The Polka Dot Door

the polka dot doorDo you remember The Polka Dot Door?

The Polka Dot Door was a children’s television show which began in the 1970′s in Ontario, Canada. TV Ontario broadcast the program 1971 to 1993.

Songs and stories and so much more at the Polka Dot Door!

Every show had a man and a woman as hosts and Polkaroo, a life sized polka dotted kangaroo, would appear for a few minutes on almost every show. They played in a play house which had a polka dot door, of course. Educational videos would be shown through one of the polka dots on the door.

The house also included a large indoor space where the hosts would have tea parties and birthdays and everything else. Outdoors I remember the playground with a sandbox and swing set.

I liked the toys: Marigold (a doll), Bear, (a stuffed teddy bear) and Humpty and Dumpty (two stuffed characters with round egg-like bodies) as if they were real but could only talk to the hosts. Often the host would pause, say “What was that Marigold?”, or “Bear says he…” and so on. Usually they would pick up the toy as they carried on a short conversation between the toy, themselves and the children watching the show.

Each show had a theme which would fit into the day of the week:

  • Monday was Treasure Day
  • Tuesday was Dress-Up Day
  • Wednesday was Animal Day
  • Thursday was Imagination Day
  • Friday was Finding-Out Day

Tanya Petrova, a Canadian soft sculpture artist, created Polkaroo.

Later Polka Dot Shorts began as a spin off from the original show. This show featured the toys as life sized soft sculptures having educational adventures.

Marigold the doll

Marigold was my favourite. I tried to find a sewing pattern to make the Marigold doll but did not find anything.  I did find this photo which shows more of her design so I could make a pattern myself.


Pornaments. Originally found on Trendhunter.

Disappointing how little there is for FemDom/ Domme versus MaleDom and the standard Barbie doll types for men in general. What also bugged me was the Barbie doll types were posed with fat old men (Santa Claus) even a belly and man boobs showing. Why not Mrs. Claus, a woman on their level. But, not even one shows a woman, other than Barbie. (I don’t count the gingerbread couple any more than I count the teddy bear).

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning : Originally posted to Adult BackWash, May 04, 2002  

chris woke up with a very stiff back and very painted toes. The neon blue colour looked a little sickly this early in the morning. Shoved in beside his arm and side was the pink teddy bear his Governess made him sleep with. chris wasn’t looking forward to peeling himself off the table this morning. Usually his Governess allowed him to follow her to bed when she decided she had tormented him enough. Experimentally chris lifted one leg as much as he could with the cuffs chaining him to the table legs. He felt glued to the table. His nose was itchy but he didnt have a hand free to scratch. Hopefully this wouldnt be a Sunday morning when his Governess would choose to sleep in or read in bed. At some point she would want him to fetch the Sunday Star newspaper and make her breakfast. But chris needed to get up soon, very soon.

His Governess had painted his toes and fingernails and left him with a funnel of ice cubes stuck in his mouth in case he was thirsty. She had gone to bed, leaving him to suck the melting ice and await her pleasure. But now the ice was long ago melted and drained through the funnel. All of that melted ice was ready to be “recycled”.

chris sighed, trying to find his patience and that stamina he liked to brag to her about. Stamina was in short supply after a night of staying awake on the table. Only two things kept him from just giving in to the need to sleep. First, the ice, if the funnel fell from his mouth the water would damage her dining table. That would have him in the “dog house” for sure. Sleeping in the closet with shoes and boxes and other junk poking him all night long was not his idea of a good night. Secondly, that tatoo, not permanent but long enough lasting that his employees and clients would see it at the office on Monday. There was no way he could act casual with a tatoo of a naked female dragon on the side of his neck.

And then…. there she appeared, wearing a very self satisfied smile and a white cotton dress. It was a summer dress and quite see through, she knew her near nakedness always had an effect on him. His Governess smiled down at him as she removed the funnel from his mouth. She was careful not to let the remaining ice drip on to her table. His wrists and ankles were freed from the restraints but she held him down with one hand on his chest.

