Steel Teacups and Saucers

Description from the site: Set of 3 inox, stainless steel , cups and saucers, very decorative with beautiful and elegant pattern, art nouveau style.  Vintage item from the 1960s.

Found on Etsy, shop BrocanteEst, in Romania.

I like the look of them and being steel is nice, durable and unusual. But, I think they would be tricky to use. The handles are not shaped for having your finger through them and the steel could be hot to hold onto if you drink coffee or tea in them. Also, 3 is an odd number for a set. At least they have the cups and saucers for all 3 in the set.

The Tea Set for the Domme Tea Party

This is the set I want. It’s pretty perfect. I like the shade of blue with the white. I love the pattern, botanical. The cups and pot are shaped just right, elegant and yet not too frilly. This is the just right set for the Domme Tea Party.

Botanic Blue by Portmeirion – Being sold for 70 pounds UK.

Portmeirion Online has the set for 50 pounds, UK.


Domme Tea Party and Blue Flower Tea Sets

I’m looking for a great tea set for a FemDom Tea Party, the sort where men are nearly nude and serving tea to women wearing Victorian costumes or something appropriately decadent and elegant. I thought a blue and white flower pattern would work best, for my sense of style and colour. Not too girly, kind of old fashioned and traditional but simple and pretty too.

From the Williamsburg Marketplace.

This (above) may be the one I’d pick from all those I found. It’s fancy, yet not overdoing it. I also like the flower, I think it’s a carnation.

I also really like this (Vintage Polish CERGOR Blue Floral Pottery Ceramic Child’s Tea Set) simple, blue daisy pattern. Maybe it’s too simple for the elegant, society sort of tea part I have in mind. But, I still like it.

I like this pattern (Williams Sonoma Blue Floral 18 piece). No pot with it but each cup has a lid. I’m not sure why they have lids. There have been times I could have used one when a fly was buzzing around the coffee shop. But, that doesn’t seem to be the reason for them, officially.