What Kind of Circus Freak Are You?

You Should Juggle

You’ve got the talent to go far in life, but you don’t really like to take risks.

You rather practice your well honed skills than put your life in danger.

You are agile and coordinated. You can work magic with your hands.

You truly mesmerize people. You don’t have to resort to cheap tricks and gimmicks.

Twitter: Verified Accounts

Twitter is doing a Verified Account thing for celebrities using the service. Is this practical for them? Do they really want to be found? Some do I’m sure. I don’t think I would. I’d like to be able to talk to friends or just use it anonymously, not being spied on and judged for every least thing I type.

It is nice for people who want to follow celebrities. I admit, I did look up Keanu Reeves this past week. Didn’t find an account I thought really was his. But, how could you really know, unless it is verified. Keanu Reeves is likely to have an anonymous account, probably wouldn’t even use his full name. If he was even on Twitter at all.

If he is though… he could Twitter me for a little conversation.

Celebrities on Twitter. Try the link, beware, it’s kind of addicting and mind sucking. Like hearing a conversation at another table or three.

Hair Tan Lines and Other Useless Stuff

My hair has a tan line. Like an expiration or best before date where the dye stops and the old colour (my natural colour) begins. I love my natural colour, I’m not too fond of those insolent grey hairs that started coming in along with my natural colour.

People tend to say I look a lot younger than I am. I feel my age in some ways. But, really, what is your age? It’s just a number. A number of years. I don’t feel 80 yet and I don’t feel 20 still. So, somewhere in there, is where I am.

I’ve given up TV for now at least. It is all just a fuzzy mess if I forget and switch it on. I’ve gone without TV for a few years before. The only thing I missed were The Gilmore Girls but I caught up a lot in re-runs the past year or so. These day I like Being Erica. CBC runs it on the web, so I don’t have to miss anything. I just open up their site each week and watch it, commercial free even.

I was wondering if going back to dial up Internet would really be all that noticeably slow. My high speed isn’t fast. Firefox hangs frequently. But, then I remembered that it isn’t the websites and blogs we wait to load, it’s the frugging ads! If you wonder why it costs so much for Internet, now you know. The ads take more time to load than the text or image content on the page. In nearly every case. Web designs work to keep page load time quick and simple. Ad companies don’t give a flying squirrel how long you sit there and wait for everything to load. Bastards!

I want a web browser that I can censor out some of the worst offenders. Like the old pop up window blocker. Now we need one to block out ad domains like doubleclick.net/ com. That one fouled up my browser this morning. I had to restart the whole computer. I had just reformatted the whole PC last night so it began with a clean drive, no junk and no cookies and nothing else that could have caused a jam up.

That is about all I am going to blab right now. I still have to take out the garbage tonight. I’m still stalling cause it is cold. 🙁

St Patrick's Day Banner

I should be home again on Tuesday. Will be so glad to have my own computer again. My sister has Rogers for her Internet and it is very slow. I get impatient waiting 15 minutes for it to do anything. Then I end up clicking on something else cause it moved at the wrong time. Urghh!

I found a St Patrick’s Day banner I like. I’m including it here so I don’t end up leaving it on my nephew’s computer.

Cut Promotion Pollution on Twitter

Use Twitter Karma to get a list of those who follow you and those you follow. Why is this of any interest? Because you can see on one page which people are following you in return and which are just ignoring you – only keeping you as a notch on their bedpost.

I have three which I know are set up like Twitter newsletters. I am ok with them cause I read their blogs fairly regularly too. But there is one which asked me to follow them but is now not following me in return. Sorry, but there is no excuse for asking me to listen to your babbling and then putting a cork into it when it comes to listening to me babble.

Kind of a handy thing to run Twitter Karma. Lady Banana posted the link in her Twitterings.

The Evil Eye of Rogers Cable

Rogers is gone! I’m back to using Bell for the Internet again and it is faster, again. This is some of the Rogers stuff I pulled out from the back of the phone, computer and TV. The technician came and only took the boxes and TV remotes. Even he didn’t want to mess with that snake nest of cables and wires. I did though. Now I can plug in my radio again. Missed having it when Rogers took over every last plug in my power bars (2 of them). Now I could plug in several radios if I really wanted to. Nice to have Rogers gone and not feel so caught by all their cables in my room. I took this photo cause that last box was weird. It had no source of power, all the plugs and cables were disconnected yet that last evil eye from Rogers gleamed for hours and hours. I gave up checking it when I went to bed. In the morning it was finally out.

Bye bye Rogers. Don’t ever darken my door again!