Christmas Tree Standing Advent Calendar

Found this advent calendar and I like it so much I went to the site to see what the cost would be, with shipping. Amazon has it for over $200 but at the site it is about $60 in Canadian money. So, I thought I was being smart to order from there. But… they don’t ship here. A note pops up telling me to try another shipping address. Well, that isn’t going to work out so well for me. Why not just say they can’t ship it. Most people don’t have addresses other than the one they are ordering from.

Anyway, that was disappointing. So, I’m just posting the link and the scanned image from the site.


Does Every Domme Like Pirate Women?

These are cute pirate women but, they aren’t women wearing skimpy pirate costumes. That, bugs me. Pirate women would not be showing a lot of skin or wearing high heels. They would have to be practical. Wearing skimpy stuff on board a ship full of men would not work well when it came to keeping control. Climbing rigging and all of that would be tricky in heels and short skirts too.

Does every Domme/ FemDom like pirate women or is it just me that thinks about these things?

Looking and Flying

Things are getting to a normal sort of keel again. The sinking of the ship is on the backburner and I’m feeling like I can cope again. 

I met the new tenant today. He is still scruffy looking but seems at least an average sort of guy. The doorknob on the back door broke while he was moving in and he replaced it. I take that as a good sign. Shows respect for our home and taking responsibility. There should be a door on the joined area this coming weekend. He mentioned that too, saying it was nice to have some privacy rather than having to be friendly all the time. It is nice to be able to not be friendly when you choose to.
I did notice an odd thing. The window blinds on the back bay window are all missing their sticks that let you turn the venetian blinds open or closed. I know they were all there before, I know I opened and closed those blinds before Christmas several times. So where are they now? Weird, why would anyone remove all three of them? 
The downstairs guy had Rogers installed. Made me feel concern for our nice new electrical panel. The electrician had nothing good to say about Rogers and their installations. I will be glad to be rid of them for myself at least. Hope the install they did today hasn’t mucked all the work up. They had all my services off for most of an hour during the install for downstairs. No notice or apologies and did not even let me know it was all back on before they left, they just left and said nothing at all to me. Not very good. 
I am catching up on Doodle Week. Don’t know how to get more interest in that. It has been winding down for sure. I will figure out something now that I have most of my difficulties fixed up. Will be glad to have something pleasant and creative to put some focus into. 
I drew the above picture while thinking about nothing in particular. After I thought it was interesting that I came up with that. If you think about it, you can take it two ways. One, to look where you are going, the basic plan. Two, it does hurt to crash into something you could have seen ahead. It made sense to me at the time, when I first had the thought. I think something is lost in translation now. 🙂 

Making Envelopes from the Best of DIY Blog

I really like this idea of making envelopes. I found it on The Best of DIY blog which had card dropped on Doodle Week. (Thanks). You could use all kinds of scrap and junk paper. Even all that junk I keep getting from Rogers and Bell trying to sell me more services I already have or don’t want.

The only downside is that I have a ton of paper I could use up this way but very few letters I can write. It’s been a long time since I was penpalling and all my Grandparents are deceased. Still, if I joined up to exchange postcards (which I would like to do) I could make my own fancy and unique arty envelopes to ship them off in. 🙂

Indie Bloggers #17: Married Life

Indie Blogger Weekly Challenge: 17 words regarding:

On your honeymoon cruise, your ship is captured by Suranamese channel pirates and everyone is held for ransom. You get ‘unruly’ and are made to walk the plank. Just before you step off into the drink, as your tearful spouse and the rest of the crew watch, you confess:

“Size really does matter!” I jump off, walk ashore and wonder why I married such a dumbass.

21st Century Bohemians

The Poverty Jet Set is another name for 21st Century bohemians. A rag tag group of artists, travelers, writers and filmmakers riding the bad-ass pirate ship of life with a parrot on our shoulders and a little “yaaarrr, matey” in our cheeks.

The Poverty Jet Set is a term coined by Douglas Coupland, one of my favorite writers of all time. In his ahead-of-its-time 1991 book, Generation X, he defined the term:

A group of people given to chronic traveling at the expense of long-term job stability or a permanent residence. Tend to have doomed and extremely expensive phone call relationships with people named Serge or Ilyana. Tend to discuss frequent-flyer programs at parties.

