Jann Arden and Parents

Jann Arden wrote about spending time with her parents. I commented:

I’m living with my Mom. Sometimes I can’t laugh and sometimes when I do laugh it hurts her feelings because I am laughing at her even when she is laughing about it too. Mom said the worst thing is people thinking you are feeble or forgetting things when you aren’t. Assuming you are “just old” when you are still just forgetting the same stuff you would have forgotten at any age. Watching your parent(s) get old is creepy because you know it will be you in another 20 years. But, as Mom also pointed out one day, I will be alone when I’m old. “Who will help you?”, she asked me. I don’t know and that is the worst part of all of it for me.

Introverted Art

My name is Ana and I am an introvert. Contrary to what most people think, an introvert is not simply a person who is shy. Introverts are more concerned with the inner world of the mind. They enjoy thinking, exploring their thoughts and feelings. I am a full time introvert and a part time photographer, cook and food connoisseur, artist, writer, and couch potato.

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I liked the description on this blog.

The Bloody Mess is Back

I started my period last night. I’m having such a hate, hate, love relationship with it. Last month I refused to acknowledge it until I literally had blood running down my leg and onto the floor. Sounds crazy. But, I’ve noticed I am much more affected emotionally/ mentally by the damned thing every month. There are so many times I wish it would stop and then other times I feel like it’s my last thread of hope and connection to who I am. I think it would be much easier to let it go if I weren’t child-less.

Show Us Your Debt! | xoJane

SHOW US YOUR DEBT! We’re Coming Clean About What We Owe and Why | xoJane.

My comment on the post:

I had to drop out of college when I couldn’t afford to finish my last semester. I was renting an apartment and sub-renting to another student. When she decided to move out I was sunk. Could not pay all the rent myself. Put stuff on a credit card and I still have a bad credit rating – even though my own checks on it say I have nothing bad. That was over 10 years ago. I wish I had been able to finish college, Corporate Communications. But, here I am. I keep my head above water and my only current debt is a department store credit card which was over $2000 but this tax season I used my refunds to pay it off, mostly. So, I’m mostly debt free but I don’t have a car or anything much to show for it. I wonder if it’s better to have the debt than to not have the debt?