Steel Teacups and Saucers

Description from the site: Set of 3 inox, stainless steel , cups and saucers, very decorative with beautiful and elegant pattern, art nouveau style.  Vintage item from the 1960s.

Found on Etsy, shop BrocanteEst, in Romania.

I like the look of them and being steel is nice, durable and unusual. But, I think they would be tricky to use. The handles are not shaped for having your finger through them and the steel could be hot to hold onto if you drink coffee or tea in them. Also, 3 is an odd number for a set. At least they have the cups and saucers for all 3 in the set.

Repurpose Old Teacups

Found on Pinterest then Instagram (seems to be the source).

This is one way to repurpose old teacups, especially those which have lost their saucers. It would take a little bravery to glue them together and hang them all up. Depending on the quality of your glue it could all end in tears and broken china.