Upcycle Jewels into Fridge Magnets

It’s a simple project and only involves a couple of steps: pop off the backs of your jeweled earrings/broaches with wire cutters, then attach a magnet with super glue.  Presto!  You’ve got yourself a blinged out fridge magnet.  Mega impact for the absolute minimum amount of effort.  Or, in other words, my kind of DIY project.


Curated from Curbly

I love finding ideas for upcycling broken brooches into something else you can use everyday, like this.

Dragon Brooch

I started reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare this morning. I have been seeing her books around and I like the cover art. But they are written for younger people. The writing is good, the story and backstory (world building) are all good. But, I just feel I’m reading something too young for me.

Anyway, I went to Cassandra Clare’s website, wondering about one of the characters in the book who seems to disappear when I skimmed through it. Seems he lives, as a vampire, later in the book(s). I also found a link to a jewelry maker who is working on the jewelry written about in the book. I picked this dragon brooch as I like dragons and the design of this is dragonly and simple (which I also like). Have a look for more, hebelmet on Etsy.

Shamrock Virtual Jewelry

I was looking for shamrock designs as inspiration to doodle something for my new blog header. St. Patrick’s Day is special for me, I think of my Grandmother and her sisters. It’s also the start of Spring, not officially but weather wise it starts to feel less like Winter and more like Spring around this time of year.

Here are designs in virtual jewelry from AlienBear Designs. They were created to be worn by virtual avatars in Second Life, an online game and social network.