Getleft: Back Up Your Blog

Getleft – This is a GREAT way to back up your blog. I just backed up all my content from 2004 until today. It took a few hours but it is all there. It says it does not handle java and javascripts, just HTML but it is all there. I don’t see any javascripts missing. Perfect!!!

I’m not sure how I will save it again when I don’t need to back up the whole thing. No doubt I can explore and figure it out when the time comes.

Christmas Cookie Exchange

If you are genuinely serious about losing weight, don’t under any conditions or circumstances have anything to do with a Christmas cookie exchange. No matter how much you like your friends, no matter how much you wanted to try that recipe anyway, no matter… no matter anything, anyway, any how. I have eaten so many cookies I actually feel ill when I look at them now. The little monsters.

Oh… but they’re so cute and tasty, how can you think of them as evil?

I am going to donate the rest of the cookies to a worthy cause, my sister’s children. Bag them up and freeze them until I can set them free with small children who I know will quickly devouor and rid me of them, forever!

Of course, I still have seven rolls of cookie batter in the freezer. I had the bright idea that I would give cookies as presents this year. I’ve been nibbling that frozen battter. It didn’t help that Perry came to visit. Good old Perry, that monthly annoyance and zit festival. I even got a cold sore this time cause I’ve been stressing about career related issues, the whole not really having one deal.

Anyway, last evening I sent in an informal query email to the Idiot’s Guide publisher. Maybe they will laugh and pat me on the head and tell me to come back when I have a real query or writer credits or half a brain… something along those lines. Or, maybe they will email me back and tell me GREAT!! When can you send us a formal query and get started on this great and wonderful undertaking of much great and wonderfulness?

Something in the middle, leaning towards GREAT, would be fine too.

I'm Catching Up Ha Ha Ho Ho Hee Hee… !!

and life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be HAPPY to see those nice young men in their clean white coats…

I have done the blog. I have worded on NaNoWriMo blog. I have played a few games… ummm I mean I have put great thought into updating the writing about writing site. GREAT thought, not just little piddly things.

Tomorrow I may even get caught up with my to-do list for LockerGnome. If I ever get all caught up what would I do with myself? There’s a Chinese thumb screw puzzle.