Welcome to the Day

I’m going to try writing Morning Pages (again). I haven’t looked up the official rules in awhile. I think it was intended to be written long-hand but I’m ignoring that rule. I’m such a rebel that way. This morning I’m too tired for long-hand.

My brother is coming over. So I got up early, even before the alarm clock went off. I scurried around to tidy up. Does anyone else have a brother who is actually tidier than they are? Not that I don’t like things tidy, I just keep putting off the actual doing of the tidying. Anyway, I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, got boots straighted at the door, made coffee, moved a pile of books, and assorted other stuff that keeps sounding pretty lame as I’m writing this list. Why do I now feel tired?

I felt pretty perky when I woke up. I began planning my day. Planning what I would write here. Then I began working, got dressed, stuck my hair out of my face. Now, I’m just waiting for Graham to get here, the men who are coming to photograph the renovations to the basement and the other men (I’m only presuming they are men) who will be picking up the bag of clothing for donations which I also scurried around with this morning.

Do you know how creative you need to be to have an X on a plastic garbage bag? You can’t draw it on with marker. I’ve been there before. I picked cardboard from a piece of junkmail out of the recycling and cut an X out of it. Then I taped it to the bag. Now, I’m not sure if they said to leave the bag at the end of the driveway or not. I don’t want it picked up as garbage. No, it’s not garbage day but there are a lot of people who come along and look through anything put out here. I think they mainly want glass and such which they can get paid for. Still, that bag is out there for a purpose and – I don’t want them phoning me to complain that I had nothing to pick up when I said it would be there.

I have this thing where I feel at fault for everything already. I don’t need more.

Anyway, the man is here to do the photos. My brother is here showing him the basement so I can have my coffee like a good working zombie. Maybe I can have a nap later, if I’m sneaky about it.

Secret Santa Day

I was away on the day they had set for the exchange and then forgot to bring it in yesterday when I went back to work. So today I have my gift for the Secret Santa exchange sitting out right by my coat and boots. I’m even thinking about spoiling myself and taking a taxi in so I don’t have to carry it in on the bus. It’s not hugely heavy but it’s ackward hauling around more stuff and it’s not exactly light either. Plus I’m just fed up with waiting for the bus.

Tired today too. Couldn’t seem to get to sleep till nearly 7:00 this morning. Then woke up before 11:00. Hope I can do better tonight so I’m not turning into a zombie.

Still no tree up but I am starting to feel that I will, maybe, do it. Maybe. No promises. Doesn’t sound like I’m going anywhere for Christmas and I will be working Boxing Day now. I could put up all the tree stuff on Christmas Day, I will be here. Would be nice to make cookies then too. Just thought of that idea. I’d need to haul flour and such here before the grocery stores are closed up for the holidays.

The Chocolate Ice Cream Cure

Although I’m not completely cured I feel human and less zombie tonight. I think it was chocolate ice cream that made the difference. I tried just being really stoic. I tried Tylenol for the fever. I tried to sleep. I tried holding my nose to prevent the constant drippage. I tried yet more Tylenol for the fever and headache. I tried explaining to Mother Nature that this really was not a good thing and was not making me feel especially kind towards my fellow humans who spread these germs to me.

But this afternoon it was after I ate chocolate ice cream (right from the container no less) that I began to feel better. Lesson learned, diets suck and will not cure the common cold, flu, whatever that zombie thing was.

Tomorrow I have to leave for Newmarket again, the town where the cold thing originated. But, the stairs are being painted here so I will be trapped if I don’t escape first. I will be back on Monday. I have an appointment Monday afternoon.

For now, I think I feel a touch of fever coming back. I can either… get to bed and try more Tylenol… or eat more ice cream. Which would you do? Get serious!

Zombie Grrl

Outside I can hear the wind rushing past the house. Dorothy and her little dog too should be flying past any time now. I guess that is one bonus of living in a basement apartment. As long as I can hang onto something down here the foundation isn’t likely blow away when the rest of the house goes.

Inside I’m a mess of germs. Just stick some of my cells on a petri dish and find all kinds of interesting new diseases. No doubt it’s the Canadian Maple Sap flu that is making my eyes burn holes in my head. It’s the Torontonian Grunge that has infected my head and is causing my brain to rebel and want to split off from the rest of me, much like Quebec. Soon I will begin speaking French even though I thought I had forgotten almost all of it once I escaped high school. The rest of my body isn’t really here any more it’s just an illusion.

I have an appointment at 10:00 tomorrow morning. I have to make my body obey and actually arrive there. I think I’m even going to have to use my brain. This isn’t going to be pretty. On top of that, I wish I had cash to order a pizza and scare some poor delivery guy with how attractive I look right now. I have avoided talking to myself today, trying to keep my voice functional for tomorrow. I really am not looking forward to hauling my zombie carcass around to be there. I wish I had a self propelled thing of some kind, something that uses a system of pulleys and bungee cords. Just splat my zombie self against the side of a nearby building. I will peel off and not even notice if a few parts are left behind. Likely I never really needed them anyway. I’m really tired of my nose, eyes and lungs right now.

Happy Day out there, remember to wash your hands, avoid zombies – we are out there.