Godzilla in ASCII Art

I want to make my own Godzilla (Gojira) in ASCII art. I’ve found a few other ASCII Godzillas and I have some Godzilla images for reference and inspiration. Of course, I’m already thinking small. There is probably some deep psychological reason for always planning a small image. But, does anyone really want to spend time on that? Not I.

Here is the ASCII art I have found so far. (I may have already posted them. I have had the idea for awhile). The first ASCII is my favourite and pretty much how I want my own to turn out. But, it’s using the Japanese font so I’m still going to have the problem of those plates/ ridges on the back.  With ASCII art dragons I’ve just made a few triangle shapes – skipping the issue of anything elaborate. Not so with Godzilla.




Here are the images. Most of them are chibi (I may not be remembering the spelling right).

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Text Based Screensaver?

An ASCII art screensaver would be pretty unique. Not something I thought to try before. A wallpaper would be a lot easier. Mostly because I think of screensavers as being animated.

“TermSaver” is a pretty cool screensaver that you can launch from the command-line interface (Terminal) in GNU/Linux. It’s not supposed replace other screensavers that come with your desktop (Gnome, KDE, Unity etc). And it also might not be able to carryout the actual purpose of a screesaver since it lacks a lot of pixel movements … Read more

Source: TermSaver: Text Based Screensaver for the Command-line (Ubuntu Linux)

WordPress Plugin to Add ASCII Art to your Footer

I looked at 3 plugins to add ASCII art to your WordPress blog. This is the first one I loaded up and experimented with. It does work but may not be the results you wanted.


There are no options to add the ASCII art to the bottom of your posts or pages. The plugin does place ASCII art at the very bottom of my site, under the footer.  Below is my first experiment. I was pretty neutral with the results. But, I’m a bit traditional when it comes to the font I use. The spacing was out, the lines between text. Also, the top line of my art was pushed to the left.



I tried another ASCII, thinking a longer image would look better either way.

Adding HTML code worked to keep the formatting but, it shows up on the site.


Still it is nice to have a little surprise for anyone who reads to the end. So I will keep this plugin and see how often I remember to change out the ASCII art images.

The Daily Post Lag of ASCII Art

just ask meI was going to be good and create something new each day, my own Project 365. But, by day three I lost ground and now it is day 15 and I am lagging pretty far behind the goal of posting daily. But, because this is my own site and I can do things my own way… I am just going to go ahead and post some art I have made previously and see if I can catch up. Maybe then I can pretend the lag never happened and just go ahead and post every day. Yes, and some day my Prince will come too. But, it’s worth a try.