Funny Valentine is Faulty

The date tonight was a no show. I had a pretty strong feeling he was going to not show up or cancel (preferred option as I didn’t really NEED to freeze waiting for the bus to and from). But, I showed up cause I had said I would.

I did think he might come. We had been talking about a mutual interest in the paranormal, local history and the old buildings. But, I was there early and waited until quarter after when I had to leave to catch the bus home. (Didn’t really want to spend a half hour waiting for the next one).

On the plus side, I did finish the book I was reading and the coffee I got at the Second Cup was pretty good. Not as good as the caramelo flavour or the latte would have been. I decided to try something else.

Update: It is 3:30 AM and I am at my sister’s house, just finishing the last of my laundry. It has gotten way behind with Sears not getting the new machine working for so long. I am happy to feel clean, warm clothes again, especially when they are my own and not the laundry I have done for my sister’s family here. Anyway, I did hear from my Friday evening date. He was just late. Actually, must have missed me by the barest minute. I left at quarter after. Poked around, taking a few photos of the lights on main street. Then headed up to catch the bus. He got there about 18 minutes after. My coffee cup was still on the table even. So we will try again.

Funny how the same thing happened last week with a different guy. In that case he started talking about sex, sex, sex and sex and when I didn’t have the right answers for him he just forgot I existed. I am sure that is why I decided I was stood up again tonight rather than waiting until tomorrow to be sure. I did check email just before I left Barrie to come out here tonight though. That was about 8:30. So I wasn’t too quick to jump to conclusions. Quick enough maybe, on messy, snowy night. But, I didn’t blow a gasket at least.

I am so tired now. Just need to flip the last load into the dryer. I really hope the dryer from Sears works and that is not the next thing I need to deal with. I want a break. One day without problems I didn’t cause. Really, doesn’t is seem fair that you should only have to deal with the stuff you have messed up yourself? Isn’t that enough?

Nightie night.

The Day of Gingerbread Latte

I’m just the right kind of tired to go to bed early and actually get to sleep. Then wake up a few hours later in time to watch a late movie. But, I am watching Cold Case now so I’m keeping myself up. If I wasn’t such a sap for that show I would just get changed and snuggle up on my floor/ bed. Even my feet are tired.

I started the day with the alarm clock merrily bleeping at me. Alarm clocks can be so rude. I had a first date in the morning with Howard. We had breakfast at a place called Futures and then went to a bookstore which was along the same street, BMV. I found three books there. Two non-fiction about drawing cartoons and one fiction which was just a buck from the bargain basement. We had a good first date and I introduced him to the gingerbread latte at Second Cup after the bookstore.

Then I took the subway back to Woodbine. I thought about going somewhere but then I remembered noticing a Value Village just off the Woodbine subway. So I headed there and the grocery store after. I found a make up bag which I will use for the camera, batteries and the extra cable I have (the travel cable). That way I can pack it to go and not always cart it around in my purse. The batteries make it pretty heavy. My shoulder started to ache today while walking around the bookstore.

Before I got the bus back here I had a conversation with a homeless woman, Kim. She has been homeless about a week. She can’t work because she is taking a bunch of medicine for fibromalgia arthritis (likely I don’t have that spelled right). Anyway, I could only give her a twoonie, just don’t have the spare bucks for more. I think she liked talking for awhile. It must be pretty hard to live that way and make you feel quite low. It was interesting for me. I had heard that the women on the streets (homeless women) can’t get into the shelters cause almost all of them are for men only. So the guys can get a shower and bed for the night and the women are left out in the cold. Maybe when it was all set up there were rarely any women living that way. But it seems to be changed now. Kim is the second homeless women I have encountered in this area. I didn’t talk very long to the other woman but I gave her a twoonie too. Not because I’m especially charitable, I just think the twoonie will mean more to them than the coffee, food or whatever it buys. I imagine standing out there, homeless, is worse than any telemarketing job. (Which is something I have done, twice).

Anyway, tonight I am smelling the aroma of of cigarettes from above. At least the kid has stopped charging around up there. Why do they let him make so much noise? Makes me want to go up there and scream at them. There is no need for it. No one else makes that much noise walking around up there and the kid should be the lightest one and make the least noise.

I need more coffee. Hard to find a good one at the grocery stores. Maybe I can find a Second Cup with beans for sale tomorrow. Some of them seem to carry almost no coffee beans. I am thinking about going to the library too. Maybe even getting a library card.

The flowers from above came from Amy Fraser.

Twoonie posted for the US readers who don’t know about the Canadian 2 dollar coin.

Coffee Games

If I wasn’t some crazy old woman sitting alone at her keyboard, I would be having one of those late night chats about life, the universe and everything tonight. It’s that kind of night. My eyeballs are kind of dried out from reading the screen most of the day. But, my brain is still in the ‘on’ mode for thinking.

But, I am a crazy old women (no cats yet) and I am alone at my keyboard. My bed is right behind me, the nightgown tossed on top awhile ago when I realized it was later than I thought. I’m really being kept propped up by coffee alone. I’m drinking a Breakfast blend by Nabob. Don’t rush out to the store, it’s only an ok coffee. My favourites are those rich, smooth blends from The Second Cup, Williams Coffee Pub and etc. Right now they are beginning to have the Christmas coffees. Gingerbread is the best. If you get it too many times it loses something though. The very first cup of the season is always the best. I do like the Vanilla or Mocha coffees too. I had a mochachino this week, half coffee and half hot chocolate. It was good until I got down to the bottom of the cup and it had all that sludge stuff. Icky. Spoiled it for me.

What’s your poison this evening? Or are you not a lunatic spinster, were you more normal and in bed before the stroke of midnight? As a Witch type person I often feel some responsibility to be up at midnight, The Witching Hour. Just keeping everyone on their toes, making it authentic, and so on.

My cup is empty now. My eyes are playing tricks on me, making me think I’m typing in my sleep. Silly of them. Good night web world.

HBCU and Coffee

I should be doing a course for work online this morning but I’m too tired. I’m even too tired to go down and make breakfast, but I’m hungry so eventually I will.

Don’t you find it annoying when personal sites and blogs try to make you download something just to view their page. I never do it. Just move along to another site.

Well, coffee would be nice. I had a French Vanilla coffee from The Second Cup yesterday but it tasted just the same as Columbian or any of those strongish non-flavoured beans coffees. I was really disappointed. So rare that they brew French Vanilla and then it wasn’t even that nice smooth coffee I know and like.