The Little Reader


I found this on a blog today. I lost track of which one. I was linking to them for

My own litle people came in the mail this week. I was disappointed because one already has a broken arm, before it has even come out of the packaging. The eBay seller must have shipped it to me this way. Another of the little people faces backwards and I’m hoping there isn’t another broken arm, just held in place by the plastic package. They come in a pack of six, not great if one third are broken.

Urban Life in Miniature

Life in Miniature has a post about an urban artist who sets up small toys and makes it appear as if they are living in the full sized real world. I have seen the artist’s site before but had forgotten the link. It really is fun to look at the photos.

Anyway, the challenge is to diy (do it yourself). Can you find some little dolls, toy soldiers, or some tiny human or animal figurine and pose them in the much bigger world around them?