White is a Mixed Race Too

The issue should not be skin colour at all. No one can tell enough about you from just your skin colour to classify you as a person. The issue of race is based on fear of something different, unpredictable. Human beings tend to be intimidated by something we can’t understand, predict, or control.

If people stopped promoting racism, it would likely go away a lot sooner. Consider why it is so important to you to keep promoting racism before you write about the colour of someone’s skin – whatever colour it may be.

In our culture, we think we are so civilized and sophisticated, skin colour should mean nothing more than a feature of a specific human being – like the shape of your nose, a mole, a scar… they all add up to characteristics which create the whole. All of those are superficial. You can’t actually know anyone at that level, let alone where their ancestors and heritage came from.

I’m “white” but just as Keanu is Hawaiian, Chinese, etc. I am Canadian, Austrian, German, Scottish and whatever else farther back in time. What does it matter to you or anyone else? You don’t know me. Being “mixed race” is more than skin deep and should be about more than skin tone/ colour.

No one is “monoracial”. To want rights based on being mixed race and then deny or begrudge the same rights to another group of people (for the very same reason!) is backwards and silly. Being white enough to pass for white is far too far down the rabbit hole. Everyone, each human being on the planet, is of mixed race.

All the complaints about racism only create more racism. Instead, stop focusing on skin colour as a way to judge a person. Brown, black, white, green… it is all mixed race. We are on this planet together whether your skin is light or dark, your hair is straight or curly,  or not there at all. Each of us decides their own identity. If you base your identity on race, that’s up to you. Don’t push it on others who may feel their career, hobbies, skills, strengths, etc define them more than the colour of their skin.

(This post inspired by a post about Keanu Reeves being of mixed race but passing for white and being denied his identity. See below).

As mixed race people, we must have the freedom to define our own identities. Thus, monoracial people deciding our identities for us is dangerous behavior that renders us invisible.

So, is Reeves being cast truly a case of White-washing? No. As a person of non-white heritage, Reeves being cast is not White-washing. While audiences may not read him as a person of color, that is not his fault, nor is it his responsibility to ensure that people make the correct assumptions about his identity. That is not and never will be the job of mixed race people.

Is White-washing an issue? Most definitely. Are mixed race actors to blame? Not at all.

Source: Keanu Reeves and the White-washing of Hollywood :: WINM :: Keanu Reeves Articles & Interviews Archive

Will You be Blogging for Christmas?

xmsbloggingChristmas is on my mind today. I’m watching romantic holiday movies. Right now The Lake House with Keanu Reeves. I admit I have a thing for Keanu. How could any Canadian woman not have a soft spot for a hockey player who can dance? It’s just finishing up, the final scene, the last great kiss. Funny that he looks older in this movie and yet there is still just something about him… Well, you don’t really want to read my mind babbling on about Keanu Reeves.

Will you be blogging for Christmas? Do you keep blogging during the holidays or do you put your blog into suspended animation?

I will be here. For me I like having some alone time during the holidays. This year it is mucked up cause my sister is having a baby and I am the prime babysitter for her other children, those who have left the womb. I will be glad when the babysitting time is done. I am loving having the house to myself for this bit of time. I can cook things the way I like them, or not bother with cooking or eating at all. I did make the Christmas cookies. So I’m not being wicked and lazy and forgetting about the holiday thing. Later, I will haul the Christmas tree and the box of decorations out of the garage. Not looking forward to finding out if mice got in there or not. I’m hoping for at least not too much.

How is your holiday spirit hanging on? Blog about it! 🙂

Originally published at Word Grrls.

Twitter: Verified Accounts

Twitter is doing a Verified Account thing for celebrities using the service. Is this practical for them? Do they really want to be found? Some do I’m sure. I don’t think I would. I’d like to be able to talk to friends or just use it anonymously, not being spied on and judged for every least thing I type.

It is nice for people who want to follow celebrities. I admit, I did look up Keanu Reeves this past week. Didn’t find an account I thought really was his. But, how could you really know, unless it is verified. Keanu Reeves is likely to have an anonymous account, probably wouldn’t even use his full name. If he was even on Twitter at all.

If he is though… he could Twitter me for a little conversation.

Celebrities on Twitter. Try the link, beware, it’s kind of addicting and mind sucking. Like hearing a conversation at another table or three.

Saving my Insanity for Keanu

I feel like I’m not quite living on the planet along with everyone else these days. I’m daydreaming more cause they are such simple things. Instant pleasure, no complications and completely under my own control. (I can do all kinds of things with Keanu and he is quite happy about it all).

In reality… I have bills stacking up (I don’t owe anything as of this month but next month they will all slide together and start attacking me). I don’t have any income. Which is really bothering me as far as that whole bill paying thing.

Can you believe a Keanu Reeves movie just came on?.. Sure I’m watching the Space Station, have been most of the night. But what an odd coincidence. He always has good timing in my daydreams too.

Anyway, back to reality. I have the option (if I can figure it out) to retrain and have the course paid for. I have to figure out where the course I want to take is and how long I can manage to go back to school. Not just time and money but the fact of being back at school when I’m about to turn 44.

There’s another little dose of reality, 44. Not just a double digit but repeating itself. Would be ok if it were 33, that doesn’t seem so bad. I can’t hide from my birthday now that it is nearly December.

I really don’t like job hunting. But, there isn’t another way to get another job. I really don’t know how I can do another customer service job. I’m so burnt out on all of that. Just makes me cringe to think about doing all that again for another company, another location and through the Barrie winter too. Bus rides are just not that popular when the snow is up past your knees and the bus routes tend to get shut down each time it snows really hard.

In general I’m dreading having to make all these decisions. Still have the excuse of gathering the facts. But that can’t go on for much longer.

Whatever happens will happen though and I will be here to see it. Sometimes you can pretend you are just on the sidelines to your own life and look at it with the nice shiny rose coloured glasses. Makes it a lot easier and saves you extra stress. I do that a lot. Keanu doesn’t mind.

It's Time… for Keanu

There are times when he looks pretty scruffy, pretty ordinary or not even that good. There are times when he looks like your brother, nice but a goof cause you know him too well and all the mystery is gone. There are times when he looks like a movie star and a leading man. But, there is something about Keanu and no matter what other manbots come along he is still the main manbot and I still just like something about him, more than just the way he looks.

On Flickr: Keanu Reeves and Loving Keanu Reeves.