Alternative Wedding Ring

From one of my favourite Etsy shops,  Rickson Jewellery. I wear a ring I bought here, over two years ago, every day.

This Unique Alternative Raw Diamond engagement ring is pure simplicity and elegance. It’s a non traditional, white gold and diamond engagement ring featuring a huge gray rough diamond. I love the contrast between the consistency and purity of the twisted white gold, and the rawness of the rough grey diamond. This piece is made to order and will have a different raw diamond. Tell me what colour, size and style you’d like and I’ll find the perfect diamond for you. Photo shows a 5ct grey diamond!

To Collar or Not?

male slave dog collarA collar is a personal choice. It can just as easily be a wedding ring as something he wears around his neck. I like a collar to be something that has meaning rather than just a toy or prop.

Why would you choose to wear or give a collar? What would be the circumstances and what would have to have happened?

Would there be times you would choose not to wear a collar, even if it were asked or expected of you?

As a Dom, what does the collar mean to you? Is it more than a simple form of bondage?

I think there is a temptation to rush into a collar. It is an easy way to claim, give or show ownership. However, this means the collar loses the real meaning it could have had. A collar used for play is nothing like a collar used just to show ownership and commitment to being owned and owner. Real time versus play time.

There is also the difference between a play collar which is easily visible, with extra gadgets and features and then the day to day collar which can be permanent, made to be worn and not removed.

My First Divorce

Originally posted to Sex Kitten (2003 – 2004)

That was when she looked at websites about disposing of bodies. Not that he was quite a body, he was still breathing after all. But… she was only curious really.

His head was heavier than expected, kind of like a really big cabbage she’d once cooked for making cabbage rolls. She had a hard time fitting it into the pot, the cabbage, not his head. Although, cooking him was an alternative under consideration.

What do you do with an extra husband after all? Once the marriage was over, he became kind of disposable, like an extra toaster after the wedding. You could always give it away, but somehow that seemed so small minded. Why saddle someone else with your spare toaster? Even more so with a used toaster, one you had cleaned up after, slept with and all that other labour and time not so well spent. Maybe, it was really more like having a sixth finger than an extra toaster. Imagine how awkward that sixth finger would be? Holding a pen would be like a wrestling match and typing would be, well… interesting. Continue reading My First Divorce

A Proposal Planner?

» Blog Archive » Would You Marry A Guy Who Used A Proposal Planner?.

On one side… doesn’t he know you well enough to do it himself? On the other side… why not have some help?

Do you remember being proposed to? I don’t, because I was the one who proposed. It was over the phone and more of a now or never thing. I was at the bus station with all my luggage and was told I was attempting to cross the border as an illegal alien. So I phoned and told him I wasn’t coming and didn’t want to live like a nomad any longer. We started the immigration and marriage procedure from there. Trust me, it was a procedure.

Anyway, I would have liked being proposed to. Something romantic and yet practical. Not too showy. I’d prefer privacy and intimacy to billboards and jumbo viewing screens.

All that aside, what a great job Proposal Planner would be? If you were already an Event Planner you could take up Proposal Planner on the side. Simpler than planning a wedding and all that chaos.