I have a domain again. Nothing there yet as I am working on it tonight and tomorrow. I want to have my personal stuff and a site for other women working in retail: cashiers and etc. It’s not an easy job and it seems we should have some place to chat, compare experiences and whatever comes along.

I’m happy to have a place to put my site again. I just couldn’t proudly give out the Geocities page I stuck up. I didn’t even have much interest in keeping it updated.

Anyway, coming soon…

Netscape Composer

Netscape didn’t fare well in the browser wars a couple of years ago when the Net was still web behind the ears. (No, that’s not a typo, I’m just trying to be clever). But, today when I wanted to make a quickie change to a website I went in search of FrontPage on my PC only to realize I’ve yet to reinstall it from the last reformat of my hard drive. sigh

But, lurking there, covered in dust bunnies, was Netscape and Netscape Composer. I liked Composer long before I ever forked out the money for Front Page. They are actually a lot alike. Now, you seem to have to register to use Composer which was annoying as I loathe having more passwords and logins to bugger around with. But, it does work. Also, though I don’t have time this afternoon to really test it out, Netscape seems to have that feature that lets you make changes to your site and then load it to your domain. No resorting to an extra bit of softare for the ftp thing. That is convenient, one of the best things about Front Page. If Netscape works for the uploading I may not reinstall Front Page afterall. How many bulky, cantankerous programs do you need on one hard drive?

Canada Post Powered by

Email Hosting Packages | Canada Post Powered by

Canada Post does the web. It’s not a bad deal. For about $8 a month I can get my domain and 3 email addresses and keep my site on the same Geocities free host. The only downside is staying with Geocities and those limitations for space.

I may do it, I miss having a real email address (not webmail).

Got the Parole

Got the Parole
8/22/01 2:29 am

I’m in my parents home typing this, obviously I got the parole. It was a journey of many steps though.

First of all, I had a money order for $100 and they would not accept it. The fee was $95 (not according to the website) and luckily they would take a personal cheque. On the website it also says they will not take cash or cheques. The website is an ornamental decoration, pretty much ignore it.

Next, I needed more papers than I had been prepared for. If you have something which shows your reason for going back to Canada bring it along. It wasn’t a problem not having anything but its something they ask for on the form you fill out when you had over the money. I wrote a note (luckily I had a notebook to rip a page out of) about going for my sister’s wedding.

Next thing, bring quarters for the photocopier or bring photocopies of your green receipt page and your passport with the I94 page. For some reason we had a discrepancy with the dates between the expiration of the k1 visa and the date we got the EAD card. She said it wasn’t a problem but she did check all my dates.

Once you get through all of the line ups and handing over of paperwork you wait for the agent/ clerk (what are they called anyway?) to take your file and review your case. She came back and asked me about something small and I don’t remember what it was now. Nothing dramatic. The oddest and the luckiest thing that happened that day at the INS was that by pure chance and Irish luck I had our wedding certificate with me. I had just impulsively tucked it into my purse to show my Mom when I saw her here. That was what the INS agent wanted to see and take a photocopy of before granting me the parole.

I really had no trouble getting the parole, just frustrations with things not being what we had expected. I was there over 4 hours. My brother waiting down below in the car to finish driving me home to Toronto.

The parole I got is good for a year with multiple re-entries. What I actually have is enough for three as far as I can tell. Maybe multiple means just three or if I want them I can ask for more. Three is likely enough anyway. I plan to be back in the US early in September. I’d like to come back to visit my family in the Spring when the trilliums are blooming. They don’t have any trilliums down here in southern Illinois, Todd has never even heard of them. 🙂

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