Little Men Worn as a Ring

Why don’t they design more jewelery with little men? It’s cute. It’s fun. I almost want to give them words of encouragement and think of teasing comments to make them blush. I’m going to design my own collection with little men rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches and so on. Of course, it will be cut and paste and unprofessional looking. But, it will be fun pulling my ideas together. It might even inspire someone who really does make jewelry.¬†littlemenringSource: Maggie & Rudi Ring Peridot | AENEA | Wolf & Badger

Outside the Envelope: Spider Catching Grrls

Outside the Envelope – Spider catching grrls. This is one I drew and then my nieces added to it. I was teasing them about making hot chocolate including fresh spiders as one of the ingredients. (Likely it’s just one of those things you have to be there for at the time). Anyway, when we were doing arts and crafts I drew the three of us catching spiders. I had the bucket and the girls were going to pick them up. Neither liked that idea.

Then Emma Jeanne drew a big sunshine in blue at the top and a big spider in blue at the bottom. Roxanne wanted to make sure everyone would understand the action. So she drew circles around the spiders and arrows pointing to the bucket.

Nice how for me it was just a drawing, something to do while spending time with them. But, for them it was important. So important that they wanted to make sure it was done right and well. That’s why I kept it. I like to remember how important the little things are, especially when you’re still a little person.

Outside the Envelope

It’s Nearly After Dark Life Time

It’s Friday night. Do you know where your life is? Mine is doing laundry, again. Thinking to actually leave the premises in a few minutes and just let the laundry finish doing itself. I’ve got a bunch of doll clothes in the wash and my own clothes in the dryer. I had hand washed the doll clothes but, it seems, I did not get them quite dry enough. I took a look at them today and they reek, stink by any other name and it still smells just as awful. So they are getting machine washed this time around. Hope they survive the experience. I’m sure a few will not. But, that’s fate, they had their chance.

I am thinking to do grocery shopping. Another famous Friday night event. People line and up and pay to get into grocery stores on Friday night. I mean… people who don’t do the bar thing and can’t find where they last left their real life.

At least I don’t have a big list. Just a few things. Something that doesn’t come in a can of tomato soup. Maybe some ice cream. Shoppers Drug Mart has a sweet sale on the cold and tasty stuff and there is a Shoppers on Queen Street right by the grocery store.

Is all this Friday night excitement teasing you into getting some of your own? Go for it. Leave that laundry and those dishes. Go out there and have a life. You too can shop for groceries. It’s… not so bad. I’ll get a coffee too, I just have to make that big ice cream decision so I know if the coffee should be before or after.

Anyway, it’s one way to get out of the house and see the night life. Well, the nearly after dark life.