Dahlia's from Sarah's Garden

These are dahlias from my sister’s front garden. I took them this morning when I was out there to pick my Mom up. We also went to the GoodWill in Newmarket and I found the perfect desk for the computer whenever I finally move downtown. It’s not a pressed board piece of junk, it’s not too heavy to move around or to move in and it’s not huge so it will fit into the small basement apartment. Also, it has a pull out shelf for the keyboard and a footrest thing or tower rest (depending on which is more tired at the time). I’m really glad to have a computer desk. Even though it’s been months since I’ve actually seen my computer on and done anything with it. I miss it.

A Virus from Outer Space

I’m going to try to remember to put a flower (or something else pretty) in with each quote now. Just because I like them and… It’s my blog and I’ll pretty it up if I want to. šŸ˜‰ This pink daisy came from BlossomSwap, an online flower gardener’s community.

“Language is a virus from outer space…” – William S Burroughs