St Patrick’s Day Banner

I should be home again on Tuesday. Will be so glad to have my own computer again. My sister has Rogers for her Internet and it is very slow. I get impatient waiting 15 minutes for it to do anything. Then I end up clicking on something else cause it moved at the wrong time. Urghh!

I found a St Patrick’s Day banner I like. I’m including it here so I don’t end up leaving it on my nephew’s computer.

Manic Monday: Drink

Couldn’t think beyond the routine drinking thing for awhile. Then, Alice in Wonderland came to my mind. Drink Me. One will make you big and one will make you small. Too bad there wasn’t a magical potion to drink to make you smaller, thinner not shorter. Then a little of the bigger potion to have legs just a bit longer. I don’t want to be too much taller, just an inch or two. I could even skip that if the thinner worked.

Manic Monday for St Patrick’s Day.