Getting Christmas Jollies

It’s that odd time between my birthday and Christmas. Most people have a lot of time between the two, I just have about a week. Just after my birthday I begin to think about doing something for Christmas. I may have done some cards and thought about (or even bought) a few presents. But, until now I really don’t think of Christmas as being something I need to do much about. My birthday comes first.

This year I was even going to put up the tree. But, it is a bust. Instead I have to return it to the store and see if they will replace it. Not a great option when I will have to see if I can get a drive over with the tree or bus it. When I bought the tree I took a taxi back here with it. That isn’t a great option now that I have to go out of my way to return the damaged goods. Anyway, at this point is there any point to getting the tree replaced or wouldn’t a refund be better? Nice to have that cash back rather than having a tree up for a few days. Really disappointing. No wonder I’m feeling kind of burned out about Christmas.

I haven’t really, really cared about it since my first Christmas in Illinois when I was a newlywed. I liked having our tree up and putting on all the decorations. It was the last time I put up a tree. Though the tree and ornaments have always been my favourite part of the whole thing.

My brother might be out tomorrow. Maybe he can take me over with the tree and wait to see if I get a new one to try. If the new one is a dud too that will be really aggravating. I don’t even have the reciept so they may be nasty and not even

let me return it.

One thing I have learned it the importance of only buying things which you are SURE have not been returned to the store and re-sold. I used to not worry about that very much. Now, after having several things to return lately I will be a lot more careful. No one offers to pay you back the cost of making the return trip with your merchandise which needs to be returned.

Doodle Week starts tomorrow. Hope to see your doodles there!