Jolly-well Rogered

“What, me Pirate?” – Alfred A. Seaman The Jolly-well Rogered T-Shirt is ideal for Pirates, Highwaymen, Buccaneers, Swashbucklers, and Privateers. The Jolly-well Rogered Tshirt was hand-wrought on the poop-deck of an authentic pirate wessel by Dylon exclusively for RageOn. For fans of pixels, piracy, freelancing, plagiarism, booty, blackjack and flying their colors under a skull and cross bones banner, the Jolly-well Rogered Tee is perfect for you! COPY A:\*.*

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Decorate Cookies for Day of the Dead

dodcookieMy sister would love these. She decorated her whole face as a skull last year for The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos). They actually call it the sugar skull. You have probably seen it somewhere by now.

The Day of the Dead is not about Halloween or zombie movies. It is a real event in Mexico, a long time tradition.

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday celebrated October 31, November 1st and November 2nd in connection with the Christian days for All Hallows Eve, All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day.

Family gather to remember and pray for deceased friends and family members. Traditions include building private altars to honour the deceased. The altars are decorated with sugar skulls, flowers and the favourite food and drink of the departed family and friends. Gifts and/or possession of the dead are left on graves. The living will spend the day (and possibly the evening) at the grave. They pack food and have a picnic in the cemetery.

Day of the Dead is not a grim holiday. Other cultures may not understand that this is a family holiday, a day of remembering and giving thanks for the people who have been important and valued in our lives. Pagans have a very similar holiday, Samhain, which is also based on remembering the past and celebrating the harvest in the present. In North America we call this Halloween, but it has lost most of the original meaning behind the holiday.

Describe Yourself Today Meme

Describe Yourself Today Meme from RainyDazeee

List 6 things that describe yourself today.

Webbing – I’ve been having adventures in digital publishing since last night. Bought a new domain for this blog, though will have to wait for the transaction to process still. I have the new look for WordGrrls, thanks to Judith Shakes. I need to do more with too. It’s been sadly lacking for awhile. I used to keep it pretty well but then decided using FrontPage was not right. I began learning CSS then moved a few times and lost track of what I had learned. Can’t even find the books I had bought then. Must be stuck somewhere in all the moving stuff stuck away until I have time to unpack and throw away more of it all.

The Wall Man – Watching the tail end of The Matrix now. Getting a little review of the face and form of the imaginary life I lead when this one isn’t so great or things are going slow and I didn’t bring a book to read.

BBQ – Planning a BBQ for the family on Monday. Who brings what. Who makes what and where to get what.

Grrl Interrupted – Some of the most perfect days are boring. A day when you have the place to yourself all day and the only human contact you make is on TV/ radio/ email or delivering your lunch.

Book – I’m reading Lady and the Vamp by Michelle Rowen. It’s always a bonus to find a writer you like and she happens to be from Ontario too.

Headache – Although I get a headache every day at work, today it’s behind and inside my eyeballs. It’s frying the back of my neck and flattening the back of my skull. My ears and shoulders are aching too. I left work early, just a couple of hours. But the headache isn’t much better yet.

Been Bonked

I’ve managed to give myself some odd sort of head injury. I actually did it yesterday but today it began swelling up and it’s sore. Also, I feel a bit like I’m floating around in my skull. Probably not a good thing. So I am staying up all night. Kids think it’s such a treat, makes me laugh cause my nephew Zack always wants to never go to bed.

Anyway, if I last another 2 hours or so I will go out for breakfast. I’m sure I can find something open about 6:00 on Queen Street. Then I will do the grocery thing and come back here. An early day out. I think that should give me enough time to see how this head thing goes. If it falls off I’d say it didn’t go well at all.

I re-started my writer/ publisher blogstrosity thing. Somehow people were able to comment before I even made it show up. Strange…

Violent Thoughts

I don’t think this place is going to work out. I have a pounding headache and what I’d really like is to have a very powerful, huge and scary looking gun to take upstairs and shoot those elephants living above me with very strong tranquilizer darts. I’d like them all fall down and then remain there soundlessly for several days. Right at this moment I would rather live with wild tigers than that herd of elephants. It’s been three hours of almost steady clomping around up there. Each time they drag around yet more furniture or drop something it drills another hole into my brain and down the back of my skull. I hate them, I really do. Could I just set the wild tigers loose up there. I’m sure it would all become really quiet in about 10 minutes. That would be a good thing.

Hello Hello Hello. It’s Time to Start the Show

I know I’m not the only person old enough to have watched “The Little Rascals”. Re-runs of course. I’m not THAT old.

Today I have had a headache all day and it’s still here. A tension headache I think it must be. It has been an eventful day.

This morning I moved down to the Beaches apartment. Yet, tonight I am back here in my Mom’s house. Confusing? The short version of my adventures is: Cat Allergies. The people upstairs have still not gotten rid of their cats. There was cat poo at the bottom of the stairs where my entrance to the basement apartment is. Even with the door closed I could smell the cat toilet area just outside my door. I also began to get allergies. So I didn’t stay down there. I am going down on Friday morning again cause I have an apointment for an interview.

I’m so frustrated. Men get to punch things and yell at people. Women just internalize it all and get tension headaches. I think the back of my head is going to have some kind of implosion and just slip off silently down my back, slipping down my back – cause your head does have blood and blood is slippery. At the very least it’s lubrication for when the back half of your skull comes loose and your brains fall out with a squishy plop noise. It’s not like I was really using all of them anyway.

My Mom makes me crazed. She builds everything into a mountain whereas I prefer to deal with the molehill I can see up close. Why does she gather up every least difficulty and goal however far off or out of my control it is and create a massive mountain that is in danger of topling over and crushing me under the weight of my own life. It’s really not fair. I did try to tell her how much she aggravates me. I slightly hurt her feelings and then I felt bad and just stopped talking. The funny thing is that once I stop talking she fills in that quiet by building up that mountain again.

Do all Mothers do this or am I just really lucky?