgeous red colour and closes with a drawstring.

I never thought to do anything like embroidering it. Makes it seem far more special and less weird. Or, is it only me that feels weird about putting it away after use.

This comes from an Etsy shop: MadBoywithBox. I found another one on MontclairMade.

Floaty Pen with a Naked Man

You may have noticed a floaty pen once or more. They are sold as promotional items for events, stores, tourist attractions, etc.

There are floaty pens with women, nude once you tilt the pen and their skirt or dress floats up and away. A floaty pen with a nude man is more interesting to me. Not because I especially want to see a naked man. (This is the Internet – I can easily view naked men). It’s interesting because sex novelty items were far more likely to show women undressed or scantily clad than men.

floaty penFound on eBay.

Read more about floaty pens.

See more floaty pens on Flickr.

Seasons Greetings to All Who Pass By Here

Maybe it’s just me but… people talking about how they won’t be posting now that it’s so close to Christmas make me think they are planning to be shipped off to a deserted island for the holidays. Each time I read that I just get a picture in my head of one of those end of the world movies. That scene where someone is alone, walking down the middle of a huge city street, surrounded by tall buildings and nothing but dust blowing down the middle of the street to make any noise or keep them company.

Are you going to be posting over Christmas? Why not? Are you planning on being stranded in the middle of the Arctic? Are aliens swooping down and taking you back to their planet… again!?

I know some people will be traveling and land at places in the Outback where elecricity is still a new thing so of course, there are no modern fangled things like computers. Flushing toilets are still enough to keep their rapt attention for the whole spin cycle, what can you expect? I know some people only go online while at work… personally I think they should all be fired and I should get their cushy jobs.

But, if you aren’t in Siberia or missing your job surfing the Net and reading blogs, why not post a bit over the holidays. Just a line or two. Not that anyone has to make blogging an addiction but it’s not a hobby that takes up a lot of time. Stick up a photo of your Xmas tree. Share a favourite recipe so we can all drool over it. Whatever. Sure, some people like Skye are apparently having far too much sex to drag themselves back to the computer. Likely she needs all her energy these days. Maybe someone can post for her. Something like “STILL SEX” or “MORE SEX”. That would do. I like to think she’s just found this great new diet idea and we will hear how she lost 10 pounds over the holidays. Or she will have lost 200 pounds or so, depending on how much ‘he’ weighs. I’m willing to send her a shovel if she suddenly has need of one. You never know…

Anyway, I don’t remember quite what I started writing about now. Thinking about sex and hiding the body has just taken my mind off track for awhile.

Have a Merry Yule, Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for 2007 to all who pass by here.