The Snowman By Lynn Zirkel

The Snowman

I built him with laughter
And warm winter smiles.
I built him so tall
You can see him for miles,
And at night the starlight
Makes him glint like a king,
And the moonbeams dance around
As the winter winds sing.

I built him with joy
For Christmas is here.
He’s my champion my trophy,
My prize for the year.
And the glow from the snow
Paints him silvery bright,
And my king among snowmen
Glistens snow white.

But spring holds his future
For winter won’t last,
And my snowman will melt
To a thing of the past.
But each year for ever
His memory will bring
A crown for his throne
With the snowdrops of spring.

-Lynn Zirkel

From the Oxford Merry Christmas Book.

The Snow… It Will… GET YOU!

Outside it is beautiful. Lots of white, untouched snow and lots of sun. The kind of day that makes you not mind Winter, much. 🙂

I read a post in a blog from a southern US person. They had posted a photo of a tiny bit of snow on the ground and were saying how scarey it was to drive out in that, etc. I can’t help it, these southern people make me laugh. Don’t ever travel to Canada, or the northern US, in Winter. Bread and milk won’t be enough.

I was married to a southern US guy, I know all about bread and milk and how southerners are afraid of the snow. My ex Mother in law went into full panic mode at the mention of snow. She was sure she would be trapped in her house, unable to get out due to snow. I was there two years and there was seldom enough snow to make a snowman, let alone be any kind of danger. Of course, if people make themselves believe the snow is out to get them, then it will.

There’s a movie in the making. 😀