Secret Santa Day

I was away on the day they had set for the exchange and then forgot to bring it in yesterday when I went back to work. So today I have my gift for the Secret Santa exchange sitting out right by my coat and boots. I’m even thinking about spoiling myself and taking a taxi in so I don’t have to carry it in on the bus. It’s not hugely heavy but it’s ackward hauling around more stuff and it’s not exactly light either. Plus I’m just fed up with waiting for the bus.

Tired today too. Couldn’t seem to get to sleep till nearly 7:00 this morning. Then woke up before 11:00. Hope I can do better tonight so I’m not turning into a zombie.

Still no tree up but I am starting to feel that I will, maybe, do it. Maybe. No promises. Doesn’t sound like I’m going anywhere for Christmas and I will be working Boxing Day now. I could put up all the tree stuff on Christmas Day, I will be here. Would be nice to make cookies then too. Just thought of that idea. I’d need to haul flour and such here before the grocery stores are closed up for the holidays.

Xmassed Out Yet?

Today we have snow. After a green Xmas and a green Boxing Day yesterday, we are having snow today… all day ( so far). It’s becoming a winter wonderland, just a bit late for the traditional time for whiteness.

Zack and I were out this morning to the second-hand bookstore and then walked to the Tim Horton’s near his house. Pretty good walk, I thought about just calling for a cab from the bookstore but decided to push myself and enjoy that walk in the snow. It’s even noticeably colder than it has been in awhile. We have been having a Florida Xmas until now.

I’m kind of glad the snow is here, even though I will be waiting for buses in the city. Having such a mild winter has been just a bit too freakish. It felt wrong and I wondered if all the snow and ice was going to descend suddenly right at the end, several blizzards in a row. That wouldn’t be very pleasant.

The photo above came from a site listing background images. I found it through Google’s image search. Another nice one was the Fall road one here.

Alone… but for the Sleeping Baby

Everyone else went out. Which is funny cause I really wanted to get out but ended up being the only one left here. Emma Jeanne is sleeping so someone had to stay with her.

I’m so tired I have been falling asleep each time I sit down for a few minutes. I don’t think it’s a great idea to fall asleep while babysitting. So I’m trying to stay awake.

That’s all I really can say about the day before Christmas at this time. Not all that much. Zack and I played a PS2 game most of the morning. Zack doesn’t understand why he has to keep nudging me awake.

I’m not sure about going back to the Beaches tonight. I don’t like leaving Zack with no one around over the holidays. Seems kind of a let down to have tree and lights and the family dinner (tonight, one night early) and then on Christmas day itself there will be no one here and he will sit by himself playing games as if it were any other day of the year. So I may stay longer, just long enough so that other boys from his school will be available to goof around with. Likely after Boxing Day the family gatherings will wind down and the parents will be glad to have the kids sent out to some other house.

The Friday Plan

We’re having our Christmas dinner/ lunch at work today. It starts at noon and then starts again at 5:00 so everyone (on every shift) can have dinner. Last year it was great, they cooked 5 turkeys. Sometimes it’s nice working for a department store, especially one with it’s own restaurant.

So that’s what I’ll be doing today. First lunch at the store then Farida and I are going to do our Christmas cards. Mine are mostly ready cause I realized most of my addresses are on the computer and since I don’t have a functional printer I wouldn’t be able to take them with me. Likely we’ll be chatting more than working anyway. After that I wanted to do something with Zack. But, as usual, he has some activity after school and all I can really do is chauffeur him there and back. Not much fun for me but it’s something. Funny how life/ fate likes to take you at your word sometimes.

Lastly, the plan is to chat at BackWash. I’m not working till 3:00 in the afternoon on Saturday so I can stay up a little late. Not too late cause I’m working till 11:00 at night most of the week at the store. Really long nights! But it will be over after Christmas, well Boxing Day too. Maybe New Years… but then it will be done with for another year, literally.