Claddagh Ring by Ricksonjewellery

claddagh ring

via – Claddagh Ring With or Without a stone by Ricksonjewellery. I like this update on the Claddagh design. I wanted to make a Claddagh with ASCII art and may use the hands in this way. Much easier than showing all the fingers (hard to get narrow lines that close together unless I make the Claddagh … Read more…

The Canadian Flag: Red Ensign

In 1965, the national flag of Canada was changed from the Canadian Red Ensign to the current Maple Leaf flag without so much as a referendum to give people a voice to see if they wanted to change the current flag or not. In 2014, while it might be too late to make the Canadian … Read more…

Documenting the Decline of the Bingo Hall

abandoned bingo

Documenting the Decline of the Bingo Hall From thriving social clubs to piles of rubble. The rough-hewn simplicity and rustic charm of traditional land-based bingo halls have captivated the imagination of thousands of people throughout the decades. Indeed, brick-and-mortar bingo halls are teeming with vibrant characters and interesting personalities that bring life to a time-honored … Read more…

Are you Watching The 100 on NetFlix?


Which ‘The 100′ Character Are You? More on The 100. Created by BuddyTV The 100 is a science fiction show I’ve been watching from the beginning on NetFlix. It’s the only show I still watch weekly versus long marathons with all the episodes available.

Canada Coats of Arms Emblems Tea Cup

vintage Canadiana teacup

vintage Canadiana teacup vintage Canadiana teacup vintage Canadiana teacupvia – Awesome PARAGON Canada Coats of Arms Emblems Tea Cup by Sonupsales.

Vintage (1960’s) Canadiana teacup and saucer. I am so very tempted to buy this set. But, it’s a bit pricey to consider with shipping and then… I’d feel awful if it came damaged during delivery. I think that bothers me more than spending the money on it. Yet…. I haven’t closed the page from Etsy.

Miss World Canada Lying Down on the Job

miss world canada

miss world canada

This was posted to the Facebook page for Miss World Canada. What do you think? Is this sort of pose ok, really? Why is Miss World Canada lying down on the job? What is she selling? Why does a young woman pose like this outside of car, lingerie and adult sex media?