A Warmer for Your Mouse Clicker Hand

It’s one of those things you sort of thing about but forget later. Your hand, the one up on your desk, clicking the mouse. That hand sometimes gets cold. I think being up higher than your elbow, the blood doesn’t flow as well to the ends of those fingers. So, that hand is cold and your other hand is warm, or at least room temperature.

So here is a solution to cold hand mouse: the USB mouse pad warmer.

Inside the mouse pad, under your hand, is a plate which warms up. Your hand goes into the pocket, with your mouse. The mouse cord pokes through the other end to plug into your computer.

Does it work with a wireless mouse? I’m not sure. I thought I would get one for my Mom. But, shop around if you want one. Prices vary from under $10 to over $50, on Amazon. eBay had the same looking mouse pads for much less.

You can also make your own. The heated plate with a USB cord can be bought for about $10 (more or less) and then all you really need is something to wrap around your hand and the warming plate. Make a pocket for the plate and another for your hand, in case the plate gets too warm or doesn’t react well to moisture from your warm hands.

New Old HP All-in-One

I bought this for half the sticker price ($19.99) at the thrift store yesterday. It was 50% off for Friday only. Now I will have a fax machine instead of having to get someone to fax for me. Will be handy now that I am looking for another job, again. The only things I will need to figure out are getting a CD/ files for the install if I need them and getting a USB cord as it is not with the hardware. I’m also hoping Windows Vista is not going to be a pain about running this, I’ve heard it can be temperamental when it comes to hardware. I’ve been lucky so far though.

Update: HP is an absolutely lovely company! I found the download drivers and extras for this All-in-One without any trouble at all, right on their site. All I had to do was open the file and let it load up. Everything is working now. I already tried a scan. Still don’t have the fax set up as I need to puzzle out how to get one more hardware item plugged into the phone jack section.

One interesting thing for everyone to take note of… as I was registering on HP I was given the option of keeping the name and phone number from the old owner of this machine. I bet no one thinks to delete their registration information when they recycle old electronic hardware. I wouldn’t have. But, all my recycling has been to give it to someone I know. In this case they left it at the thrift shop for any anonymous human to pick up.

I thought about calling and asking if they kept the original installation CD from it, also the USB cable would have been a nice bonus. Right now I am just giving double duty to my USB cable from the little scanner (which is also an HP machine).

Won’t my brother be surprised when I send him a fax. He gets back from the west coast (British Columbia here in Canada) this next week I think. I can have a note waiting for him. 🙂