“Good morning Governess.” chris said, trying not to sound impatient.

“How was your night little man?” she stroked his cock, up and down in that special way of hers, slightly twisting it at the edge of the head. chris was not too surprised to feel his cock rise at her attention. That must be where all the blood from his tired brain was hanging around this morning. Keeping his hips still proved to be a hopeless effort. She soon had him painfully squirming on the table, the skin of his bottom made a ripping noise as it peeled away from the table top. chris sucked in a breath, as much from the pain in his cheeks as the need to pump his hips against her hand.

“You look so nice there my little man. I could watch you squirm and make those wonderfully needy little noises all day. But, I think its time for all good little boys to get up and make their Governess her breakfast.” She raked her nails lightly over and under his balls. Taking her time, teasing him with her nails, as if she didn’t intend to free him at all.

Without warning his Governess shoved him off the table and laughed at the solid thud his 6’3 body made on the floor. chris was thankful for the thick carpeting which broke his fall. He groaned quietly, so stiff he didnt even want to move from where he had landed.

Then she nudged him with her toes and he snapped at her, “I just want to shower and be left alone for awhile!”

“Oh?” She knelt down at his side. “You want to be left alone and do as you please? But little chris, this is Sunday. Its our day together and it was all your idea, remember? You don’t have the choice of backing out now.” His Governess stood up as chris sighed in submission.

“Yes, I know you are right Governess. It was a momentary lapse. Please over look it. I am very stiff from being on the table all night and I think I left some skin behind when you so graciously allowed me to get off.” chris removed the pink teddy bear from under his chest and pitched it as far as he could .

“Hmmmm, is that a touch of sarcasm little chris,” Governess grinned. “I think a grumpy boy should have some medicinal vinegar. Stand up and wait here while I get the medicine for morning grumpiness.”

chris groaned as he slowly and carefully stood. Every muscle seemed to protest but he finally stood erect as he knew his Governess always expected good posture. She brought a quarter cup of white vinegar and in her other hand a tablespoon of the dreaded castor oil.

“I think you need the vinegar first little chris. Don’t think to fool me and leave some in the cup again.” chris dutifully drank the vinegar, grimacing at the taste. “Very good little man, now open wide,” She pushed the spoon of castor oil into his mouth and waited for him to close his lips around it and swallow. “Come on little man, waiting won’t make it any better.” chris swallowed the oil. “Good boy,” she smiled patting his arm. “Now just lick the spoon and you can trot off to have a shower.”

“Thank you for looking after me Governess,” chris said when he was finished.

She hugged him close and said, “You can be such a very good boy my little chris. You may have a whole 20 minutes to shower, just for your poor little aching muscles. Awww, and you think I’m not nice to you sometimes…” She laughed softly and disappeared in the direction of the kitchen.

chris wasted no time and was soon in the shower with the water as hot as he could stand it. As promised she came in 20 minutes later and turned off the water. He stepped out and thanked her sincerely for the large mug of hot tea she handed him. Standing still and being careful not to spill tea, he enjoyed her touch all over his body as she dried him off.

“Face the sink little boy,” An examination of his wrists and ankles showed marks from where he had strained against the cuffs involuntarily as she aroused him over and over during the evening past. From the medicine cabinet over his head she brought out cream and rubbed it into his ankles and wrists. She put away the cream and smoothed his bottom cheeks, soothing him. Her fingers trailed between his cheeks and down between his legs. She encouraged him to open his legs for her questing fingers. Gently stroking his balls and the tops of his thighs she whispered to him about how much she liked his cock and how nice it felt inside her while she had ridden him last night. chris was soon breathing quicker, almost panting as she played with his most sensitive and vulnerable areas.

“Now brush your teeth little chris, you never know who might want to kiss you later,” She smiled tenderly and left the bathroom.

chris collected his wits, waiting a moment for his breathing to slow, before standing and filling the sink. His tooth brush was a Snaggle Puss cartoon character she had given him recently. The one before had been SherKhan from the > Jungle Book movie, it had gotten worn and she threw it out even though chris had wanted to keep it. Tigers were his favourite animals. Teeth brushed and face washed he watched the water spiral down the drain.

