Tea Chest for Zack

The linen tea chest gift comes filled with our choice of 8 flavors of the wrapped sachets, 4 sachets each.


Curated from Harney.com

One of the things my nephew, Zack, has especially liked was a tea chest. I forget who gave it to him now. It ended up being something his family used and I think he left it at home when he moved away for university. I wondered if he would like one which he really can keep for himself now. I found this on my first try of looking for a tea chest.

Indoor Playground for Sale (Ontario)

indoor playground Have you always wanted to run or own an indoor playground, games for kids with prizes and birthday parties every week? If you want it, you can buy it from my sister. Would help if you are somewhat local to Newmarket, Ontario.

She has been the sole owner/ proprietor for about 11 years. Opened a second location in Barrie, laser tag, mini golf and likely something else I’m forgetting. A Mom with 4 kids ranging in age from 18 to 4 herself she has done a lot. Time to focus her energies and she wants more time to play some tennis too.

If you happen to be up for it – take a look at the listing and see the photos. You might even talk to the real estate agent and make an offer.

How was that for a sales pitch?

Prompt for December 3 | Project Reverb

Brave: What was the bravest thing you did in 2013?

via Prompt for December 3 | Project Reverb.

I don’t feel brave and mostly I seem to be letting things go and not doing as much as I really could if I weren’t making excuses and procrastinating. But, even in the middle of a mess there are brave moments, days and weeks.

I’ve felt brave when I faced things. Put a good face forward. I don’t want to dredge up specifics. It was enough to have faced it all, done my best and gone forward enough that some things are now part of my past rather than hanging around looking like threats in my future.

It is terrific when you face something hard and find out it wasn’t as bad as all the build up you had given it.

Accept your Weakness to Master your True Strength

3. Your strength outweighs your weakness

Bruce Banner describes the monster inside him as being constantly “exposed, like a nerve … it’s a nightmare“, and the burden of what’s inside him is something he carries with him every single day.  He knows that he’s a single shirt-ripping moment away from destroying everything around him.

In the movie, everyone want to know the secret behind how he controls himself and keeps his anger at bay, keeping a lid on the Hulk.  It’s only right at the end of the movie that we find out what that secret is.

“I’m always angry”, he reveals.  He’s had a hard relationship with his anger and it would be easy for him to see it as a weakness and a fatal character flaw, but Banner has come to a place where he accepts it as part of who he is rather than fighting it.

Focusing on his “weakness” would play on that exposed nerve, create more internal conflict and level most of Manhattan, but in accepting his weakness he’s able to master his true strength.

via The Avengers Guide To Denting the Universe — The Code of Extraordinary Change.