Dragons for the (un) Death-Match

I’d forgotten about this post I made for the (un) Death-Match.

Source: Free for all Pitch: Dragons | (un) Death-Match Presents: Free For All

How can werewolves battle dragons? Werewolves are very, highly flammable. They can’t fly. They may have claws and teeth but they don’t have a great, long tail to flick their foes out of their way. We dragons have long been held in esteem and for good reason. Dragons are magical, mystical and wise. Dragons are also covered in body armour.

Those werewolf teeth and claws can’t penetrate dragon scales which are prized by wizards and warriors! Our dragon scales are excellent protection, tempered by our own fire, as armour it is undefeatable.

Fire, so warm, so bright, so very dangerous to fur bearing animals. They cringe away from fire, even just a lit match makes them nervous. What hope do werewolves have against a dragon who can breathe fire? A quick blast of flame and the werewolves will be running for their very lives.  In battle, the smell of burnt dog is not appealing. Dragons are very clean (the rumours about sulfur are not true) creatures. Being clean is important for aerodynamics.

Before the werewolves can regroup for an attack dragons will be gone, flying high above them. No matter how high a werewolf manages to jump it can’t catch a dragon in flight. The battle would be over before it really began. Dragons can easily fly above the pack of werewolves just shooting fire down upon them. What hope do the poor furries have?

Even on the ground the dragon still has the surprise element, a tail that isn’t just for wagging around, stirring up dust motes. A quick flick of the dragon’s tail and the werewolves will be scattered, wounded and lost. Just think of how much damage a dragon’s tail can really do to those bodies armoured in mere fur.

Dragon wisdom is well known. While werewolves are out hunting for small forest creatures dragons are building hoards of treasure, including books of great knowledge. Yes, dragons hunt too. But, dragons don’t settle for small animals which are only small meals. A dragon picks up something to make a real meal, like a werewolf, for instance. Saves time for more reading rather than all that time hunting for silly little rabbits, mice and such.

Dragons can be all sizes, massively Godzilla-like or cosy and petite, perfect for perching on shoulders and whispering advice into all the right ears. We do have a lot of knowledge. Unlike werewolves we spend our immortal time in the quest for knowledge, to gain intelligence and inspiration for ourselves and others. Dragons are very helpful, or at least as helpful as we want to be at any given time.

Don’t think dragons are too egotistical. Dragons are proud but reasonable and well mannered too. Don’t assume the werewolf thing has not been researched. The werewolves in Kelley Armstrong’s books have done a lot to make them look good, clever even. Rachel Vincent’s werecats have been a popular choice. Likely because dragons have more in common with cats than dogs. Dogs just aren’t as clever, nimble and mysterious as dragons and cats.

Do werewolves have anything likeDragonCon? A convention for dragon lovers/ fans.

Dragons like reading the Dragon Septs series by Katie MacAlisterGena Showalter has the Atlantis series featuring dragon warriors. There are the Black Dragon Brotherhood books by J.R. Ward, though only one of the men turns into a dragon, during battle. Still, the books are an example of the impact dragons have on human culture, the admiration and esteem given to dragons.  It’s one thing to be feared throughout history but quite another to be feared and admired! Don’t forget the favourite of many, the Dragon Riders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey, not new but worth finding. Other notables include Tanith Lee,Mercedes LackeyPatricia C. Wrede, Robin McKinley andStephanie Rowe (her Immortally Sexy series which sadly seems to be at an end).

Then there are paranormal writers (Michelle Rowen, Lynsay Sands and Kerrelyn Sparks) who should be writing about dragons, but have not yet. Why not?

Before I end this Undeath Match post I must admit I am biased to the side of the dragons. I was born in the Year of the Dragon. So many great and wonderful people were. Dragons are the only mystical animal in the Chinese zodiac. I think they gives us something extra to live up to!

– Laura,http://www.thatgrrl.ca

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Saw an Ermine in Barrie

Ermine and Least Weasel.

While waiting for the bus this afternoon in Barrie, Ontario I noticed something white blowing across the road. Only it was alive and running across the road, when I took a second look. It was like a mouse but bigger and with a fluffier tail. Also, it was all white but for a black tip on it’s tail.

I’ve never seen one of these animals around here. I knew it was something I had heard of before but I couldn’t remember a name. I thought about it off and on during the rest of the day.

