Rare Shark in Photos

These photos were on a site which was not loading well and gave me a malware warning.

A rare prehistoric shark was discovered by local residents in Shizuoka, southwest of  Tokyo. The huge eel-like creature, considered to be a living fossil, was taken to Japan’s Awashima Marine Park and placed in a seawater pool. Only just a few hours after it was moved, the unusual shark died.rarefossil01_resize rarefossil02_resize rarefossil03_resize rarefossil04_resize


My new blog tenant is a Google fan. I still like Google, in spite of the coypright thing. However, I wonder at what point they will jump the shark.

It’s great that they have turned the old Usenet and it’s archives into Google Groups but it’s all so choked in spam that I long ago gave up reading them. Can’t Google put some of the spaminator they use with Gmail to work on Google Groups?