How’s Your Day Going?

I’m writing a post about building and maintaining your own web directory on my Word Grrls blog. I started my own web directory, which I had been wanting to do for ages. Took me quite awhile to find software that I could get to work myself. I am still not 100% with it but it is up there and I have begun adding my sites to it. 

I still haven’t met the guy from Toronto. But we still talk online about once a month. I think I am feeling discouraged about it but not quite giving up. I had considered going downtown to Toronto myself this month but after paying the bills I don’t really have enough left that I could afford the travel fare for the local bus (TTC) and the GO bus from here to Newmarket and then Toronto. It would be about $20 each way. Then more for a lunch, or at least a coffee or two. I’d be too poor for groceries the rest of this month. 
My nephew, Zack, and I went to see a movie last week. It was one Zack wanted to see and I had seen the commercial and thought it would be fun. It wasn’t what I had expected at all, very violent. Shocked me and I considered walking out and getting my ticket refunded so I could see something else. But, Zack had wanted to see it and knew it was going to be… what it was. At least I guess he did. He’s 14, an age when they want to see stuff like that. I’m 45, an age when I’d rather think better of the world and it’s peoples. 
I’m having a bleh day today. Lacking in ambition and I’m cold. I just turned the heat on in the house. I have it set at 20 C. I don’t know what most people keep their heat set at but 20 is what I got used to over the winter. It was down to 18 C. I wouldn’t think 2 degrees would really make such a difference in how it feels. 

Welcome to the Junkpile

I don’t know what I’m going to blab about this time. I just sat down here and decided to start typing. Kind of like taking a typing test. You never know what kind of claptrap they are going to hand you to type out. I had some which were deadly dull about business practices or shellfish. I remember having one about the history of Abe Lincoln when I was looking for a job in the US a few years ago. I think I’d give people something more interesting to type, maybe a short story. Although if the story was too good they might forget to type and just read it.

Today I am babysitting in Newmarket. Zack was here for the morning but had a birthday party to go to. I just got his sisters sleeping. That’s a nice treat, for me! So now I have little time alone. I would love to walk down a few streets to the Tim Horton’s on the corner. No coffee here, no milk either. Just people, little people, with bad colds. I hope I can get through this visit without catching it. Having a cold really bites when you live alone. I start plotting great stories about how they found my body later, much later and wondered who I was and whatever was I doing there, that really creepy looking old broad.

Today is December 9th. Kind of sickening. In ten days I will be 42. That’s a very big number. I really don’t know what it has to do with me.

Skipping to something I’d rather talk about… like head lice or warts.

They have snow up here in Newmarket. Still none for us in Toronto. Still can’t feel like it’s me they are talking about when someone says I live in the city. I think I’d be liking it fine if it wasn’t a basement apartment, no sunlight, no real sign of daylight at all. When I wake up in the morning I’m not sure if it’s really early or really late. I keep the clock on the floor with me so I can see if it’s still too early to get up.

I really like having the TTC metropass. Even if I don’t use it enough to get my money’s worth out of evey last penny of it, I am glad to have it and not worry about taking the wrong bus or taking an extra bus or getting off halfway to where I’m going for a little side trip. There is a nice feeling of power in having the pass.

Soon the other sick people will be coming back here or the wonder girls will be waking up and my time to just be me will be ended. Also, this keyboard really sucks.

Toronto Not Yet Known

Unknown Toronto

Sarah’s journal of secret Toronto facts and mysteries: TTC lore, hidden spaces, history, art, urban wildlife, film shoots and great Toronto food, clubs, bars, galleries, museums and shopping.

Unknown Victoria

Victoria: The Unknown City is a new guidebook about that eccentric town on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. This is the author’s blog. Look here for Victoria lore, updates and additions to the book, and hate mail.

Link to a Biker Chick

Girl Bike

She writes about cycling and scootering. I was thinking about getting a scooter now that I don’t have a car. It wouldn’t be too bad in the city, make it easier to get groceries, maybe. Could be a pain to make sure it’s not stolen and carrying groceries in a backpack on my back might not be a great improvement – it also would be harder to drive around loaded down.

Still, all the sites I’ve seen about women and scooters make it look like a lot of fun. I could stick to the TTC for groceries and just scooter around for fun and adventuring.

Have you ever tried a scooter?

Grandma’s House

What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s.

Pretty good T-shirt slogan. It was over there on the CafePress banner. I’d buy that one. Most of the others haven’t been that interesting (to me).

I have not moved because:

1- There is an outside leak which has caused water damage which has yet to be repaired and the apartment is now musty, from the water damage.

2- The man who has already been paid to do the work of fixing up the inside water damage as well as painting the apartment has not bothered to show up. Though he makes endless promises.

Haven’t I already said all of this?

3- My nephew doesn’t want me to move, leave him. I’m trying not to let that keep me here but it is making it less easy to move and who really loves to move in the first place.

4- I don’t want to make this moving thing a long drawn out event. I am using my Mother’s car to transport most of my stuff and gas is pretty pricey here. So I want to do it all in one shot, as best as I can do it in one shot. Coming back and hauling things down there on the Greyhound bus and then the TTC is just not hugely appealing.

5- The last two are smaller things, the first two are the main things.

6- That’s about it. Go read some other blog now. I don’t mind.