Have a Happy Day

I scanned this from an old Valentine card from a friend. Since we are halfway through Thursday take it for Friday and have a happy day, all day. Find time to do something different you’ve been wanting to do but just didn’t have time for. Something more sensible people would tell you was “just nonsense”, “a waste of time”, or “peculiar”. Go ahead and do it anyway.

One More Valentine Pretty

Here’s another sweet one. I’m not in the mood for sweet tonight but I can still appreciate them. Sweet seems a bit more for one of those younger types. I think I’m ready for something more hardcore. Not extreme, just hard, shiny and permanent.

I do like brooches. You can pin them on rather than have them dangling and getting in the way. The only draw back is forgetting them once you pin them on and finding out later how well (or not) they came through the washing machine.

A Practical Valentine

I am (or give the impression of being) on the romantic and sentimental side. Maybe I am but, people tend to give me figurines, trinkets and such which they think I will like. I usually don’t like them and wish I didn’t have to find space for them, move them around with me (I move a lot) and feel obligated towards them. When someone gets you something like that it is something they thought was to be treasured and likely would have liked themselves. So you can’t just easily get rid of it. I have a lot of these little breakable treasures and as lovely as they are I wish I did not have them.

What I really would like are practical things. Or something impractical like a paid weekend at a fancy hotel. I could throw together some stuff and spend the weekend downtown where ever, that would be great. Or software, books, gift certificates for bookstores are good too. But, I do understand that people want to find a special gift, something that is to be treasured. Most people think I will treasure something delicate. I would prefer something that won’t break.

Although I make an exception for those bone china posy bowls. I have been collecting those since I got one from my Aunt who is now deceased. I would love to get one of those for Valentines day. Not looking too likely at this point though. Too many things are getting in the way of what could have been my first ever real Valentines Day. How annoying!