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Victory Laps: What was your biggest accomplishment of 2013?

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This seems like a repeat question.

One big accomplishment (on a personal level) was getting rid of this fungus (or whatever it really is) on my face for a week. I’ve had it since the Spring this year. Got rid of is about a week and felt delighted. But, it has come back again.

Thinking about it doesn’t make me feel better. So I’d rather not put much time and energy into typing about it now. I have had it looked at, at least three times so far.

Updated to Latest WordPress

Trying out the new asides feature in the latest WordPress. I use a plugin for asides, so far. If this works about the same I will be able to eliminate a plugin from  my list.

Turns out the new aside thing needs extra coding added. I’d rather not deal with that. Not that I haven’t before… I just don’t want to in this case. It is easy to keep using the plugin that already works without adding coding.