Now, at home again, I looked it up online. It’s an ermine.

Chrome Daisy

There’s a Lady Gaga theme on Facebook games ( a few of them) now. I had never heard of her until my Mom came back from Florida and was talking about her last year. Mom likes to was the American Idol show and Lady Gaga was on there as well. She’s younger than I thought. Anyway, I liked the idea of shiny, chrome daisies when I saw them come up with the new stuff on Facebook. Daisies are nice in all kinds of designs. I especially like them done in blue and white. Chrome would be pretty too, more glamorous than pretty maybe.

I also found that you can get chrome daisy styled tail light covers if you have a VW Beetle car. That would be pretty cute. Though they would suit the head lights better, since they could be white then instead of red. But, it could be less than safe to have anything partially covering your head lights.

Looking for a Vanilla Orchid to Wear

I know we should be gearing up for Christmas decorating, fashions and shopping. But, I’ve been inspired to find a vanilla orchid brooch. They are such fancy little flowers and I see them so often, each time I buy my favourite coffee, ice cream, and so on. I am a vanilla whore. I also adore caramel and if chocolate becomes involved… well, let’s just say I’m happy.

So I got the idea to look for something like a vanilla orchid that I could wear.

These (from Love is a Rose) are pretty but not what I had in mind exactly. I think I just want something in the right colour, that creamy off-white, with maybe the slightest touch of pale rose. I really like the look of these. I’d be happy to wear a row of three or five of them. You could line them up like your own personal orchid garden right on your shirt.

This one sold at auction with Christies and was created by Tiffany and Co. It’s wonderful but, more orchid than I had in mind. I was thinking of something simpler. This is an orchid I would wear like a corsage.

This one was also sold through Christies. Created by Rene Boivin with diamonds and citrine. This one may just be the winner, not because it was the orchid I had in mind but because it is far too glamorous and sparkly to be denied.

If you just want an orchid of a certain botanical type, you will find it at Elegant Orchid. They don’t have gemstones but they are detailed and beautiful by design.

For Monday Art Day: Hair

Why are so many of the young women in fairy tales blondes? Everyone knows blondes have more fun, brunettes are clever and pleasant and red heads are dangerous. Wouldn’t it be just natural for all those clever, lovely and gentle young women to be brunette? Seems that way to me. Not that I’m prejudiced or anything…

Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel were my favourite fairy tales. I even named my favourite cat Rapunzel. She was the only one of her litter to come up with long hair. It was a mess to look after but after one really bad time with thick chunks of tangled/ matted hair it seemed to grow just a bit shorter (except for the tail) and then it was never so awfully tangled again.

Describe Yourself Today Meme

Describe Yourself Today Meme from RainyDazeee

List 6 things that describe yourself today.

Webbing – I’ve been having adventures in digital publishing since last night. Bought a new domain for this blog, though will have to wait for the transaction to process still. I have the new look for WordGrrls, thanks to Judith Shakes. I need to do more with thatgrrl.ca too. It’s been sadly lacking for awhile. I used to keep it pretty well but then decided using FrontPage was not right. I began learning CSS then moved a few times and lost track of what I had learned. Can’t even find the books I had bought then. Must be stuck somewhere in all the moving stuff stuck away until I have time to unpack and throw away more of it all.

The Wall Man – Watching the tail end of The Matrix now. Getting a little review of the face and form of the imaginary life I lead when this one isn’t so great or things are going slow and I didn’t bring a book to read.

BBQ – Planning a BBQ for the family on Monday. Who brings what. Who makes what and where to get what.

Grrl Interrupted – Some of the most perfect days are boring. A day when you have the place to yourself all day and the only human contact you make is on TV/ radio/ email or delivering your lunch.

Book – I’m reading Lady and the Vamp by Michelle Rowen. It’s always a bonus to find a writer you like and she happens to be from Ontario too.

Headache – Although I get a headache every day at work, today it’s behind and inside my eyeballs. It’s frying the back of my neck and flattening the back of my skull. My ears and shoulders are aching too. I left work early, just a couple of hours. But the headache isn’t much better yet.

$10 Minimum Wage

I don’t often post about politics or issues cause I just don’t see the point. It’s like chasing your own tail for your own amusement. The only people listening are other people chasing their tail too.

