Velvet Pagan Backpack

I really like this but… the pentagram is the wrong way up. (For me).

Maybe I’m just not 100% pure atheist. I wouldn’t like to wear something which is known for drawing negative energies.

Killstar Damsel Velvet Backpack …but not in distress. In fact, more of a threat than you could’ve ever imagined~ This amazin’ backpack features an ultra plush black velvet construction with 100% vegan leather trim, roomy interior with bucket style drawstring closures, top flap with pentagram harness strap detailing, clasp hook closure, and plenty of zippered pockets around tha exterior.

Source: Killstar Damsel Velvet Backpack | Dolls Kill

ASCII Art Avatars

I got the idea to make ASCII art avatars today. But, so far I’ve found it harder than expected. To give me room to add features I would need to make them bigger. I usually make small things. Here are two I made from my original ASCII girl avatar. (A nurse and a librarian or school teacher).


But, I couldn’t make any changes to her face, like adding eyeglasses. If she were horizontal the 8 would be great but… she isn’t. So back to the drawing board on the avatar idea.

What is World Drawing Day?

The next World Drawing Day will be sometime in June, 2013. Nothing posted about this year on the site, so far. Drawing Day

“Drawing Day is a world-wide event encouraging everyone to drop everything and draw on one day. Simply draw, then submit drawings to our website or any of our participating websites.”

One day each year just pretend you can draw. Even if you can already draw, draw something more. Challenge yourself.

As a kid and a teenager and then a young woman, I always thought I could not draw. Even now, I know I’m not a great artist. It doesn’t matter. I can draw. I can draw because I want to. I enjoy drawing just because I want to do it. I don’t have to be great, I don’ t have to make masterpieces or get something in a gallery (other than the gallery I made myself).

World Drawing Day is a day for people who want to draw. People who wish they could draw and all those people who think they can’ t draw. On World Drawing Day you don’t need any special qualifications. Just draw.

World Drawing Day on Flickr | Twitter | Facebook

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A communal blog for compulsive sketchers.


An ongoing global art project on drawing your happiness.

Where the Wild Things Are: Spilling the Pagan Beans

Originally posted to ‘BackWash: Where the Wild Things Are’ newsletter, April, 2, 2004.

If you read my general blabberings around BackWash you will have heard of Eric, my boyfriend. He is still pretty new but we are getting along great.

Anyway, I haven’t really talked with him about Pagan ideas and what it means for me to be an Earth Witch. That is some sort of limbo in everything. I don’t mind leaving it there, for awhile. But, I have wondered what he really thinks.

We went for a walk on the frozen beach and while he was testing the thickness of the frozen lake (testing his luck I thought at the time) I was drawing a pentacle in the sand. I used a piece of driftwood and 6 smooth stones from along the beach. I placed the stones around my drawn pentacle. It was something special for the day, for my Grandmothers and for St. Patrick’s Day.

Eric noticed it when he came back, not drowned luckily. He said something about it, nothing much. I think just noting that I had drawn it or used stones, something easy going. But I wondered what he was thinking. Anyway, I left it at that. I didn’t push it or go into lengthy explanations. It was something personal to me and though I didn’t feel I needed to hide it I still wonder what he thinks about this element of me.

How do you begin to share this with someone you care about? Is it something you leave lying on a coffee table for him to find? Is it something you bring up right away and make into a big issue? Or do you let it simmer on a back jet, there and yet not getting in the way? I’m not exactly sure how I want to handle it. So, I will do what I usually do when I’m not sure, I will ask him. Not quite yet though. There is time and space, too much of both right now. We will see.

Big Cat ASCII Art Collection

Big Cat – ASCII art – Starts with an ASCII art FAQ.

