December 19th

It’s odd to meet someone with your same birthday, once. How odd is it if it happens twice? Eric, my last date/ boyfriend (?) was the same date, just 12 years older. Today I found that a new guy I’ve just started getting to know also has the same date just a few years younger. Kind of funny in a weird/ strange way.

Vagabond Freedom to Explore the World

Vagabond best represents this freedom to explore the world. There’s an indication of a person’s stirring within them to see sights beyond their physical self. Spirit describes the soul within, the mysteries of God, the hauntings of the afterlife, the animation of the wind, the unknown that seems to move us and take our breaths away.

Found that in the “About Me” Section of a blog today. I really like it. 🙂

Apple Pies

Sometimes the days are like the ocean. They roll and wave together to be lost in the depths.

Labour Day today. I’m not working at the store but I’m about to start making apple pies with my Mom. The rest of them are coming to eat the pies, they almost never, ever come to make the pies. Neither Mom or I feel like making pies today.

Anyway, I guess I will have time to be alone later. I did get out shopping for the groceries but somehow that doesn’t seem to count.

Chicago INS Office

Chicago INS Office
5/21/01 8:01 pm

Laura got her EAD approval notice today, and we have been given an appointment date for picking it up.

Longtime CanAm members, might remember that it was exactly a year ago this weekend that I mailed our I-129f petition to the Nebraska Service Center.


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