“I want scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast chris,” She called from the sitting room.”Then we will get you dressed to go out and fetch the newspaper. Maybe you can wear that new Barney raincoat today, its a little drizzly outside.”

“Right away Governess,” chris paused to consider shaving but left it knowing she liked him a little whiskery sometimes. He was more than willing to look like a pirate for her if it would soften her up. Just dont let her ask about that ear ring thing again, thought chris.

Making breakfast was kind of nice on Sunday morning. He was allowed to have the radio or CD player on, if it wasnt too loud. Governess did not like some of chris’s music. Usually he chose the radio so he could hear the news. She had already made a pot of coffee so chris brought out the cream and refilled her cup without being asked. Pretending to ignore him while she worked at the computer Governess surprised him with a light smack on his bottom as he turned away.

“Dont forget your bib,” she said.

Later, chris sat alone at the kitchen table eating Lucky Charms, a sugary kids cereal he was growing to dislike. He didnt like the Barbie bowl and spoon he was eating with either. But he had cheated in his morning routine by putting a dish towel over the seat of the chair so his own naked seat wouldnt stick. He also dutifully wore the Barney bib. So far the idea of taking it with her when they went out hadnt occured to her. Wearing it at home was no big deal when he considered having to wear it in public.

When he was finished he retrieved her plate and coffee mug before beginning the dishes. “Would you care for anything else Governess?” chris asked, playing the butler with his most formal English speech.

“No thank you little one.” Pulling on his bib she inspected it for any spilled milk or cereal crumbs or any of the forbidden ‘adult’ foods. “You have done very well this morning. Perhaps we will take you out for a treat today.” She smiled, “When you are finished in the kitchen bring your blindfold to me and we will play Blindman’s Buff in your closet.” She returned to her work and chris returned to wash up in the kitchen.

The last dish was put away when she surprised him. But he was doing everything as ordered so she only smiled and asked, “Did you have enough for breakfast little one?”

“I am a bit hungry still Governess.”

“Then today you may make yourself some of your stinky sausages. I dont want my darling little man faint from hunger when we are out later.”

“Thank you very much Governess, may I also have an egg and toast with them , please?” chris asked, displaying his best winning little boy smile.

She considered, “Yes, you may.” She left the kitchen then, laughing at the look of eagerness on his face.

chris was still enjoying his breakfast when she returned with the blindfold. “Im ready to get going now, you will have to do those dishes later little man. Come with me now.”

Stuffing the last few bites of sausage into his mouth chris left the table and stood while he was blindfolded. His Governess checked the edges to make sure there were no gaps for him to peek through. He was then led from the kitchen, through the sitting room and into the bedroom at the doors of his clothes closet.

“OK chris the door is open pull out something.” Governess waited while chris reached in trying to feel what shirts and pants he was touching, trying to remember if the new grey pants were a thinner material than the old green ones with the patch on the bottom. Beside him Governess began to get restless so he took a chance and pulled out what he hoped were the grey pants and a white polo shirt.

Governess took them from his hands and put them on the bed. Then she assisted him while he squatted down and reached in for a pair of shoes. This time he was sure it was his sneakers he had. He gave them to her feeling pretty pleased with himself.

“Only the underwear drawer left chris,” Governess said, leading him there next.

Underwear was a lot harder to figure out. Most of it felt the same, he had learned how to avoid the really awful ones, like the high cut pair someone had once given him as a joke. Of course, all the frilly ones were easiest of all to avoid. That was a good thing about the Blindman’s Buff game. He pulled out a pair of underwear and held them out for his Governess to take.

She seemed to be hesitating to remove the blindfold. chris was about to ask when his hands were caught behind him and loosely tied. “Let’s add something else to the game this time little one.” His collar was buckled around his neck and he thought she was attaching the leash too. “Kneel down on the rug for me.”

chris kneeled obediantly, feeling a tingle of excitement and tension run through his body. He could hear her moving just in front of him. The smell of her vanilla shampoo and anitbacterial soap seemed to be very close to his nose. The air around him stirred as she again passed closely in front of him.