___ _________ ________ ______ ___ _________________ ___ ___ ______
/ _ )/ _/ ___/ / ___/ _ /_ __/ ____ / _ | / __/ ___/ _/ _/ / _ | / _ /_ __/
/ _ |/ // (_ / / /__/ __ |/ / /___/ / __ |_ / /___/ /_/ / / __ |/ , _/ / /
/____/___/___/ ___/_/ |_/_/ /_/ |_/___/___/___/___/ /_/ |_/_/|_| /_/

`> (o) (o) <` :>(.: Y :.)<: /~// {^~^} ````` What`s ASCII ? ASCII (ask'-ee) is an acronym for "American Standard Code for Information Interchange." This standard was developed by the American National Standards Institute. It is a coding scheme which assigns numeric values to letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and other certain characters such as control codes. By standardizing the values for these characters, ASCII enables computers and computer programs to exchange information. ASCII is the basic coding system which computers use to communicate with one another.Essentially, ASCII artwork denotes pictures which are created without using graphics. They are "non-graphical graphics". Its palette is limited to the symbols and characters that you have available to you on your computer keyboard. Specifically those 95 which are listed on the below ASCII chart. International symbols, such as the UK pound sterling sign, are not considered to be ASCII characters because they are not universal on all systems The ASCII character set consists of 128 characters (numbered from 0 to 127) which are standard on nearly all types of computers. The first 32 characters (0 to 31) are assigned to communication and printer control codes-- non-printing characters -- these include the control codes for signalling end of transmission, a beep, escape, backspace, and more. The last ASCII character, 127, is another control code representing the'Delete' key. The other characters (32 to 126) are the ones which appearon a "standard" keyboard. These are the characters which are used to create ASCII art. The ASCII characters used in ASCII art are the 95 characters from #32 to #126, as follows. 032 [space] 048 0 064 @ 080 P 096 ` 112 p 033 ! 049 1 065 A 081 Q 097 a 113 q 034 " 050 2 066 B 082 R 098 b 114 r 035 # 051 3 067 C 083 S 099 c 115 s 036 $ 052 4 068 D 084 T 100 d 116 t 037 % 053 5 069 E 085 U 101 e 117 u 038 & 054 6 070 F 086 V 102 f 118 v 039 ' 055 7 071 G 087 W 103 g 119 w 040 ( 056 8 072 H 088 X 104 h 120 x 041 ) 057 9 073 I 089 Y 105 i 121 y 042 * 058 : 074 J 090 Z 106 j 122 z 043 + 059 ; 075 K 091 [ 107 k 123 { 044 , 060 < 076 L 092 108 l 124 | 045 - 061 = 077 M 093 ] 109 m 125 } 046 . 062 > 078 N 094 ^ 110 n 126 ~
047 / 063 ? 079 O 095 _ 111 o

What`s ASCII Art Good For ?

ASCII Art is the dinosaur of computer graphics.
It can be useful since many people's e-mail
programs do not view graphics files without the
help of another program. Some e-mail
programs don't allow anything except text files
to be sent and/or received. And most people are
leery about downloading an unknown attachment.
Using ASCII characters to create a text drawing
allows pictures to be added to nearly all email.
The only catch is that the reader must view
the ASCII art picture in a fixed-pitch font--
and nearly all mail readers have an option for fixed-pitch fonts.

Here Are Some Good Uses For ASCII Art:

to add pictures to text email
for illustrations of subject matter
to create flow charts or diagrams
for birthday/holiday greetings
for signature files
to liven-up dull but essential business email
to illustrate e-zines
for use on text-only webpages.

(some people still use Lynx and other non-graphical browsers, believe it or not!)
for use on any webpages

(text pictures loads faster than the large graphics
many people turn graphics off)
to create coloring pages for children and adults
for use on BBSs (bulletin board systems)
for use on MUDs and MUGs (multi-user dungeons and games)
for use on mIRC (internet relay chat)
to print out for Holiday cards and greetings
just for fun and aesthetic value!

Veiwing ASCII Art Correctly

You must display it in a font that has uniform
character width.This is also known as a "fixed-pitch font."Your
browser should have some provision for setting a fixed font. Fixed-pitch
fonts include "Courier" "FixedSys", or "Monaco". This is important because
viewing ASCII art in proportional spacing will cause it to look skewed.
ASCII Art is not made in proportional fonts because the letter widths vary
from font to font. Even if you know what font the pictures were created
in, it still tends to look skewed. ASCII art is universal but only if
it is created and viewed in a fixed-pitch font and without any non-ASCII characters.

Does ASCII art looks fine on my website and itlooks skewed on their system.
Check the font!!!! ASCII art **must** be created and viewed in the fixed-pitch
font. (AOL and WebTV users-- you ONLY have capabilities for a proportional
font-- you will not be able to see the ASCII art properly unless you copy/paste
it to notepad or a text editor in the proper font; or unless you print it out).