Professional Newbies

I’m getting a little irked with “professional” bloggers who don’t know a damn thing about writing, maintaining or creating a blog. Try using a dictionary if you want anyone to take you seriously. Don’t know how to fix an error on your template? Then do not call yourself a professional blogger until you can load a new template and make it work.

Learn some CSS and HTML code, call it XHTML if you like. Learn how to spell basic words like “a lot”( it is not one word). Learn how to use the [shift] key so you can capitalize proper names for things and people.

Far too many money-making, SEO and topical bloggers label themselves professional without knowing anything more than how to type. Being able to type does not make you a competent blogger. Some of them would not even rate amateur.

I think there should be an official Dust Bunny Award for Professional Boggers. People who type a blog proclaiming themselves professional, experts.

Maybe I’m being a little hard on them. But, they make it beyond silly to proclaim themselves professionals while I can find 3 spelling mistakes (or typos) in their most recent post. Can’t we get a browser feature that closes these kind of blogs just as it does the pop up windows? Can’t we be spared from the Professional Boggers?


New Year’s Resolutions for 2008

I promise to eat ice cream on New Year’s Eve, even if I have to do it all by myself.

I will continue to look at houses (occasionally, not obsessively) in the real estate flyers and buy lottery tickets about once a month or so.

I will try to actually sleep in the hours after my shift at work ends at midnight and the daylight cracks open the sky at dawn.

I will keep seeking out the finest fancy coffee in Ontario, no matter how much of it I have to drink along the way.

I will keep up with the routine for laundry, going to work and all that standard stuff.

I’m going to learn XHTML (at least more than I do now) and finish revamping my site, this year.

I won’t give up on finding a guy who appreciates some of the things I do: being reliable, a little romance, some old traditions and making new ones, intelligent conversation, art and being creative, smiling and the odd bit of sensual kinky sex.

I won’t pick up bugs or other really icky things that make me cringe.

I won’t make promises and commitments I can’t keep and I will try not to let anyone pressure me into making any such commitments. Not even myself.

New Books!

You may remember I had $50 in gift cards to spend at the mega bookstore, Chapters. I have been looking forward to getting there and browsing around ever since the cards arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago. But, each time I planned to go something else came up. Last time it was the car battery’s death. Today I went into Barrie and had that replaced, all nice and tidy and free even! Turns out the waranttee covered it. that was really nice news.

So, since I was alone (the lone errand runner) I treated myself to a browse at Chapters. I found three books which I would have wanted to get even if I didn’t have the bonus of the gift cards. I bought Digital Scrapbooking, 101 Digital Photo Tips and the new 6th Edition of Elizabeth Castro‘s HTML, XHTML and CSS. The last one is dated copyright 2007, not sure how I managed to buy a book from the future but at least it’s really nice and new! It even has that nice and new book smell.