She whispered from behind his head, “I think Barney should go home now. Children shouldnt see what I’m going to do with you next.” The bib was untied and take away. chris’s cock began to stiffen while he waited for her to come back. In his mind flashed all his favourite of her naughty ideas. He was getting very aroused just thinking of what she had done and was about to do now. Her sexy surprises made his cock throb in remembrance. His bottom cheeks clenched and unclenched while he waited, his breathing getting a little faster while his imagination heated up.

“Did you purposely not shave for me little man? I like your stubbly face, it looks so manly, I want to feel the bristles.” chris heard the sheets on the bed moved back as she sat down. “Now I’m lifting my skirt and I want you to come and find my wet little pussy with your stubbly face.”

Governess giggled as chris began licking her leg, the first part of her he could find without his eyes or hands to guide him. His leash was pulled a little to the right so chris moved in that direction. He used his whiskered face to brush along her thigh until he reached the top where he could smell her warm musky pussy.

“Please, may I kiss you Governess?”

“Yes you may.” Not satisfied with just using his lips chris smiled, knowing she couldnt see and wouldn’t care very soon anyway.

Governess sighed in pleasure as his tongue pushed inside her. Her thighs tightened around his head, pushing his mouth deeper inside her warmth. Licking and sucking all her juices and still wanting more.

“I think you should take off the cuffs now Dragon.” chris said, making sure to use the tone of voice she told him had made her melt inside and want to beg him to use her body and take her submission.

“No!… ummmmmm, It’s Sunday and you wanted… oh! Do that again….”

“Take off the cuffs.”

No…. Besides you havent even shaved my legs yet…” She moaned and his hips pushed into his face as he rubbed his tongue over and over her clit.

“Take off the cuffs and I’ll give you what you most want right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to say it… tell me what you want Dragon.”

“OK!” She arched her back and bit her lip holding back a whimper. Sitting up she unbuckled the blindfold. Reaching behind him she unlocked the cuffs and carelessly tossed them onto the floor. “You win this time chris, but after we are going back to the original plan.”

chris smiled up at her, looking into her eyes while his fingers found the wet lips of her pussy. “Whatever you say Governess, I only want to serve you.” chris held her clit between his thumb and finger increasing the tension slowly, “Now tell me exactly what you want me to do Dragon.”

Governess moaned, squirming over the sheets. chris continued to tease her bud, kissing and licking her thighs opening her wider so his whiskery cheeks could brush her wet pussy. “I want your cock inside of me, oh!, dont make me wait!”

“As you wish my wonderful Dragon lady.” chris said moving up on the bed to join with her.

Kicking Around the Dust Bunnies

There are several crafty related projects I could pull out and get back to work on, rescuing them from the dust bunnies who have been keeping them company since my divorce about 5 years ago. Kind of sad to admit it has been five years and doesn’t it seem that using the divorce as an excuse for anything should be limited to just one year, not five? Anyway, that’s how it is.

I’m going to take a photo of the Raggedy Ann in progress and see if that doesn’t inspire me to get back to work on her. She has a face, I think. I seem to remember doing the embroidery way back then. I did find my old sewing box and her and her pattern and such inside of it. Once upon a time I even had a really nice and simple pattern for a teddy bear. Not that I have any kids to give them too. My neices have more toys than they care for as it is. My nephew is 12 and probably would like anything I made for him but is likely too old for stuffed animals and far too boy for a dolly, even if Raggedy Ann and Andy are classics.

I guess I could sell them but that seems crass. I don’t know why. I guess it’s to do with appreciating finishing (if I finish it) one of the many projects I have started. I have so many things like this I no longer want to take on anything new or make any kind of promises to anyone. I would like a responsibility free life. But that isn’t practical and would be kind of boring and lonely too. So, plug on.