I was thinking this morning about the up and coming raise to minimum wage. It’s going to go to $10 an hour as the standard. I forget just when, next year I think. Some people think this is just grand, an answer to all their problems. But, I think, it’s going to cause massive unemployment and prices on everything from your toe nail cutters to your car insurance are going to go way up.

Think of it as the retail store selling gizmos. They now have to pay their employees an extra $2.something an hour. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Under water that iceberg includes the services the retailer uses to get the gizmos they sell, the services the retailer uses to present the gizmos to the public and the services the retailer uses to be allowed to stay in business. We can call them insurance companies, electric power companies, transport companies and window display small business companies for short, though there is a much longer list. Ask your local retailer about the services and businesses they use for their business and services. All of those companies are also having to pay the new minimum wage and have put their prices up.

So how does the gizmo seller stay in business? In order to stay in business they have to raise the price of gizmos, quite a bit likely. Just to try to pay for their increased costs and their employee wages. If they can get rid of a few employees they will. They will have to. Likely they will struggle awhile. Then the company that mass produces the gizmos for the retailer begins to get greedy and offer them at wholesale prices from some warehouse instead of going through retail. So now the retailer is cut off. They can’t compete against that.

The politicians who started this are trying to throw a bone. Thinking that the public will think this is just great. Hoping that we will be so overwhelmed by their generousity and concern for our welfare that we will actually feel we should get out to vote for them. There has been a huge lack of turn out for elections. I haven’t voted for a long time myself. Not that I don’t care. I just don’t see anyone I’m willing to pay the cost of gas for to go out and vote. No one stands out as someone worth my time. Whichever party put this through is just hoping to get the support of the huge amount of the public who work dead end minimum wage jobs and those who have less than that but aspire to more.

In reality, we’ve just been royally screwed over. Once this whole things starts within a year there will be tons of unemployment. Which will be a drain on government support services which comes from the average person making minimum wage at a dead end job. So taxes will go up too. Which means your grand minimum wage raise will be sucked right back up by the government. Thank you very much.

Don’t worry about the politicians though. Even if only a handful of people vote they give themselves another raise, take a few months off. Just pay them in margaritas and send them to the summer cottage in Muskoka.

Light the fire. I’m done.

Crochet Roses

Crochet Roses pattern from Lion Brand


Ch 17 (35, 53).

Row 1 Dc in 5th ch from hook, *ch 1, skip 1, (dc-ch-dc) in next ch – V-stitch made; repeat from * across; – 6 (16, 25) V-stitches made. Turn.

Row 2 Ch 3 – counts as dc, 5 dc first in ch-space, *sc in next ch-1 space, 6 dc in next ch-1 space – shell st made; repeat from *, ending 6 dc in last ch-1 space – 6 (16, 25) shells. Fasten off, leaving long tail for anchoring Rosette.


Thread needle with tail and weave to base of last st. Starting at that end, roll first shell tightly to form center bud; anchor at base of shell with 2 sts. Roll remaining strip to form Rosette, then secure by stitching in and out through layers of foundation ch at bottom of Rosette. If you want to make your Rosette a pin or barrette, sew or glue pin back or barrette back to back of Rosette.



At end of Row 2, work last dc of last shell until 2 loops remain on hook, drop main color, finish st with new color, ch 1, turn.

Row 3 Sc in each st across. Fasten off.

Mother’s Day Crochet Flower

Ch 4, join with sl st to form a ring.
Rnd 1 Ch 5, *sc in ring, ch 3, rep from * 6 times. Join with sl st to 2nd ch of beg ch. Place marker for beg of rnd. Slip marker each rnd.
Rnd 2 *[Sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc] in next ch-3 sp, rep from * 6 times. Join with sl st to beg sc.
Rnd 3 Sc through back of sc of Rnd 2, ch 6, * sk next sc, sc through back of next sc of Rnd 2, ch 6, rep from * 5 times. Join with sl st to beg sc.
Rnd 4 *[Sc, hdc, 5 dc, hdc, sc] in next ch-6 sp, rep from * 6 times. Join with sl st to beg sc.
Rnd 5 Sc through back of sc of Rnd 4, ch 6, * sk next sc, sc through back of next sc of Rnd 4, ch 6, rep from * 5 times. Join with sl st to beg sc.
Rnd 6 Rep Rnd 4. Fasten off.

Weave in ends.