Vagablogging– Vagabond blogging.
World Hum– Travel dispatches from a shrinking planet.
BootsnAll– Resources for the independent traveller.
Lonely Planet
Traveler’s Tales
Women traveling around the world.

Looks like the Thumbs Out site is not happening until 2008. Getting a really early start on the website though.

Something to Look Forward To

What are you looking forward to blowing money on? For me it’s these bone china posy bowls. I check once in a while to see how they are looking and being priced on They are still fairly cheap. Cheap enough that it costs more or as much to ship them as it does to buy them. Kind of puts me off from using Ebay. Anyway, these are one thing I am looking forward to buying more of once I’m moved, employed and have money to spend on extra luxury type things.

What luxury item do you like to collect?

Analyzing your Home Business Competition

Steps of Analyzing your Home Business Competition: “Aaron Wilmont

How to Analyze your Business Competition

As you initially launch your home based business enterprise, it is extremely importany that you analyze your competition in an unbiased fashion, thus gaining insights which will be required for success. This is perhaps the most important portion of your overallbusiness plan, and it is ignored by many upstarts entrepreneurs, sadly enough.

If you are ready to launch your home business, the beginning step is to analyze your competition before your quit your primary job. In fact, you will want to set aside a particular frame of time to look at your competition and gain the essential business ‘intel’. A few of the components that you should directly observe include, but are not limited to, their sales copy, unique competitive advantage and marketing/advertising postion. Do not fail to look at any of these critical areas; it is indeed essential that you cover each one of them. Be certain to talk with your competition whenever you can, realizing that most business owners, believe it or not, really do enjoy discussing their home business ventures since they are so near and dear to their hearts. Really, it is much like parents enjoy discussing their kids in many cases. Just invite another business owner to lunch and be sure it is on you.

Of course, you might be somewhat better off conversing with an out-of-town competitor since you assuredly do not want them to be suspicious regarding another competitor in close range. If your home based business enterprise will be limited to a certain geographic region, then go a bit outside of that region. And be sure to use the power of the internet to spy on your competitors as well. This is quite common nowadays, actually. Services like can really help, and there plenty of others to choose from also. Another way to obtain this kind of data is to buy something from your competitors. You will then recieve their promotional print and/or vouchers, and you will learn what there prices are, which services that they have and how comprehensive their customer service is. If they ship a product, you will learn whether or not they ship their products quickly. This partcular knowledge could give you a major competitive advantage. In addition, you may desire to check out the quality of the products for yourself. You will probably get further insights that you ever could have considered otherwise. If their enterpride happens to be a service, you may easily see the results for yourself. It may be a good idea to be honest about what you are doing when you are going about this market research with your competitors, as you will wish to avoid a bad reputation with them.

Ironically enouph, looking at your home business competitors will give you many great opportunities for self-contemplation. Self-contemplation is simply what you think about yourself and how you define yourself and your business in general.

Remember, Your home based business enterprise might get off to a slow start, steadily adding customers as you become more and more established over time. Of course, it could possibly take off like a storm, rapidly gaining momentum to the point where it simply too hot for you to handle on your own. How well you analyze your home business competition beforehand will have a great deal to do with either of these two outcomes. Keep in mind that all successful businesses analyze their competition both with a startegic mindset and tactical one. As a geanral rule of thumb, in fact, the more scuccessful the firm the more closely they analyze the others in their field.

Aaron Wilmont is a work from home business entrepreneur and runs a home based business matchmaking service. More information at

Every Grrl’s Dream

No matter what malarky you may have heard, every grrl’s real dream is to be the pirate captain of her own ship.

Today, this evening in fact, I have done just that. Just moments ago I deleted my whole blog on the thatgrrlca domain, JUST BECAUSE I CAN!

Yes, I am the captain of my ship and the whole blog walked the plank. Ker plop!

Right now I am waiting for the new blog to upload. I decided while I was pirating around I may as well load up that new version 2 of WordPress.

It will mean more fun with WP themes and adjustments. But, I can start fresh instead of trying to figure out how to organize what I had started, botched and changed my mind about.

It’s good being a Pirate Queen!