Tea Chest for Zack


The linen tea chest gift comes filled with our choice of 8 flavors of the wrapped sachets, 4 sachets each. Curated from https://www.harney.com/eight-slot-linen-tea-chest.html One of the things my nephew, Zack, has especially liked was a tea chest. I forget who gave it to him now. It ended up being something his family used and I think he left it at home when he moved away for university. I wondered if he would like one which he really can keep for himself now. I found this on my first try of looking for a tea chest.

Upcycle Jewels into Fridge Magnets


It’s a simple project and only involves a couple of steps: pop off the backs of your jeweled earrings/broaches with wire cutters, then attach a magnet with super glue.  Presto!  You’ve got yourself a blinged out fridge magnet.  Mega impact for the absolute minimum amount of effort.  Or, in other words, my kind of DIY project. Curated from http://www.curbly.com/users/capreek/posts/9745-blinged-dress-up-your-fridge I love finding ideas for upcycling broken brooches into something else you can use everyday, like this.

Easy DIY Rolling Bookshelf


All you need are some 2x8s cut to size (or some reclaimed/scrap wood), braces, and some casters. From there you can probably figure out how everything goes together, but check out the tutorial and more photos over on Curated from http://www.curbly.com/users/capreek/posts/15291-make-it-easy-diy-rolling-bookshelf  

Kitchen in a Cupboard


This is perfect. You can cook stove top, it has two “induction hobs”, I looked it up, and its a type of stove top, uses less energy, and the heat goes to the pot, not the surface.  To me that sounds great. And you can replace the microwave with a combo microwave/convection oven.  And toaster ovens are the best thing ever invented, honest try one – can bake small batch’s of cookies, bisquits – many things. And as for the fridge being too small, I have one this size, and its enough for me, as I shop daily for most … Read more…

DIY Cake Stand


Yes, I know, #diy cake/cupcake stands aren’t exactly new to the blogosphere, but I thought it was high time we had a round up of the best on The Curb. Some are ingenious in the materials used, some are simply pretty. All of them, however, prove that you can use just about ANYTHING to make a cake stand. Curated from http://www.curbly.com/users/diy-maven/posts/10416-roundup-seven-diy-cake-stands  

This is Me Today – Making Myself Crazy


Being a perfectionist is a vicious circle of events. Nothing is ever good enough. So we (or I) end up keeping endless stuff because I feel I have to finish it, get it right before I can let it go. I feel obligated to the stuff and myself. I’m letting myself down if I don’t do everything and do it right. I can’t just let things go so they pile up. Ironically, the piles of actual stuff make me feel pressured and I can’t deal with all of it. On top of that, no woman is an island. I get … Read more…