Hand Drawn Valentines

150 Valentines drawn by Marian Bantjes.

For 3 years now I’ve adopted Valentine’s Day as my time to make contact with people. This year I got the crazy idea to draw each one by hand. I liked the idea that each person would get something unique, with their name on it, but that there would be a larger whole that they would also be part of.

Thursday Thirteen #5: Romantic List

Thursday Thirteen – A list about romantic notions. I’ve been listening to romantic crooning CDs for hours. Sometimes I do miss being married, part of a couple.

1. A soft song in my ear while we dance to the slow songs.

2. A tiny bouquet, as a surprise, on my desk.

3. A drawing of fantastical things like dragons, castles and queens. Made just for me.

4. A sexy wink and a grin when he catches me watching him do something manly like shaving, chopping wood, you get the idea.

5. One single really scrumptious and decadent chocolate on my pillow. (Note, not ice cream!)

6. A love poem, especially if it’s so awful it makes me laugh.

7. When I’m in the shower he steps in to scrub my back and then wash my hair.

8. In bed, he wraps his arm around me, only a little possessive and yet really nice and snuggly.

9. Holding hands while out walking outside in the dark of night.

10. Sneaking a kiss when holding the door open.

11. He knows all the words to My Funny Valentine.

12. He remembers something I told him a week ago even though it wasn’t vitally important.

13. Staying up all night, just talking about everything and anything.

Valentine Just Because I Can

I am gorging myself on Valentines Day stuff because I can. Some may think it’s an obsession, so what. I’m having fun. It’s about the only time of the year I feel it’s ok to be girlie. Not that I go around wearing makeup and stick thin, skyscraper high heels, I just like the pretty colours and wishy washy sentiment. Romance is not dead it’s just hibernating.

Now, all the women who read HappyandBlue‘s blog should find a decent ecard site and send him a Valentine. Mushy or friendly or humourous, just surprise the guy. Just because.

PS- John Dunford …. I definitely want an eValentine and a lengthy email from you.

Hershey‘s has nice Valentine epostcards.

Maxtango is a site for sharing your own designer email cards. I’m signing up just for fun but so far the sign up thing is screwing up and I can’t register.

How to Get Rid of a Man Before Valentines Day

So many magazines, blogs and such are talking about how to get a Valentine. I even wrote about it myself here and there. But really, what a grrl really needs to know is how to get rid of men (in general). There may actually be one or two of the species you like enough to keep around, one who somehow didn’t become quite such a mutant as the rest. Must have been some industrial accident on Mars.

Anyway, for the real women out there who are still dating and yet not really dating… Here are my top five ways to get rid of a man.

1) Aim for his heart, especially if you know archery or some other skill that uses a target for practice.

2) If you don’t have any of those above skills… aim below the belt. Decide whether you want to scare him away with sex or without sex. If you have enough carnal knowledge to pull it off start talking about all the sex you just have to have, how often and all kinds of varieties. Men may think they would like sex manaic but in reality they don’t want a woman who wants sex more than they can handle putting out.

3) On the other hand, if you’re not quite ready to talk about gadgets, devices, whips and chains and endless stamina… go in the other direction. Talk about how annoying sex is. How messy it is and how boring it is to just lie there and wait for the guy to finally roll off and leave you alone. The jerk. Talk about the last book you read, in bed.

4) Make a fuss over him, cook up a dinner (learn his food allergies), wash his clothes (and put them away, somewhere), suggest he replace his old toothbrush, iron his underwear (use starch), organize his CD’s and books, hem his pants, take his worn out clothes and other junk to Goodwill for him. I’m sure he’ll be thanking you in no time. If he actually does you need to pack up a suitcase and move in with him. Get him to carry in all your feminine products, every last bag of pads, tampons, Midol and whatever else you can come up with. Make him useful.

5) Start talking about all your great plans for the future. All those kids you want to have. How you think a woman should be able to have it all so you’ve planned to have kids and then go back to work full time. Of course, he can stay at home. It’s only fair since you were the one who had the labour for all those kids. Offer to teach him how to do laundry, clean and get books about potty training so he can start studying for his life as a house husband now. Get your prospective Mother in Law into it too if he’s a Mama’s boy and she really wants those grandchildren.

Hope that helps you. Doesn’t it make you feel happy to be single?

Valentine Ideas on the Cheap

How to impress your Valentine for less…

Buy a bag of those Hershey Kisses, my favourite are the caramel ones. Take them out of the bag so they look like more. If you live in the same home, make a trail (or leave a bunch of them together with a romantic note) of Kisses leading into the bathroom where you are waiting to begin filling the tub and have a selection of nice smelling things to add to the bathwater. None of the nice smelling things has to cost much, try shopping at a discount store. Open the caps on the bottles and smell them before you buy. Make sure each is nice, look for vanilla, peach, lime, etc. Natural smells are a pretty safe bet.

If you don’t live in the same place as your Valentine give her the nice smelling bath lotions, potions, shower gels, bubble baths, shampoos, etc (two or three items is enough). Presentation is the key. Go to a Dollar Store and look for the Valentine stuff. Pick out a pretty card, for a buck. Pick out something you can put your present into – a basket is ideal. Or a gift bag, a storage container if it’s not huge and you can find one in a Valentine colour (pink or red, white is ok), do not buy a floor cleaning bucket or anything which is used for housework. Think romance. Add fluff of some kind to fill up space in the basket or whatever you end up with. Not fluff literally, but look at things in the Dollar Store like chocolates, knicknacks, tissue paper (think stocking stuffers but with a Valentine theme).

Have a look at the artificial flowers at the Dollar Store too. Some look quite real and those would be great to go along with your Valentine gift. On the side or as part of the whole presentation, try picking colours you know she likes or stick to the traditional red, pink or yellow for friendship.

More than likely you can do the above for about $20.00.

Have a Happy Day

I scanned this from an old Valentine card from a friend. Since we are halfway through Thursday take it for Friday and have a happy day, all day. Find time to do something different you’ve been wanting to do but just didn’t have time for. Something more sensible people would tell you was “just nonsense”, “a waste of time”, or “peculiar”. Go ahead and do it anyway.