The Star Blogs: Ideas


Not bad. But not on the edge. Almost everything here I have already seen on another blog. It’s great that The Star is working on blogs, I really am impressed that they have made a start/ a foray, into blogging and getting an upbeat entrance onto the web. But, recycled content isn’t going to be enough.

The Star is the Toronto newspaper which is read across Canada, though the focus is on the Greater Toronto Area, where it originates.

Writers Blog Alliance

The Writers Blog Alliance is intended to create a heavyweight blog for writers with the power to compete for traffic with the most popular blogs on the net. The way it will do this is by achieving a Google Page Rank (PR) that cannot be ignored by the search engines. Such a PR will result from WBA containing good content and having more links, both incoming and outgoing, than you can shake a stick at. There are thousands of writers involved in blogging and, if they all link to WBA and it links back to them, WBA’s PR will increase and so will the PR of each participating blog.

The result will be a very visible center for writers, a place where writers and readers can gather to market their wares and where publishers and agents can browse to find new talent. We will have created a corner of the internet specifically for us, the writers, readers, publishers and agents. No longer will our blogs be lost in the great cacophony of the blogosphere.

I you want your blog to be read by the people that matter, join us. We need you and you need us. It’s as simple as that.

Trying out BlogShares

I joined BlogShares last year but didn’t do much (anything) beyond that. Often I am flooded with endless possiblities of things I want to do and it seems to very little of it gets done, or even started. But, I am back looking at BlogShares today. It reminds me of another fantasy stockmarket game online, to do with movies. I can’t quite remember the name of it now. My exhusband liked it and no doubt he would know right away, even know it it’s still active.

Anyway, BlogShares started me down the trail of blog promotion. Not that I especially want to promote the BlogSpot site. But, some traffic will come my way from the blog, I would hope. So, I began looking for other sites geared to blog promoting. Some are not too interesting for one reason or another. I don’t want to have large hunks of code and graphics all over the sidebar of my blog for one thing.

So here are a few of interest, gathered from other blogs and of course, I cheated and went to the Dmoz category to see what might be among the new submissions.

BlogShares The most interesting of them all cause it is more than a directory.
Women Bloggers Webring I have not yet given up on webrings. Though I admit, it’s not looking good for them.
Blog Audit Interesting but not very busy. Plus, it reminds me of those Top Sites directories which are kind of loaded for spam.
Blog Search Engine
It looks pretty.
Link 2 Blogs I like the orange colour but I’m really not keen on having links to random blogs on my site. It’s like giving them my personal ok when in fact, I have no clue about them.
Blog Awards I was going to skip this one due to the adult content, most of the blogs are adult. It is another Top Site deal but it could be interesting if the site owners did more with it.
Technorati I’ve had this on my blog a few months and have not seen anything useful come of it. If it weren’t spoken of so often I would have tossed it out by now.
Authors Blogs
Blog Flux
Photoblogs Mine doesn’t have any photos but this is still a good one.
Blogs Canada There’s also an Ontario blog group and a GTA bunch, though I’ve moved outside of the GTA now. You can find your own local blogging groups.